Her Village/Their Demon

A Transformers Prime FanFiction

Humans were, after all, such weak creatures. So easy to end their miserable existences, one could hardly call such a thing sport. So really, why even bother? Airachnid mused as she sipped down an icy cold liquid. Massive trees rose through the black night around her like colonnades in some ancient temple. Which was rather fitting she had decided. It was here her humans worshiped her. Light from their fires made the tree boles glow gold and gleamed off the black and purple Decpticon's hide. The spiderbot lounged across a stone couch cut directly into the mountain bedrock. The couch was covered in a layer of fine silk that might have been red. The con's protoform was draped in a length of jet black silk that caught and reflected the firelight. Various primitive jewelry dangled bout her limbs.

"Zhi Tiankong Zhizhu," a soft voice breathed at her side.

"Youyue," the Decpticon second in command purred as she reached out to stroke they boy's head. The human was bowed, forehead pressed against the ground revealing the full quiver of arrows and bow he carried.

"You hunt, my beloved pet?" the spider bot crooned touching the weapons fondly. The young man nodded without speaking. Airachnid smiled, showing fang. Where was it written that only Autobots got along with lesser life forms? She straightened in the couch and laid both hands on the human's bowed head. The spider bot raised her faceplates to the sky and let out a stream of Cybertronian words. It was hard not to laugh. The 'blessing' the villagers so eagerly sought was excerpts from an old flight instruction module.

As the young man humbly rose to leave the spider bot watched smugly. The human Airachnid claimed as especially hers out of the village was nearly the same age as Arcee's pet, but far superior. This one had already reproduced once successfully with its mate, was a leader in his community, had exceptional hunting skills for an organic, and had defended the village more than once from bandits. She doubted the soft stomached Jack had ever offlined even a nonsentient, let alone a fellow human. Superior in every way she confirmed as she tracked his movements through the forest. He would return in the morning with the body of some creature or creatures which he would offer to her. When she refused the disgusting little sacrifice he would then distribute the flesh among the females under his care.

After he had left, one of the older females of the village approached the throne, crawling on hands and knees. These humans were so compliant. There seemed to be almost none of that pesky defiance displayed by the others the spiderbot could name. She let the old woman stay there for some time before she waved one limb. The woman rose to her knees, never taking her eyes off the ground.

"Oh, great and fierce Zhi Tiankong Zhizhu. We would you dispense justice," the woman said shortly. It had only taken maiming a few who had wasted her time to teach them to always be succinct.

"Bring the accused," the spider bot ordered.

Several of the village men dragged a blind-folded man to the front of the crowd that was quickly gathering. They dropped him to his knees and yanked the cloth off his face. He didn't see the Cybertronian at first. Airachnid took a few seconds to study his face. He was cursing defiantly at the men holding him. One bulky male in particular seemed to be the target of his jeers. That male looked like he very much wanted to strike out at the accused but restrained himself. The spiderbot's laws were clear on that, any torturing to be done was to be left to her.

She lazily stood, the silk drapes billowing around her. Suddenly the man on the ground was very quiet. He let out a squeal of terror as she approached, joints clicking.

"Of what does this human stand accused?" she purred. Not that it mattered; the man was going to die anyway. Being the local executioner had its perks.

The large male launched into a diatribe against the cowering figure. Airachnid nodded her head and made sympathetic noises, something about the larger man's daughter. When the accusation was done she reached out her hand and rested it on the now babbling humans face. She increased the luminosity to her optics and called out loudly.

"Guilty! For his transgressions this fleshing will feel my wrath!" She smirked down at the human and transformed the terminus of a secondary limb into a hook. "Unbind him."

The man looked confused but the crowd murmured in anticipation. They knew what was coming. He shakily got to his feet. Airachnid leaned forward and whispered into the human's ear. The human began running.

Later the Decpticon was enjoying the attentions of the village maidens as they scrubbed the last of the blood and gore off of her chassis. Playing the goddess was not a new concept for the spiderbot, but after meeting up with that pesky partner of Arcee's she hadn't thought humans were quite that gullible. But they did side with the Autobots; she reminded herself, foolish creatures.

Her radio buzzed. The Decpticon stood scattering the girls around her.

"It's been lovely, but I really have to fly," she called out as they gathered themselves together, nursing bruises and scraped knees from the abrupt fall. The spiderbot threw off her robes, which the maidens rushed to collect, and transformed. These visits were all too brief she thought regretfully as she flew west. The fawning devotion, the executions, the oddly creative drinks they served her; if she were a free agent again this would make a nice base of operations on this planet.

She approached a clearing in the dense forest and transformed in mid air. The triple changer landed gracefully in protoform and strode towards a swirling green vortex. On the other side she immeditly bowed to one knee and fixed her optics on the ground.

"Lord Megatron, how may I serve you?"

Their Demon

After the demoness flew off the maidens began carefully cleaning the throne area. The head maiden made a tally of the injuries the spider demon had left behind and threw a rude gesture in the direction she had flow off in.

In the village proper the headman had called a meeting. The elders gathered in the central hut. Smoke drifted up from around the fire pit, and wreathed the grey heads.

"So, she has come and left again," muttered one wrinkled old man as he stirred the fire with a stick.

"Indeed," confirmed another.

"She has been good for trade," pointed out still another, and so the meeting began. The old men sat and discussed the pros and cons of having a live demoness for their shrine. In the end they all knew there was nothing a brute force revolution could do.

"She enjoys the executions far too much," came one comment, "It may not be long before she demands a ritual sacrifice."

Silence fell at that observation; grim silence. So the meeting went. In the wee hours, after the majority of the attendees had drifted off, a young man entered the door. He bowed low to the elders, who woke at his presence, then presented a brace of rabbits to his mother. He knelt before the headman and waited.

"How was your hunt grandson?" the old man asked.

"Fruitful," replied the hunter, "we will eat well tonight."

"Did you find anything interesting in your travels?"

The young man nodded and silently pulled out a cracked and battered tablet. On it were carved many runes. The elders each took time to examine the object, passing it from hand to hand. There was fear and determination in their faces.

"This then will be her test," the headman finally said. "And if she fails or begins to demand too much of us?"

His grandson pulled a single arrow out of his quiver. He gripped it just above the fletching and the head began to pulse softly blue, as did his eyes.

"I have felt the life-force. This will slay her. It need not even pierce her armor," he assured the gathered men. They nodded and left for their own huts.