A/N: My dear readers, this is the last chapter of the story. I feel weird and sad but also happy for finishing it. Thank you so much to everyone who reviewed and read, you gave me the motivation to continue! Soon, very soon, I'll start a new story, « Bitter little girl » and hope you'll follow me on that new journey :). I'll also update « Homework » in a few days.

Love you, Steph.

We ended on the carpet, frantically undressing each other. I had forgotten how beautiful my man was. He made me remember as he unveiled right under my eyes. His lean torso, his toned legs, his perfect cock, made just for me.

I had forgotten how I loved making love to him. Everything went back to me in a rush when I lowered myself on him, riding him slow then hard and fast. The feeling of pure joy and utter bliss I felt feeling him inside of me.

I had forgotten how I loved seeing him experience pleasure under me. His tilted head, his eyes tightly shut, his lips deliciously tortured by his teeth. I kissed his Adam apple, making him moan and shiver.

When we came together, in a chaos of limbs and panting breaths, I realized how much I had missed him during this couple of weeks.

And I also realized how truly happy and lucky I was when he opened his mouth to pronounce the perfect words.

« I never want to be apart from you again. Be my wife. »

Guess what my answer was...

I won't be continuing the story, I think it's better to leave a little to the imagination. See you very soon :).