A/N: This is a completed story. It's a personal favorite of mine. Michael and Toby factor into it greatly, but it's really a story told from a woman's POV when what happens when you can't have what you need. Throw men into the mix and poor Holly has a time of it. Thanks for reading and any feedback would be appreciated. I know these chapters are short, but I wrote them out by hand. Nonetheless I feel they still tell the story I want to tell. Enjoy!

Michael had to go take care of Jan, his ex, at Toby's goodbye party. It was a shame, really. He was really into Holly but when Kevin called and said he'd seen a very pregnant Jan at the grocery store, well, he had to go. This could be his kid. All thoughts of romance flew out the window.

Toby took the chance while everyone was outside to enter Michael's office. He changed his password to TOBYTHEGREAT. He rearranged the box of toys Michael kept in his drawer. This was going to be great. No one would know.

Except for Holly who walked in on him. "Is this part of our HR job description?"

Busted. "Um no. You really wouldn't understand. It's a thing between me and Michael.."

"Oh," Holly said, disappointed. "I get it. You two have a thing."

"Toby stood up. "What? No . We're not ... I like women. I love women."

"Why do you let him talk to you the way he does?"

Toby's face burned. Here one day and this hot woman could see how bad he was. Well he was not bad at everything.

"Are you wearing any panties?"

It was hard to say who was more shocked. Holly understood exactly what he wanted from her. "Pull the blinds down, Toby and lock the door and I'll let you find out."

He was so excited that this was happening that it took him a minute to realize where she had chosen to sit- on Michael's chair, spread wide, revealing that no,she was not wearing any panties.

She motioned him closer and took his hand and he did stuff that made her feel good. It didn't take him long to bring her to her desired results, and then Holy gently kissed Toby on the lips.

No one spoke of it.

Holly was there when Michael finally realized that Toby had "messed " with his desk." If he had only known.