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Chapter 11

She grasped at the soft fabric of his cashmere turtleneck. His hands twisted in her hair and he pulled. Her mouth opened in a yelp and he attacked her lips. He was everywhere. His hands in her hair and then her shoulders, her arms, her waist. Pulling her towards him. Crushing her body into his. His lips pressed hard against hers, his tongue battling hers for domination. He was clearly winning. He bit down on her lower lip and she tasted blood. One of his hands was wrapped up in her hair again and the other held the back of her neck, firmly keeping her in place. Her breasts were crushed firmly against his hard chest, her hand, still clutching his shirt, were caught between both of their bodies.

He pulled away and she groaned at the loss of contact. His arms wrapped around her body and he hoisted her over his shoulder. He strode to the bed and dumped her onto it. She bounced once before gathering her balance. He crawled across the mattress towards her, a purely predatory look on his face. He growled and ran his hands up her body. He pushed the hem of her shirt up and she raised her upper body off the bed so he could pull it off. The snap of her jeans opened and the zipper flew down, as if they were controlling themselves. She laughed. "Nice trick."

"You haven't seen anything yet." He buried his face in her neck and bit down. She gasped and raked her nails down his arms. She began to pull his sweater over his head; he reached down to help and divested himself of his shirt as well. She took a moment to admire the hard planes of his chest. The clasps of her bra unhooked and it went flying across the room. She almost laughed but the sound turned into a moan as Erik's hands covered her large breasts. He pinches her nipples and squeezes the mounds of flesh. And her hands run up his chest but she can't truly commit to the task because all she can think about is how good Erik's callused hands feel against her skin and how she never wants him to stop.

His lips press against hers and her hands find his hair. And she thinks for just a moment that she may be in love with him. He moves down her body and peals her underwear down her legs. She feels exposed; he is still wearing his pants. He presses a kiss to her hipbones and then dives between her legs. She can hear his thoughts in her mind, Erik had always been a loud thinker, and she is overjoyed to find that they are focused on her.

And then she can't do anything but moan because his tongue is inside her and his thumb is rubbing at her clit. She can feel him grin when she moans loudly and bucks her hips. He puts his arm against her lower stomach to hold her down. His fingers begin to piston into her, quickly and roughly. His tongue moves inside her and her inner muscles clench. She spasmed beneath him and her thighs clenched.

He lapped up the warmth between her legs. He was so damn hard and his pants were getting uncomfortably tight. He slid back up her body and pressed his lips against hers and grasped her hair and tugged. It turned him on so much when she yelped like that, half pain, half pleasure. "Pants off," she hissed into his ear. He slid the zipper down and she helped him push them down his legs. Her hands went between his legs, stroking. He groaned. He grabbed her hands and held them above her head.

He kept her wrists together with one hand and used the other to position himself at her entrance. He entered her slowly, savoring the warm wetness that greeted him. He groaned as the aftershocks of her orgasm made her inner muscles clench around him. His hands went to her breasts and pinched the nipples once before he began to move. He thrust slowly, carefully watching her face. Her eyes were half shut and her mouth was open, soft gasps left her lips. Her fingers dug into his back. He reached between them and rubbed her clit quickly. He watched as she orgasmed again, he pulled out and slammed into her again, causing another orgasm. Her hips bucked up into his. "Don't stop." Her legs wrapped around his waist and he continued to thrust into her. As she came again he felt himself going over the edge. Her inner muscles clenched him and he shot his seed deep inside her. She shuddered and he collapsed on top of her. He rolled over, pulling her body on top of his. He was still inside of her.

And then she sat up gasping. She held a hand to her warm face and took two deep breaths. A dream. The wetness between her legs made it feel so real but as she took inventory of her body she knew that no matter how real it had felt it had all been a dream. She groaned and rolled over to look at the clock. It was time to get up. She slowly pushed herself out of bed and trudged to the shower. She briefly thought about finishing what the dream had started but she wasn't sure how loudly an orgasm would project mentally. The last thing she wanted was Charles to know that she was masturbating to the idea of sex with Erik.

She dressed and scurried down to the kitchen. She suppressed a groan when she saw Erik sitting at the counter. He smiled at her as if he knew exactly what her dream had been. She nodded her head as a way of saying hello and crossed the room. She prepared herself a bowl of cereal and when she turned around she almost crashed into Erik's chest. He took a small step forward, trapping her between the refrigerator and his body.

"I was thinking about you last night." He muttered. "About that little pop kiss that happened after we talked."

"It was hardly a kiss," she muttered. She tried to move around him but he mirrored her movements, efficiently keeping her from getting away.

"I suppose one could argue that it was hardly a kiss but it made me curious." He took her cereal bowl from her and put it on the counter. He pushed a strand of hair away from her face. His hand moved to the back of her neck and held her very still. His eyes caught hers and she was caught between wanting to run and wanting to do exactly what he did in her dream. "I am curious about you in a brand new way, my little telepath."

And then his lips were on hers. It was not anything like the soft kiss she had shared with Charles. With Charles she knew how much he truly cared about her. Her kiss with Charles had been a physical sharing of all of the information they had traded during their time working together. She knew who Charles was, inside and out. But the kiss with Erik was raw. He plundered her mouth. He took everything from her. As she reached out to touch his mind all she could feel was lust.

He pulled away from her. "I went back to your room last night, to propose a new training plan and you were asleep. And moaning. What were you dreaming about little telepath?" She felt color rise in her face.


His grip tightened on the back of her neck. "Don't lie to me."

She choked on a sob and he moved his hands to her wrists. "You. I was dreaming about you."

"What was I doing?" She shook her head. "Was I fucking you?" She dipped her head slightly, half a nod. "Were you wet when you woke up? Did you want my cock inside you?" She pressed her lips together and stayed silent. He shook her. "Tell me."

"Yes, I wanted your –" She was cut off by the noise of someone clearing their throat. Erik turned sharply. Hank stood in the doorway. Erik quickly moved across the room.

"Rae, I was wondering if you wanted to start with our experiment. Raven is in the med lab now."

She smiled at Hank. "Of course, I'll come with you." She scurried out of the room and followed Hank, distinctly aware of a set of steely eyes on her back.