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WARNING: brutal beatings and gunfire

CH 19 Hands Up!

Esme and Bella guide a crying Rosalie and Alice down to the safety room exactly as Jacob and his brothers break in the front door. Bella watches on the screen and knew it was Jacob before she even saw him. She hopes Jacob and his brothers are tortured and brutalized. Imagining Jasper's muscles as he beats the crap make her moist with desire. She can't wait for tonight.

Then she turns to see Esme trying to calm down Rosalie and Alice and now understands just how fragile and needy they and it's annoying.

"You took my Jessica, now I'm going to fuck your women in front of you." Jacob screams as he waves the bat in the air.

Carlisle steps forward with his sons, guns hidden in their pockets. "That is not going to happen." Carlisle calmly states

"Where is she? Where is Jessica?" One of Jacob's brothers asks.

"Why would we take your ugly whore?" Edward asks in amusement. "Have you seen our wives? Why the fuck would we want her?"

Jacob can't hold himself back and runs toward Jasper, pipe raised in the air. Jasper raises a hidden gun, aims it for Jacob's dick, and shoots. Jacob screams out in agony as his brother's stand in shock. They are helpless as the other Cullen's raise their guns to them. They now realize their fatal mistake.

Edward aims at the brother who first spoke and shoots him in the shoulder. When he falls, he shoots the other shoulder. "I know I shattered your shoulders, sorry you won't be able to jack off anymore."

Emmett and Carlisle aim their guns too. Emmett shoots one brother in both kneecaps and Carlisle shoots the last man in the hands.

Jasper kneels down to Jacob and speaks calmly despite the moans and cries. "Now you and your brothers will always remember what we did to you. It's too easy to kill you, we rather you suffer for the rest of your lives."

Emmett looks at his dad. "If Jessica is missing and they think we have her, then Charlie must have taken her."

Jasper shakes his head. "We can't call the police, they would never believe us."

"You have to call your contact at the FBI." Esme states calmly.

"What are you all doing up here?" Carlisle demands in anger looking at his wife and Bella, with a crying Rosalie and Alice behind them."

Bella clears her throat. "While they did break in and you have a right to shoot them, we need to make it look even better. We need to look as if they knocked you all out and tried to rape us. Rip our clothes and give us one or two slap marks. Then give each other a few hits to show you had were knocked out."

Emmett whistles. "Damn, Bella. I love the way you think."

Each man walks over to their women and carefully rip at their clothes. Esme and Bella smirk as their clothes are ripped and their husbands slap their faces to leave a mark. In contrast, Alice and Rosalie start to sob, but with encouragement from Emmett and Edward they finally rip their clothes.

Bella walks over and explains to Rosalie and Alice that if they don't have slap marks or cuts it won't be realistic and Emmett and Edward could go to jail. "I'll do it so your men won't have to." She quickly slaps them each as hard as she can, which produces blood on each of their mouths. It would be a lie to say she didn't enjoy, they are a bit pathetic.

Rosalie and Alice know that Bella has more power than they ever will have or want. They don't mind her being in charge, but hope she never turns on them.

Jasper rubs Bella's ass to show how turned on he is; he loves how viscous she can be. He will enjoy acting this out later.

"We need to show that the ladies fought back. Each ladies needs to scratch one of the fuckers." Carlisle adds.

Once again, Esme and Bella scratch their faces with little emotion and remorse. Jacob winces as Bella scratches his face hard and deep. Rosalie and Alice are shaking and need their men to stand behind them for comfort.

Once that is done the Cullen men each take a pipe in gloved hands and hit each other in the head, just hard enough to make each other bleed.

One of Jacob's brothers speaks out. "We'll tell them the truth."

Bella walks over to him, pulls off her shoe, and pulls his head up by his hair and smiles at him. "Oh Sam, not if you can't speak. "She slams down the shoe and punctures his mouth with the heel of her shoe. He screams but is now slumped on the floor with a heel sticking out of his mouth, blood running on the floor.

Esme walks over smiles, and then bares her teeth. "Our contacts at the FBI won't believe a piece of trash like you. You may think the doctors can help you, but in reality, we know them too. We'll make sure your bones are not set and casted property, you'll be scared for life."

"My dick, my balls, they're gone." Jacob cries out as he tries to feel around his body.

"It wasn't that impressive anyway, so why are you crying?" Bella snorts out and gets laughter from the men.

Carlisle hangs up the phone and looks at his family. "The chief from one town over is on his way, as is the FBI. He said to not clean up or move."

FBI surround house without telling local police, they can't let Charlie know. They use tools to unlock all the doors and find themselves in the basement. "Jessica, this is the FBI. We're here to help and are coming in." They slowly open the door to find her cowering on the bed. She's naked, covered in bruises and dried blood around her genitals. The shock collar still on her, bruises show it's been used quite often.

"Jessica, we are not with Charlie. We know what he did to you. Bella told us where to find you. We will help you." A female agent calmly says.

Jessica cries in relief and runs to her.

At the hospital they have her isolated with only a few doctors. They need to make sure Charlie and his men don't hear about this. Jessica had the horror of reliving it all as she tells them the details. How he kidnapped her, cut off her clothes, raped her mouth, used his mouth and fingers on her, and raped her three times. How he kept calling her Bella and told her since she came she wanted it and was now his whore. He kept telling her how she loved being used in the way God intended.

Between Bella's statement and the evidence they have here, Charlie is going down.

Charlie pulls into his driveway eager to fuck that pussy. It was darn hard to keep his dick under control pretending to look for Jessica. Pretending to care about who took her and where she was. It was so easy to get Jacob and his brothers pumped up to invade the Cullen house. He knows they will be blamed for this and all will find out what they did to their wives.

He thought about his long term plans. Eventually he'd have to leave with her. If he wanted to keep her long time, he couldn't stay here. Maybe in the woods somewhere, this way she could walk around naked all the time, but he'd still have a collar on her with a chain. He can't trust the cunt to stay put. She could cook, clean, and serve his needs. Then if he did get Bella back, he'd have two pussies to fuck uninterrupted.

He undid his belt and left it on the table with his gun and got the control for the shock collar. He can't have her trying to escape when he opens the door. Walking down the stairs he whistles and began to sing out. "Jessica. You ready for my cock? I hope you got your rest. All that searching for you has me fucking horny."

He walked through the first door then towards the second door. "Remember, you come at me and I will shock you like the bitch whore you are." He unlocks the door to find a gun pointed at his head. "FBI! Hands up Mr. Swan."

He pressed the button, but nothing happens. Then another voice from behind him shouted. "Hands behind your head! You're under arrest for the adjunction, sexual assault, and rape of Jessica Stanley."

Charlie began to speak but was yelled at to shut up. "We have all the evidence here, Jessica's statement, and we just spoke to your daughter, Bella. You are one sick man who abused his power as Chief of Police. I wonder what they are going to do to you in prison? They hate cops, but a cop who uses his badge to commit crimes is lower than scum." The agent holding the gun at his head snarls.

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