2. He'd give his life to somehow attract his attention.

It was six pm. and Mark was sitting in his hotel room, staring at the mailbox.

"To: Eduardo Saverin

Dear Mr Saverin,

signing a non-disclosure contract - clever movement. I hope you are feeling fine with your 600 million dollars. I want to let you know that it's not over. I will take my revenge.

The real and ONLY founder of facebook,

Mark Zuckerberg"

He didn't want nor did he need to treat him in such a cruel way. As a matter of fact, Eduardo hadn't done anything wrong, he had behaved like he had behaved, and he had done it just because Mark forced him to, not because he was a bad person or something... Mark laughed to himself. Eduardo was the last person that could be considered evil. And he was the first one. While reducing his friend's stock profits to 0.03%, he had known, he had perfectly known that he had been doing something extremely bad - but since Eduardo had endured many of those things before (including the story about the chicken), Mark had thought that even if there had been any problems, they would have been very soon over it. Only now did he start to realise how a terrible mistake he committed. He was angry with himself, angry for falling for Sean Parker - yeah he had fallen for him - angry because he destroyed the most precious thing he had been given in his life - a beautiful, everlasting friendship. And he destroyed it, he killed it with no mercy, he slaughtered it with his own hands! Oh God. What had he done?...

He was laying on his bed for the whole day, hopelessly trying to write a good piece of code, and thinking about Eduardo, being desperate to talk to him again, even if it had to be a quarrel - Mark would give his life to somehow attract his attention, to see his face full of emotions reserved only for him - for a nerd whose surname meant nothing more than "a mountain of sugar" in German.

An e-mail came.

"To: Mark Zuckerberg, (crossed out: the real and ONLY founder of Facebook)


I don't see any reason why I should meet you in court.

I hope you are more sober today.

Merry Christmas,

Eduardo Saverin, the co-founder of Facebook"

That was mean. Really mean. But it was Mark himself who taught Eduardo how to be mean. Argh, he was so tired of facing all the mistakes he had made! And Erica didn't accept his invitation. What a bitch. He should've created an anonymous account and sent her an insulting postcard. And he should've sent one to Eduardo, too... Hey wait!

"That's it. I will use my own social network to talk to them. I've never been good in real relationships, but on internet everything is much easier... Also because nobody sees your real face. That's it. Erica, Wardo... You'd better prepare, the next big thing is coming!"