National Novel Writing Month is in two short weeks! In order to get my own juices flowing, and to show my support for the event that gets teenagers and adults alike to make use of their own unique creativity, I'm challenging myself to put up a drabble every day until the 1st. (Technically, a drabble is supposed to be 100 words, but my long winded ass can't pull that off…so I'm using the term loosely here). Then I'll get back to my other story. Not that I'll reach the 50,000 word goal, haha.

In addition to wanting to hype up NaNoWriMo, I really don't have time for long updates at the moment (these little updates are written while I'm at work waiting for my slow ass computer to load) But I love writing, and I'd feel bad if I didn't throw something out for a long period of time.

I'm labeling this M because…Well. You know how it goes. But also be prepared for sappiness, fighting, and possible outright stupidity, because I'm not going to let myself agonize over any of these in order to polish them to the point where I think they're decent. I'm using a word prompt generator, but feel free to throw out random words or requests in a review.

And participate in NaNo~! I'll read and review anything put out. Even if it's not Blake/Jayden. The only thing I love more than writing is reading.

Day One

Prompt: Phobia

His vision grew unfocused once the shaking started to set in. The crowd of people walking around him began to blur, their conversations decreasing in both volume and coherency as his head began to spin. Norman was acutely aware of the small particles of sweat dripping down his back despite the rest of his senses dulling – in an effort to regain his composure, he tightly closed his eyes, rapidly opening them several times as he took several deep breathes.

Control your breathing; put your hands in your pockets…You can't let Blake see this…

All the sensations coursing through his body were familiar to Norman, but for once it wasn't withdrawals causing the symptoms. It was fear.

"Oh man oh man oh man! I wanna ride that one next!" Shaun squealed excitedly, jumping up and down as he pointed to the exact object of Norman's terror. A huge metal roller coaster dominated the view before them, easily standing over 300 feet tall as a cart soured down its largest drop, passengers screaming in glee.

"I-I don't know if you're tall enough for that one, Shaun," Norman tried feebly.

Carter craned his neck back to face the two of them, glancing from Shaun's disappointed look to Norman's purposefully blank expression in confusion and irritation. "What are you babbling about, Norm? He rode the last ones just fine. C'mon, let's go," he jerked his head towards the considerable line of people eagerly waiting to be the ones next to experience the adrenaline-pumping death trap.

It was more Shaun's let-down expression than Carter's order that sent small flutters of guilt throughout Norman's body. Who was he to ruin the kid's fun? "Ah…Yeah. You guys go ahead, I'll stay back'n get us some food…"

Carter's eyes narrowed slightly as he turned around completely, hands sliding into the pockets of his jeans. "We just ate. C'mon, pansy." With a few short steps he closed the distance between them, reaching forward to pull Norman by the arm towards him, and subsequently closer to the roller coaster itself.


Carter stopped yanking his arm in shock, and Norman seized the opportunity to completely break off their physical contact. For a moment Carter simply stared at him – before his face broke out into a malicious grin.

"You're afraid of heights." It wasn't a question.

"I-...I am not," he stammered, his voice betraying him.

"Liar." The grin widened, making Norman's face heat up in embarrassment. It only reddened further on seeing the corner of Shaun's mouth twitch upward as well.

"Well…you haven't gone with us on a single rollercoaster yet…" Norman was taken aback by the teasing undertone in Shaun of all people's voice; the one person he swore would always be his ally. For him to join Carter in making fun of him – that was the ultimate betrayal.

The police lieutenant shot Shaun a look of approval before casting his gaze back to Norman, the grin on his face transforming into a smirk. "Let's go, Shaun. Mister Jayden over here's too chicken…"

The sympathetic look Shaun gave him was completely spoiled by the smile on his face that he was unable to completely erase. Nodding to Carter's order, he began to walk away to secure them a spot in line.

Once Shaun was out of earshot, Carter brushed closer against Norman, his lips just barely not touching the agent's earlobe. "C'mon, Norm. Humor the kid…" He leaned back, laughing lightly when Norman glared at him. "I'll even let'yah hold my hand if you get scared."

Still chuckling, Carter walked away, hands still in his pockets as he casually followed the path Shaun had taken. Despite the condescending taunt, Norman bit his lower lip in an effort to hold back any sort of verbal retaliation.

After all, he might need to take Carter up on that offer.