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Prompt: Favor

All abilities to form cognitive thoughts vanished when he felt Carter's hand grasp his shoulder. The grip started out firm, though more to establish physical contact than out of forcefulness – evidenced when it slowly loosened and became almost gentle. The sudden acknowledgement and uncharacteristically affectionate gesture made the profiler's stomach flutter, and before he could subdue it, Norman moaned over the cock in his mouth, barely suppressing a shudder throughout his entire body.

The moan sent a pleasurable vibration throughout the already sensitive organ, and he heard Carter release a shaky gasp that quickly morphed into a short laugh. Norman reflexively looked up from his spot on the floor in front of the cop's bed, locking eyes with the man as a result. He quickly brought his gaze back down, catching a glimpse of Carter grinning down at him before he gave his grip an encouraging squeeze, "Glad I'm not the only one havin' fun here."

Embarrassment overwhelmed his system at the words, making his face burn red. Outrage followed immediately after, and he pulled back away from cop, removing his mouth from the man entirely all the while. An almost whimper from above him escaped past the lieutenant's lips; despite his irritation, Norman watched in interest as Carter jumped slightly from the sudden withdrawal of physical contact.

"Hey, hey, don't stop-" The words were out of the normally belligerent cop's mouth before he could keep the plea out of his voice. After a moment's pause – with Norman feeling little desire to comply with the man's words – the hand on his shoulder slowly snaked across his flesh to the back of his neck, fingers gently stroking the skin there almost apologetically. Another full-body tremor ran through Norman's body in response, and he shifted willingly back into the touch, "C'mon, I was just teasing…"

With the passing of a sigh, Norman glanced back up at the officer seated at the edge of his bed. Dark blue eyes met his – and there did indeed seem to be a glint of desperation behind them. The burning in his cheeks remained as Carter's fingers continued to glide up and down his neck, spurring him to pick up where he left off despite his doubts of the sincerity behind the words. Suppressing another sigh, Norman scooted his knees forward to close the small distance he'd created between them, leaning forward to loosely wrap his lips around the head of Carter's cock once more, tasting the precum that had built up in their brief lapse of connection.

An exhale full of relief from above followed immediately after, combined with a sudden tugging at the top of his scalp. Closing his eyes, Norman silently took in the contrasting feel of the stroking at the back of his neck and the increasingly tighter grip of his hair. He rewarded the new bit of acknowledgement by tightening his own embrace on the man's cock, hollowing out his cheeks as he took more of the lieutenant in. Norman winced when Carter bucked his hips in response, the back of his throat being lightly hit, "Ahhh, fuck…that's it, Norm…"

The fluttering in his stomach returned upon hearing the cop's nickname for him slip out pleasurably, his cheeks now flushing from accomplishment in place of humiliation. It was a personal weakness of his, he had to admit – Norman knew that Carter got sort of some vindictive pleasure at hearing him say his name during sex, and the FBI agent hated to admit he shared that particular fetish. Under normal circumstances, the nickname annoyed him; after all, it carried with it the stigma from when the homicide detective had first started using it – when Carter had destroyed all hopes of a professional partnership by assigning him an overly familiar nickname despite their technical differences in rank.

Now, however, the informality practically had him swooning. It served as proof that he'd successfully managed to chisel his way through the cold-hearted lieutenant's icy exterior. Even now, he hadn't demanded that Norman continue the blowjob, or simply shove himself back in like the agent had half-expected. Instead, he had more or less asked – and by Blake's standards, that was practically begging.

It was that thought that spurred the agent on as he continued to pleasure the man before him, running his tongue along the underside of his cock as he sucked at the rest with increasing strength, doing his best to bob his head in time with the movements of Carter's hips. The escalating speed and lack of rhythm served as an indicator that his job was almost over.

Norman opened his eyes, rather relieved to find Carter's own to be tightly closed, contrasting with his mouth which had opened partially to allow a series of increasingly louder pants to escape from it. To his slight disappointment, the fingers lightly rubbing the back of his neck stopped. Seconds later, the hand instead gripped the skin there tightly for leverage as he felt his head be pushed forward. Norman tried his best to subdue his gag-reflex when he felt Carter hit the back of his throat once more, the rather painful sensation followed by warm liquid pooling into his mouth. He very nearly choked at the overflowing feeling, pulling away as coughed up some of the man's fluids before audibly swallowing the rest.

Massaging his throat, Norman pointedly looked away in an attempt to avoid eye contact with the man in front of him. Shame crept into his system, not only at the fact that he'd given in to the cop again, but also at the knowledge that he was fully hard because of it. The throbbing between his legs was impossible to ignore, but Norman did his best to pretend his aching erection didn't exist nonetheless; he didn't exactly want to jack off right in front of Carter after his earlier jackass remark. He shifted his weight, sitting on his knees in hopes that the pressure would help alleviate his arousal. It proved to be as fruitless as he'd imagined, instead only increasing the pulsating feeling surging from his crotch.

Norman suppressed a sigh as he placed his hands onto his knees, pushing himself up into a standing position before turning around. Thoughts swam absently through his head about heading to the shower, figuring he could take care of his erection there, away from prying eyes while he simultaneously cleaned himself off.

The thoughts were erased from his head as he heard a gruff voice from behind him, "Oh, c'mere, kid…" Before Norman could respond, he felt a pair of rough hands grasp his waist from behind, pulling him backwards toward the lieutenant. Heat rushed to his face as he fell back onto the bed and into the older man's lap. Without wasting any time, the hands at his sides bunched up his shirt before pulling the fabric up quickly, yanking the clothes off in one swift motion.

Rather startled, Norman attempted to shift away while he tried to formulate a response, "Cartuh! What're you-" He was interrupted by one of Carter's arms wrapping around his sides, pushing him so his back flushed against the man's chest. Norman bit back his objections when he felt the rather copious amount of hair there brush against his now bare back.

A breath hitched in his throat when he felt the other hand previously on his waist slowly slide down and graze against his restrained erection. Blake let out a small exhale of amusement before pressing his face into the crook of his neck, his lips brushing against the flesh there. He slowly trailed his lips up the agent's neck, the coarse hair on his face making Norman shudder into the touch. Drawing his face back slightly, he blindly began undoing the younger man's pants before answering the unfinished question, "Returning the favor…what's it look like?"

Norman swallowed at the words, the gesture quite conspicuous given the cop's close proximity to his throat, "You don't hafta-" He broke off again as Carter returned his lips to his neck, sucking at the sensitive, delicate flesh in a way that was starting to drive him crazy. It was followed by the man's calloused hand slipping into his undone pants, past his briefs until it was finally making contact with his erection. A small moan of approval slipped past his lips, and he swore he felt Blake's own curl up against his neck into a smirk. His body went reflexively went tense at the thought until Carter briefly pulled his lips away, "Relax."

Norman felt himself nodding at the command absently as he tried to shift the clothes loosely clinging to his hips further down to give Carter easier access to his body. Carter complied wordlessly with the unspoken request, using his free hand to simultaneously pull down his pants and briefs until they clung instead around his knees. Carter then returned his attention to slowly sliding a crooked finger up and down his length, the slight stimulation nonetheless enough to make Norman hold his breath. He suppressed another shiver, his hands brushing past Carter's outer thighs as he moved to grasp the satin sheets below them. Blake made no move to increase the stimulation against his cock, however, and it was beginning to drive him insane.

"Blaake…" Norman nearly blushed when he heard his own voice – it came off as more of a whine than anything else. He bit his bottom lip to prevent anything even more embarrassing from slipping out. The soft plea seemed to be what Carter was waiting on, however; he felt Carter slide his finger up to the head of his cock, gathering the considerable amount of precum that had built up and spreading it throughout his shaft, effectively lubing the organ up. It was after that that he finally felt the police detective wrap his hand completely around his cock, establishing a slow pace of stroking his hand.

Norman shakily exhaled the breath he'd unwittingly been holding, fidgeting in Carter's lap as he fought the urge to thrust into the older man's hand. The rough texture of Carter's palm provided a lovely contrast to his own softer flesh – and it also served as a reminder that it was Carter Blake that was the one pleasuring him. That thought alone was enough to make another soft moan escape past his lips, and he shifted his head to the side with a slight shudder, allowing Carter complete access to his neck and shoulder. Carter took the invitation immediately, moving his lips downward to the small stretch of skin between where his shoulder met his neck and sucking there firmly.

"Ah- Ah, fawk-" Norman clenched his teeth together as he tried to fight down the pressure growing in his abdomen. He tried to tell himself it was just a simple handjob, but the simple fact that it was Carter willingly pleasuring him was enough to heighten the stimulation to the point where he lost control of his hips and began thrusting into Carter's movements.

He hadn't noticed Carter's other hand moving down his frame until it rested itself on the inside of his thigh, fingers grazing there in a semi-circular motion. Norman released another held breath, only for it to hitch in his throat as he felt Carter's hand slide further between his legs, easily locating his balls and cupping them in his hand as his thumb rubbed them in a fashion that was positively gentle.

Nonetheless, it was a sudden and unexpected stimulus that pushed Norman right over the edge. His eyes clenched such as he came, hips rising off Carter's lap briefly before falling back against him, letting his back relax against the older man's chest as his eyelids fluttered in an attempt to regain his composure. After a moment filled with only the sound of his own panted breathes, he shifted slightly in an attempt to situate himself more comfortably – his whole body twitching forward slightly as he subsequently brushed against a certain stiffness he was all too familiar with.

In place of irritation, Norman's lips quipped at the feeling of Carter's erection pressed against the small of his back as he twisted his neck and shoulder to meet the lieutenant's eyes. "Just…gimme a few minutes," he sighed shakily, the resignation in his voice was softened by his expression. Carter cracked a smile as well as he reached out, grabbing a handful of his soft brown hair before playfully ruffling it up.

Norman let himself be pulled closer by the action, the affectionate display filling him with another sense of accomplishment. It in turn spurred him on to boldly grab the lieutenant's face with both hands, pulling him forward to break the remaining space between them before pressing their lips together. To his slight surprise, Carter didn't pull away, instead reciprocating the gesture, using his body weight to push Norman back into the mattress without breaking the kiss.

The desire to protest over the lack of a break disappeared completely from Norman's head as he felt Carter's weight on top of him, his mind going blank as his body prepared itself for a second round.

*probably not