We're going to make this known right now. I DO NOT HATE RIKU! I love him; he just seemed to be the best choice of character for Roxas's asshole boyfriend. So all you Riku fan girls please don't get angry about how he is portrayed in this fan fiction.


Axel's POV

I watched the blond across the room with intent green eyes. He seemed to be heavily focused on the paper in front of him. His fingers were tapping frantically against his desk as his pencil moved fast across the page then slower whenever he stopped to sort out his thoughts or to think. Either way he didn't avert his blue eyes from the page.

I hadn't even started our assignment I'd forgotten what class I was in. I bit my lip I wasn't shy, there was just this one thing about Roxas…the blond id been staring at for almost a half an hour now. It wasn't too much of a secret that I was crazy about him. It wasn't something I tried to hide. I sighed when a tall muscular silver haired man entered the room. I looked away just before he laid his lips down on Roxas's. it made me too sick to see Roxas's love for the silverite reflecting in his eyes when I knew how Riku really was. I hated walking down the hall everyday and seeing him with his hands all over Namine, Kairi, and every other pushover he can feel up. Poor Roxas doesn't even know.

He loves Riku he doesn't wanna know. The bell rang and I threw my bag lazily over my shoulder. I could stop and talk to Roxas but I saw almost no point in it. I wouldn't really have the words to say. The parking lot was icy as hell. I slipped my ear buds into my ears and hit the play button on my I-pod.

God broke the mold when he made this one I know, she's breath taking but so much more.

The lyrics poured from the head phones to my ears and almost angered me. I seriously hated Riku, he had what I would kill to have and he treated him like shit. It was a little too much to stand. I glanced up Roxas had a hold of Riku's arm, he looked like he was nearly in tears.

She walks in the room your lungs close, making you never wanna breathe again. Her boyfriend has got so much dough so much ice his neck and wrist froze. Is he faithful to her? Hell no. but she chose to be with him.

Riku snarled and flung Roxas's small form backwards. He smacked against the ice. I winced. A van sped across the parking lot "Roxas" I screamed. He glanced up with fear filled eyes and I grabbed hold of his

Arm pulling him toward me. He landed on top of me.

Tell me is the money worth your soul, tell me what's the reason that you hold on when you know that dude has a whole wall of em just like you

A light weight really, he couldn't have weighed more than 120 lbs if that. He was slender and small. His fingers were shaken and he clang to my hoodie "Rox, look at me" he stared up at me with wide blue eyes. "Are you alright" at the moment I felt like kicking Riku's ass and then setting him on fire.

He nodded "I'm okay, tha-thanks Axel"

I wasn't almost surprised that he knew my name. Riku grabbed Roxas by the arm and pulled him to his feet "are you alright"

"I'm fine" Roxas repeated.

"I was worried"

"Maybe you shouldn't throw him around like a doll" I hissed standing up as I dusted the snow from the back of my jeans with my hands.

"Who the hell are you?" Riku hissed with poison in his tone.

"Axel, got it memorized" I muttered putting my hood up and turning my back to him. I started to walk away. Didn't really have much of a choice id of punched him if id stayed any longer. Geez Roxy…how'd you get mixed up with his guy?