Title: Movie Night

Fandom: Young Justice cartoon!verse

Characters: Wally, Robin, Artemis, Kaldur, M'gann, Conner

Necessary Warnings: none

Robin brings the popcorn and Wally brings the candy.

They let Conner sit in the couch first then they all took their respective places around him, together on the couch all seven of them a mass of limbs. It's hard to tell where someone ended and another began.

From an outsiders point of view the whole scene just looked awkward and uncomfortable but it felt so right like that's how they belonged; together.

"What movie we watching?" Wally asks mouthful, he's already munching on the popcorn.

"Planet of the Apes." Robin answers and Conner frowns.

"I hate monkeys." he grumbles.

Title: "Shit"

Fandom: Young Justice cartoon!verse

Characters: Artemis, Kaldur

Necessary Warnings: shower sex, language

"Shit." Artemis gasps, Kaldur is so hard and so deep. It's so hot and so good and a little painful; she can feel his cock brush against her cervix.

And shit she's right there she so close she just needs a little more, she needs to touch she just needs a little more and everything will be-

"Kaldur," she whines because she still can't move her hands form the makeshift handcuffs Kaldur makes from the water that's flowing out of the shower head.

Kaldur smirks whispers something in his native tongue and yeah that pretty much does it for her.

Title: He's got work to do

Fandom: dc comics!verse

Characters: Kyle

Necessary Warnings: none

He can feel it the moment he slips the ring on that power it feels as though it penetrates his very being and yeah Kyle thinks that makes sense.

Life, that's what this represents and it seems appropriate that he dons this ring now in yet another cataclysmic event.

He wants to get used to this feeling this power for a moment (because sometimes even his green power ring can be overwhelming) but he doesn't have the time.

There's a brief flash of doubt that he pushes away he doesn't have time for that either.

He's got work to do.

Title: "I'm fine."

Fandom: Young Justice cartoon!verse

Characters: M'gann Artemis

Necessary Warnings: none

"I'm fine." Artemis grumbles in an attempt to get Megan to stop worrying, it doesn't work.

"People who are fine don't need crutches." Megan complains full lips drawn into a pout Artemis smirks at that.

She presses their lips together firmly and it takes Megan a second but it's not long before she's sighing softly into Artemis' mouth.

"I'm fine." Artemis mumbles against Megan's lips when she comes up for air. "I promise." she swears.

"Okay," Megan sighs but she doesn't seem at all convinced and Artemis figures there's no point in saying anything else so she kisses Megan instead.

Title: Just Married

Fandom: dc comic!verse

Characters: Jason, Tim

Necessary Warnings: sexual innuendo

Tim doesn't get, honestly he doesn't he won't pretend he does either. But it makes Jason happy, so he'll wear the white dress.

He'll call Jason baby in that voice. He'll let himself be carried over the 'threshold'. And he'll admit that there's sort of a thrill.

An erotic novelty value to playing this game, to pretending the way he is especially when it makes Jason smile like that.

A sharp gasp and a teasing hand that trails up his thigh under the dress slowly.

"You good baby?" Jason breathes against Tim's collarbone and oh god he's using pet names.