Note: The last sentence of the last chapter had a little fourth wall-breakage in it. Since so many writers protray Rainbow Dash as a lesbian in fanfictions, I decided to "poke fun" of those fanfictions, in a sense. If that didn't make sense to you before, hopefully now it does.

Rainbow Dash bit her lip nervously as she stood in front of the colorful, nearly gaudy doors of Sugarcube Corner the next morning. After Braeburn had "helped" her carry the leftovers from dinner at Applejack's, she had spent hours lying in her bed, unable to fall asleep. She couldn't help but feel mixed emotions about the goofy stallion, and the whole ordeal made her sick to her stomach. She knew she needed someone to confide in besides her meek pet tortoise, and she had decided to spill her guts (figuratively, of course) to the one pony whom she knew could keep a secret.

The front doors flew open to reveal a curly-haired pony with bright, cerulean eyes. "Hiya Dashie! What a pleasant surprise!"

"Hey, Pinkie Pie." Giving her friend a small smile, anxiety stirred in the pit of Rainbow Dash's stomach.

"Come on in!" Moving aside for her friend to enter, Pinkie Pie's mouth turned into a toothy grin. "I just put some cupcakes in the oven!"

Rainbow Dash nodded sheepishly as she slowly made her way into Sugarcube Corner, the brightly lit cafe not seeming as welcoming as it usually was. Truth be told, Rainbow Dash had done her best to avoid visiting Pinkie Pie after having a traumatizing nightmare involving guts, gore, and a cupcakes recipe. She had read in a book once that dreams that are as vivid as that one had a chance of coming true. Even if she was quite the daredevil, Rainbow Dash didn't want to endanger her life by visiting Sugarcube Corner alone on a daily basis.

"Can I talk to you about something, Pinkie Pie?" Rainbow Dash asked as she slowly sank into an eggshell white bean bag.

"Sure! I'm all ears! But not literally; I'm not entirely made out ears or anything. That would be strange!"

"Um, yeeaah." Another reason she avoided Pinkie Pie was the hyper mare's tendancy to aimlessly ramble. "Anyways, uh, do you know Applejack's cousin, Braeburn?"

"Of course I do!" Pinkie Pie nodded vigorously as she sat in a bean bag facing opposite of Rainbow Dash.

"Well, uh, he helped me carry some leftovers to my house after I ate at Applejack's last night, and, um..." Rainbow Dash hesitated as she tried to put her feelings into words. "I kinda... feel strange around him and-"

"Oooohhhh! Dashie's got a boyfriend!" Pinkie Pie sang as she sprang out of her seat in excitement. "Are you going to ask him out?"

"I'm not even sure I like him, well, not enough to ask him out."

"We'll just have to make sure he likes you, too! I'll go to Sweet Apple Acres and ask-"

"No, Pinkie Pie," Rainbow Dash told her sternly as she bristled at the thought. "You can't tell anypony about this, understand?"

Pinkie Pie nodded, her mood remaining sunny. "My lips are sealed! But not literally, of course-"

"I get it, Pinkie Pie."

"Oh, okay." Pinkie Pie's smile twitched at the corners, but quickly turned back into a large grin. "Would you like a cupcake?"

"Oh dear, this simply won't do!" Rarity let out an exasperated sigh as she looked at the small, tan colored strip of fabric she had spread out on her desk. "What in Equestria happened to all of my leather?"

That afternoon, Braeburn was due to drop by Carousel Boutique to be measured for a vest Rarity had volunteered to make for him. She had the tape measure, her sewing kit, and the design. However, she was missing one of the most vital items needed to create clothing: the material. However, she had a hunch on who might have taken her leather.

"Sweetie Bell!" Rarity called her younger sister, whom was grooming Opal in the other room. "Could you come here for a second, darling?"

There was a moment of silence before Sweetie Bell happily strolled into her sister's work room, her periwinkle curls bouncing as she walked. She gave Rarity an innocent smile. "What do you need, Rarity?"

"You wouldn't have any idea where all of my brown leather went, would you? I could've sworn I had more than that tiny strip left after I made Applejack's vest." The older mare arched an eyebrow at her sister's innocent behavior.

"Um.. Nope! Haven't seen it! Maybe Opal got hold of it!" Sweetie Bell's voice was hasty and nervous.

"Sweetie Bell," Rarity glared at her sister. "What did you do with my leather?"

The filly hesitated, before giving Rarity a sheepish, slightly wistful grin. "Ya see, what had happened was-"

"Oh, Sweetie Bell!" Rarity could already infer that her sister had probably wasted the leather on some Cutie Mark Crusaders nonsense. "I've told you over and over again not to mess with my material! Why don't you ever listen to me?"

"But Rarity, you don't understand! I really needed that leather!"

"Oh really? Well, tell me Sweetie Bell: What was so important that you had to use all of my leather when you knew that I had to make Braeburn's vest today?"

Lowering her head in guilt, the young filly murmmered, "I had to make a trademark Cutie Mark Crusaders bag for us to carry stuff that might help us earn a cutie mark!"

Her left eye twitching in annoyance, Rarity gritted her teeth and let out an irritated sigh. That was why she had really needed the leather? Even though Sweetie Bell was quite the intelligent filly, she didn't have the artistic mind that Rarity had inherited from their grandmother, whom was a former model in Manehatten. The "bag" Sweetie Bell had made was probably nothing more than a few slabs of leather sloppily sewn together and topped off with glitter and stickers.

"Oh, how am I going to make Braeburn a vest out of flimsy cloth? What am I going to tell him when he comes over here?" Rarity frowned in disappointment as she sauntered over to the gold-rimmed mirror hanging on the purple walls.

"I don't see why you're making this seem so important, anyways." Sweetie Bell told her as she glanced at Rarity's reflection. "From what I've heard, Braeburn isn't even paying you for this vest."

"I'm not making it seem important, dear. It is important." Fluffing her violet curls before checking for unsightly bits of food in her pearly white teeth, she gave her reflection a satisfied smile. "I like him, after all."


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