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Chapter One: Store room encounter

"Stupid Hikaru," grumbled the redhead twin. Just after club had finished, Hikaru had mumbled something about helping Haruhi before he had ran off to catch up with her and Tamaki who had left as soon as the club had ended.

Standing in front of one of the club's many storerooms by himself, both arms full of the Shakespearean themed costumes the members had worn that day, Kaoru cursed his stupid brother and his stupid crush. Of course, the low-blood pressure shadow king had disappeared somewhere as soon as the customers left and both Hunny and Mori- sempai's had their respective clubs to attend, leaving him by himself to tidy up the costumes that had been left strewn all over the dressing room. Yes, Ouran did have an army of hired cleaners who made the place spotless when all of the students left, but like hell was he going to let them touch his beautiful handmade designs.

He tried pushing open the doors. "Locked. Of course it is." He sighed angrily, carefully putting down the clothes before he slid open the secret panel next to the door. Ouran High's doors all looked as if they were typical western, key locked doors, but in their fourth year of elementary school, the devilish twins had found that they also had an electronic system which could override the manual locks. He entered the twelve digit combination code quickly from memory and the door clicked open.

"At least Hikaru's good for something… well… if you consider hacking good, that is." He opened the door with his bum and picked up the deposited clothes. Studying the rows of boxes and rails, filled with the vast amount of costumes that had accumulated since the club first started, he looked for the other S's. "Paradise island… Rumpelstiltskin… Sherlock… aha." Even in the foul mood he was in, seeing all of his best designs lined up in the same room made him feel like humming. He didn't know what song it was, but it was probably one of Hikaru's- it was upbeat and pop-y.

"Urghhh…" The zombie-like sound had come from somewhere behind him, and Kaoru turned around, wide eyed. He was sure he had locked the door behind him… It must've been his imagination.

"Who's there," a familiar voice said, more a command than a question.

"Uhhh… me?" Kaoru answered. A beat before he realised how stupid this reply was, the voice talked again.

"Kaoru, huh." The mystery voice appeared from amongst the seemingly endless boxes in the bedraggled form of the dark overlord that is Kyoya Ootori. His raven black hair was slightly ruffled and his shirt lightly crumpled. His eyes were bloodshot, as if he hadn't slept for days, which he may not have, since no-one could ever tell what lay behind the ever present silver-rimmed glasses that were now tucked into his shirt pocket.

"Kyoya-sempai?" The stunned redhead couldn't believe his eyes. The usually prim dark lord looked as if… as if he'd just had a nap… on a bed of expensive clothes… "Oi, you! What've you been doing in my wardrobe?!" Then there was silence. Those few seconds seemed to last for an age, as neither boy could believe the younger's outburst… or who the outburst was directed at. Recovering first, the taller boy pinched the bridge of his nose and put on his glasses. Once on, a glint of light flashed across the lenses, sending a shiver down Kaoru's spine, making his body unconsciously took a step back.

Slowly and deliberately, Kyoya leant forward, propping his arm up against the wall behind the smaller boy. "Oh, Hitachiin-san, how rude of me for seeking out the only quiet place in the school and taking a light rest before I must face my father and present to him a business proposal that may very well revolutionise the Ootori company." There was a moment's silence, but he didn't seem finished yet.

Gradually getting slower and emphasising his words in a voice that could freeze over hell, he continued. "Do excuse me for invading your 'wardrobe' and locking the door in order to get some privacy and to attempt escape from the migraine… that seems to be splitting… open… my… he-" Kyoya got mid-sentence before he suddenly collapsed, landing face first on Kaoru, pushing him down. "…Tired," was all he could manage before closing his eyes and falling asleep.

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