This is my first story so I would very much appriciate constructive criticism :)

Charles and Erik stood awkwardly in the marble floored entrance room of the MI5 building in England. The walls were mostly bare save for a few paintings of countryside landscapes. Thin rivulets of water slid down the large glass windows. The sky was a soggy shade of grey. The chill from outside seemed to be multiplied indoors; both Erik and Charles had declined when asked if they wanted their jackets hung in the closet. Erik stood stiffly, his hands crammed deep into the pockets of his black slacks. Charles was a little more at ease, but by no means relaxed.

The British government had a mutant.

The CIA had certainly been surprised when they found out. So had Charles, but Erik had not been. Charles remembered the look, almost as if Erik's eyes were saying 'I told you so.' Charles thought it best to talk to the mutant; it seemed likely that the mutant would be able to help them in some capacity with Shaw. Especially after they lost Angel and Darwin. After the CIA had multiple talks on the telephone with the head of MI5 Charles and Erik were sent over to check out the "Mutant situation with those damn Limeys."

So there they stood, in the MI5 building waiting to meet the agent who would bring them down to the mutant. A large man opened a door at the end of the hall and began to walk towards them. His strides were long and his eyes were fixed on the two young men. He stopped right in front of them and said "Follow me," rather gruffly. The two mutants exchanged looks and followed the agent down the hall and through the door. They entered a small lift and the agent opened a small hatch right below the numbers. He pressed a series of buttons, shut the hatch, and the lift began to grind downwards. When the doors opened they were in a shiny metal hallway. The agent continued forward and Erik and Charles followed suit. He opened a door at the end of the hall and they were led into a small room that looked remarkably like an interrogation room at a police station. There was a glass window at the far side of the room, they could see into another room, a sort of gym area.

"That's a one way mirror," the agent said, pointing to the glass window. "You can see in there but anyone in the training room can't see you. I'm going to leave you here. I'll be back soon." The agent closed the door, leaving them alone.

Erik moved towards the glass window. There was a girl on the other side. She wore tight black shorts that stopped at her knees and a light blue shirt. She was on the floor, her legs stretched in front of her and her head down at her knees. Her bright orange hair was pulled into a tight bun at the top of her head.

"She doesn't look like much." Erik said harshly. "She's still a teenager for god sake."

Charles shook his head. "You're underestimating her Erik. I can feel her in here," he tapped his temple once. "She's powerful, I can tell you that much. I can't get much else though." Charles's forehead crinkled with concentration. "Her mind is blocked; it's as if she has a wall in her head." The girl looked up and straight at Erik. It was as if their eyes connected for a moment, but he knew that was impossible. She couldn't know they were there, the guard had said as much. And then she looked back down and Erik felt himself relax.

The door opened up again and a different man stepped through. This one had a definitive security look to him. He was at least five inches taller than Erik and he was build like a wall, wide and thick. "Come with me." Both men took a step towards him but he pointed to Erik. "Only you, the telepath waits in the lobby."

The two mutants shared an uneasy look. Go Erik heard Charles's voice in his head. If anything happens just call for me with your mind, I'll keep an ear out for you. Erik nodded in understanding and followed the guard through the open door.

The man led him down another hallway and Erik memorized the turns they took. Left, right, right, left. He kept track of the paintings on the walls so he would have recognizable landmarks f anything went wrong. The guard opened a door and held it open for Erik.

Erik took a tentative step into the room and the guard closed the door behind him. It was decorated in various shades of light yellow with a series of flower patterns that jumped from the wallpaper to the curtains to the tablecloth. There was a small square table in the center of the room. On it was two cups, a tea pot and various biscuits. He was pleased to feel that the serving tray and all of the light fixtures were metal. Perched on the window bench was the girl from training room. She had changed and showered. Her orange hair was wet and hung in limp curls around her pale, heart-shaped face. She wore a light blue dress that was tight at the top but flared at the hips. Erik couldn't help but notice her rather ample bosom.

"Have a seat," She said. She motioned to the table and Erik sat down in one of the high backed wooden chairs. Her accent, he noticed, suggested she hailed out of Oxford. Not that he was an expert on that sort of thing, Charles was better at guessing where people were from. She walked towards him and picked up the tea pot, poured some into his cup and sat down. She took a moment to smooth her dress and then she looked up at Erik. "Biscuits?"

"No. I'm here to discuss-"

"I know what you are here to discuss." She said as she dropped a cube of sugar into her cup. "You are going to sit and have afternoon tea with me. Alright?"

"Look-" And then he couldn't say another word. His mouth was stuck in place. The mutant girl was looking directly at him; her eyes were a toxic shade of green and glowing. Erik tried to access his powers but that part of his brain was blocked. He felt color rise in his cheeks as anger diffused through his capillaries.

"You are going to play nice for a little while so we can drink tea. Are we clear?" He felt his head move up and down in a nod but he was absolutely sure he was not controlling his body. "Excellent." She said loudly. And whatever hold she had on him was released. Erik gulped for breath, as if he had just broken the surface of the water. The girl was calmly stirring another cube of sugar into her tea.

"What did you do to me?" He asked angrily.

She glanced up from the brown liquid and raised an eyebrow. "You didn't exactly do your research before you came here, did you? I'm a telepath. I simply took control of the motor functions in your brain. Simple really." Erik glared at her. The light fixtures and the serving tray with the biscuits began to vibrate violently. He wanted to show this girl what he was capable of; he wanted very much to frighten her. "No use showing off," She said calmly, as if the light fixtures shook seemingly of their own accord every day. "I know exactly what you can do Mr. Lehnsherr. No need to show off." The shaking stopped and Erik scowled. "Are you quite done?" She asked.

"Yes." He replied in a clipped tone.

"Excellent. Now, Mr. Lehnsherr, I expect you have questions."

"How can you do that?"

She put her cup down, the china tinkled against the wood of the table. "Control. I am not more powerful than your telepathic friend; I simply have been honing my control for years. I can control anything with a mind." Erik was not sure if he was excited about her power, she could certainly help them a great deal if she joined them against Shaw, or if he was terrified. She chuckled, "You have nothing to be afraid of Mr. Lehnsherr."

"Stay out of my head." He said roughly.

"Alright. Drink your tea before it gets cold. It's not poisoned or anything. If I wanted to hurt you I would have done it already."

Erik scowled again and picked up his teacup. He took a quick sip of the liquid and found it pleasantly warm and spicy. When he looked back at the girl across the table her eyebrow was raised and her lips were curled upwards in a smile. He waited for a moment before he took another sip, waiting to see if there was going to be some sort of mal effect. When there wasn't he took another sip.

"Who are you?"

She leaned forward and put her elbows on the table, her fingers made a steeple in front of her face. "Well, in all technicality I do not exist. There is no record of by birth, no record of my employment with the government. I am a ghost, Mr. Lehnsherr. I am a ghost."