"Mai Song - bloody - Pond!"


"How the hell do you exactly plan of getting out of this?"

Sadie and Charlie had been following me for half an hour, and I didn't know why.

Well I did.

I turned up on Sadie's doorstep, saying I was leaving, and next thing I knew, they were following me. There wasn't a reason why I was leaving though.

Well there was.

UNIT were kinda after me.

Well they were.

So what if I broke into their headquarters and tried to stop a Sontaran ship from landing? Nearly blowing them up at the same time. I was prepared to be on the run from alien experts, it was fine. I still had the second sonic screwdriver from that Kovarian stole from The Doctor, and River's vortex minipulator. I'd popped in to see Luke, Sky, Rani and Clyde every now and then, help them out with this and that. I even went to Cardiff for a weekend, helped at Torchwood for a bit, but none of them had heard from The Doctor. I trailed through the field, a heavily pregnant Sadie, and Charlie following behind me.

"Mai! UNIT will track you before you know it!" Sadie called out to me.

"Nah, I'll be fine, don't you worry!" I said, walking quickly ahead, sonic at the ready, vortex minipulator primed. "My Mum and Dad get out of worst situations then this all the time!"

"I love the way you have just bounded into accepting they're you parents, they abandoned you! You just accept it."

"I found out that the people I loved and trusted the most who I travel in time and space with were my family, and you think I just accepted it? Well I did, but not straight away. I need to find them."

"The Doctor left you behind because of what you did though."

I stopped and looked back at them.

"But River and Amy and Rory didn't want to."

"If he wanted you, he wouldn't have left you here, and Mai I'm sorry but you have to understand that."

"Oh guys, don't you get it?" I chuckled. "This is The Doctor were talking about. There is always more to things with him. He wouldn't leave me! He'll be back, even if he doesn't know it yet." I winked at them, carrying on walking.

"How do you even get away with all this? This is the second time this month you've done this! Why don't they ring Sarah to tell her what you've been doing?"

"UNIT know I'm under the protection scheme by The Shadow Proclamation, they just don't know who I am and why."

"You've broken into some of the highest extra terrestrial sites in England, then you go home for your tea?"

"Works for The Bannerman Road lot." I stopped and looked back round at them, now standing on the top of a hill. "Here we are then. Time for me to go."

"Your on the run, I thought you wern't going anywhere?" Charlie asked.

"Rule 1, The Doctor lies, so does River and now, so do I." I smiled at them. I looked behind them, a dozen UNIT SUV cars driving towards us. "Shit." I whispered. "Go, go, go!" I ushered them away. They started running the other way, into some bushes and onto a nearby path.

"Mai!" Sadie called over. "Will we see you again?"

"Your never gonna get rid me!" I called back, grinning. I watched as the UNIT soldiers came running up, a dark haired woman walking in front.

"Mai Pond, how nice to see you face to face."

"Mai Song-Pond." I corrected her sarcastically, smirking.

"Song?" She said, raising her eyebrows. "You'd be lucky. Pond isn't even your surname, but young Amelia and Rory only travelled with The Doctor, you don't live up to the standards of River Song. Your just a child."

"But you barely know about River. Or Amy and Rory. Which means you know nothing about me. Trust me, you really need to update your data banks." I said. "And of course it's my bloody surname!"

"Of course it isn't you silly child, another one obsessed with The Doctor, great! Anyway, who would want the Song name? That woman, urgh. Nothing but trouble, why The Doctor would marry such a woman, after some of the companions he's had!" She spat.


"Yeah, don't speak about my daughter like that!" I looked over and standing there bold as brass was Amy, grinning at me.


"Amelia Jessica Pond." The UNIT woman whispered. "Well I've heard many stories about you... The girl who waited 12 years for The Doctor."

"Well thank yourself lucky I did, otherwise we wouldn't have River."

"Ha! River Song. Melody Pond. Christ that woman. Anyway, I always thought The TARDIS was a place to let people really grow up, and show them what they have to be strong for, not turn them into obsessed fangirls!" She said, pointing at me. "She thinks River Song is her mother!"

"UNIT must never know." Amy whispered to herself, loud enough for me but nobody else to hear. "It's none of UNIT's business anyway, so leave her alone!"

"Oh Amy, you waited so long for him, and then he died." She pouted. "Left all alone on Earth without him. But now there is nobody to save the Earth, so it's us who suffers!"

"What about my daughter, his wife?"

"What the woman who killed him?"

"UNIT have no clue, you think you own The Doctor but if he were here, you'd lick the floors before he stepped on them." Amy spat at her. "Come on Mai." She said, holding out her hand to me, I leant forward to take it, but she dissapeared out of thin air.

"Shit." I whispered. I smiled at them and laughed nervously as they aimed their guns at me. I quickly entered random coordinates onto the vortex minipulator and bashed down hard on it, screwdriver squeezed tightly in my hand.

I looked up and found myself curled up in a ball, my vision was slightly blurred as I looked up. I felt a hand placed upon my head, hair tickling my face.

"Hello? Are you ok sweetie?" I saw a flash of blonde as I sat up, and I thought it was River.

"Mum?" I looked at the woman properly, then shaking my head. "Oh sorry, your not her."

"It's ok." She smiled.

"She's blonde." I explained. "And she calls me and my Dad sweetie, so that's why I thought..." I blushed, flicking my hair out of my face and looked at the woman properly this time. "No..." I whispered, taking in here features. I saw before me a woman I thought long dead.

"Sorry." She smiled, and dissapeared.

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