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CH 11 Feels So Good

Bella slowly walks up to her wing. She smiles as she thinks of the wing as hers and Jasper's. His muscular and tattooed arms and legs are in full view for Bella as he lounges on the couch in a sleeveless shirt and boxers. He smiles up at her and pats the spot next to him. "Did you have fun shopping?"

Bella looks at him and knows she has to tell him what happened with Jessica. She sits next to him and sighs. "Yes, but it was a little scary too."

Why, what happened, Sugar?" he asks concerned that Jacob fucker was there.

"Jessica was there and yelled at me when I left the store. She was going to hit me, but your mother stopped her and threatened her something awful. She said things to Jessica that made me fear she was serious."

Jasper rubs her shoulders and kisses her cheek. "My mother means every word she speaks. She will make sure Jessica never bothers you again."

Bella wonders whether she's happy about that or not. Does she want Jessica to end up in that situation? Well, if she bothers her again then the answer would be yes.

"So, why don't you show me what you bought, Bella."

Bella looks down and blushes. "They're not clothes, it's all under garments and lingerie. I can't put them on now."

Jasper groans and rubs her thigh. "Yes you can. I need to see what you bought. I want you to model it all for me. Give me a show, Bella. Please." He moves his hand higher against her heat and rubs so that the friction on her clit makes her gasp.

She gulps and nods. "I'll go put them on in the bathroom and come out."

"No! I want you to try them on in front of me. I want to see you get in and out of them."

Bella blushes but stands up. If Jasper wants something there is no way to say no. Besides she doesn't want Esme to hear that she denied him anything.

Bella stands up and timidly takes off her clothes. Jasper watches as each piece of clothing hits the floor. There is his fiancé, soon to be wife, in the nude for him, her gorgeous body calling to him. He fights the urge to bend her over the couch and fuck her pussy hard.

Bella reaches into the bag and moves items around till she finds a matching set.

Jasper watches her, as his painfully hard cock begs to be inside of her.

Bella pulls out the green lacy set and puts on the bra, then the thong panties. She looks at Jasper who is breathing heavy.

"Oh fuck, Bella, you look so sexy. Turn around." Watching her turn around and seeing her sexy ass makes his cock twitch. "Let's see another one."

She slowly takes the set off and pulls out a pink set. This one has boy shorts instead of a thong and makes her ass beg for him to bite it. Jasper waits till she is facing him again and then stands up. He pulls her to him and rubs her ass, pulling her body tightly to his.

Bella can feel his hardness against her and moans. She wants him, she needs him. She refuses to deny it anymore. Raising her hands she runs them through his hair. "Jasper, can I show you one more?"

He nods okay. "But then I need to ravage your body Bella. I need to be inside of you making you scream for more." He unclasps her bra and hands it to her.

Bella shudders with desire as he pulls down her panties. She wants him now, but wants to see his reaction to the white crotchless panty and teddy set.

She opens the bag and pulls on the teddy that is completely see-through. She slowly pulls on the crotchless panties.

Jasper looks at her for one minute, taking in her body. The sight of her standing there, baring it all for him and wanting him drives him wild. He pulls her towards him as he lies on the couch. "Sit on my face, Bella. Rub that sexy pussy all over my face." He grabs her hips and grinds them into his face.

All Bella can do is moan as he licks and bites her folds, she tries to steady herself not falling over, but his tongue is so good. He squeezes her ass and rubs his fingers against her back hole, not pushing in but just rubbing against it. She tenses but then relaxes as another orgasm hits her.

The feel of her wet heat over his face is heaven. Her folds fit perfectly on his mouth and her ass is begging him to finger it, but for now just rubbing against it is enough. Another grunt from Bella and she flows into his mouth. He pulls her closer to him as he takes all her tasty juices.

He throws her on her back and stands up, his face glistening with her juices. She watches him take off his clothes, her legs rub together knowing how good he's going to feel inside of her. She sits up to take off her teddy but he shakes his head. "No, leave it on. I want to fuck you with it on."

He lies down on the other end of the couch and strokes his cock. "Ride me again Bella, I need you to fuck me good, then I'll pound you into an orgasm induced coma.:

Bella gets up and straddles him, lowering her wet pussy onto his hard cock. He hisses as she slides down around him. "Bella, oh fuck."

"Jasper, it feels so good." she moans as she falls forward on him moving her hips and up and down his body. She cries out as another orgasm rips through her, then she sits up looking down on him while moving up and up and down.

He doesn't know where to look, her white covered breast, her pussy devouring his cock or the look of desire on her face. He grabs her hips and pounds up against her hard as he stares into her eyes.

It only takes a minute for Bella to scream out in ecstasy once again as she cums hard. She falls down on Jasper, her breasts against his chest as she slowly moves on him regaining her composure. Jasper rubs her back until she comes down form her orgasm.

Jasper stands up with Bella still around him and lays her down on the couch. Bella holds onto him, loving his muscles as he moves her around. He lifts her right leg up around his shoulder while he positions her other leg around his hip. He moves in and out of her still looking in her eyes. He can see the love in her eyes for him.

The pleasure is so intense as she grinds against him while he moves in and out of her. "Jasper, you feel so good moving in me. Don't stop," Bella breathes out.

"I don't plan on it babe. I told you I'm going to fuck you into a coma babe." Jasper grunts out with each thrust into her body.

Bella grabs his shoulders and brings him down to her, letting her leg fall from his shoulder to his hip. Digging her fingers into his back she cries out, "I need you Jasper. I want you."

"Oh god, Bella. You have me." He slows down his thrusts, slowly making love to her. Needing to show her that she is all he wants.

Bella kisses Jasper on his lips, pushing her tongue into Jasper, needing to show him how she feels. He kisses her back, grabbing her ass and pulling her body closer to his.

Grunts, kisses, moans, wet bodies hitting against each other in pure love are the only sounds you can hear.

Bella screams out, her legs shake as her pussy grips his hard cock. Jasper moans as he cums deep inside of her in long, pleasurable spurts; then collapses on her. Once Bella has calmed down, he pulls his now softening cock out of her and rolls her so she's on top of him. He grabs the blanket and pulls it on them. She cuddles into him as she falls into a deep sleep.

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