I was in trouble. A lot of trouble. Let me explain, my boyfriend Shigeru is a major neat freak, almost to an insane level, seriously, every object in our house shines, there isn't one fleck of dust on the premises, now keep that in mind with what i'm about to tell you.

About six hours ago Shigeru left for work, an eight hour shift, i was bored with nothing to do so i thought I'd make pancakes for when he came home. I went out and got everything I'd need... basically pancake mix and syrup. Then i came home and i got a call from Shigeru, being the blabber mouth i am, i told him that i had a surprise for him, i didn't tell him i was making pancakes though, that would ruin the surprise, but what he said was and i quote 'Don't make a mess you know as well as i do you're a klutz.' But i thought all you have to do to make pancakes is mix the batter, pour in pan, place pan on hob, turn on hob, flip every now and again, when golden brown place on plate, repeat until out of batter, drench pancakes in syrup, even i couldn't mess that up, right? Wrong! I made the pancakes ok, didn't set anything on fire, didn't smash any plates, didn't even get a pancake stuck to the ceiling, but when it came to putting the syrup on the pancakes i had a little difficulty, the lid on the bottle was stuck, so i ran it under hot water and nothing, so i tugged on it a little harder, nothing, harder, nothing, i pulled the hardest i could and the lid flew across the room, unfortunately so did all the syrup, all over the wall and floor, the counters, and all over me, but extremely irritatingly not one drop landed on the frickin' pancakes.

So that brings me back to where i am now; stood in the a syrup coated kitchen, drenched in syrup with two stacks of totally dry pancakes, and worst of all Shigeru's Volvo has just pulled up outside the house. ...Damn... I tried to get a tea towel to at least soften the blow but i slipped and fell. Shigeru walked in noticed me, the mess, and the pancakes; i braced myself for his stern yells, but nothing. He just walked over to me, knelt down and licked my cheek, making me shiver.

"Shigeru? Aren't you angry with me?" i questioned. But still he said nothing, just continued to lick the syrup of my face. He pressed a kiss to the corner of my lips, before pressing his lips against my own. I moaned when Shigeru's tongue swiped across my lower lip, requesting entrance, which i immediately granted. Our tongues battled for dominance, his winning. We parted for air, he began kissing and sucking my neck, he bit down hard and caused me to whimper. Shigeru undid the button on my jeans then pulled the zip down with his teeth. He chuckled seeing that I'd gone commando, i blushed a little at that. He pulled my pants down to my knees then started palming me, sucking on my thigh. His hands travelled up my cock while his index finger rubbed and pressed in my slit, i moaned loudly, my slit was always my weak point.

Shigeru lowered his head and swirled his tongue around the tip of my cock before taking it all in. i moaned and panted endlessly. His head bobbed up and down and i tangled my hands into his soft brown hair. He suddenly started nibbling around the base and i just exploded, releasing huge spurts of cum in Shigeru's mouth, he swallowed all of it. I collapsed back completely spent.

"Don't start thinking you can rest, you still need to be punished." Shigeru whispered in my ear.

I gulped. I wasn't going to be able to walk tomorrow.