A/N: This is just a brief oneshot, set whenever you like in the series. It's basically the Doctor's contemplations of what he should do about a certain Rose Tyler and the Feelings with a capital F he inexplicably has for her...

Softly Softly


There was a thing. A very big thing. A very big, scary, probably-shouldn't-acknowledge-it thing. It made his hearts beat too fast and his stomach swarm with butterflies and his palms start to sweat and his breath come too quick. In short, it made him a little bit human-like. Which was odd. Because he was a Time Lord, and Time Lords were far more advanced that the primitive beings of Earth.

Not that he could ever call her primitive. She was...ooh, everything? Yes. Everything good. She was everything good in the universe, and everything beautiful. Everything to him.

And the aforementioned thing was: he was quite possibly absolutely head-over-heels for her.

So! Options.

Option 1: The Sensible Plan – Ignore it. Ignore all those feelings. Be a proper Time Lord. Distinguished, refined, above all such nonsense. Time Lords did not do something so silly has have feelings for someone. Not those sorts of feelings. Ignore it.

Option 2: The Other but Slightly Less Sensible Plan – Accept those feelings are there, but never tell her of them. Be content with her hand to hold and her wonderful hugs. Leave the imagining more for the privacy of one's own bedroom and never, ever tell her.

Option 3: The Certainly Not Sensible But Best Plan Yet – Kiss her. And see what happens next.

Option 3 was definitely very tempting. But could he really risk it? If she didn't reciprocate either his kiss or his feelings, he wasn't sure what he'd do. And even worse than that – if she left him because of it, then...Well. It didn't bear thinking about.

He was started to feel that he should come up with another option.

Option 4: The Softly Softly Approach – Build things up over time. Those hugs could last a bit longer. When she caught him looking at her, he could stop glancing quickly away, and continue to stare at her. He could grab her hand in his more, for no reason whatsoever. He could fail to correct people when they assume they are together. He could accidently-on-purpose land the TARDIS in a few romantic locations, to see that look of surprise and beaming smile on her face.

Yes. Yes, that sounded like a better plan. That way, he could pretend everything was still normal and platonic if she ever called him on it. Meanwhile, he'd be able to see whether she was enjoying all those things like he undoubtedly would.