When Lucius Decides To Help

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Harry POV:

Of course, the normalcy couldn't last forever. Something bad did have to happen – or else I wouldn't be Harry Potter. You know, when I started to go out with him I did give up all of my friends. My friends consisted of exactly seven people. George, Fred, Bill, Charlie, Luna, Hermione, Neville and Remus. That's it. The other Weasley's were all using me for fame. But Ron I especially hated. He was jealous of my life, and fame and money. Sometimes I wished that I could just give it to him. He had everything I wanted. Caring parents, siblings, and no fame. That sounds perfect to me – then again I have never been normal as I stated earlier.

The nightmares were absolutely horrible. They featured Ron joining the Dark Side, him dying (which as much as he hurt me I still care for him), and all my other friends being tortured to death. Yet the dark lord was dead. Then how there a dark side you ask? That was the bad part. I was the dark lord. I was the one torturing my friends, it was all my fault.

He knew a way to make them go away enough for me to stop moving and then push a potion down my throat. He wouldn't tell me where it was though. Your probably wondering how I didn't simply know. Well I couldn't feel it – actually I couldn't feel myself moving at all. Like now, I was probably moving around wildly. Yet I couldn't feel my arms moving. Or my legs. Not at all. It actually felt like I was just thought. Nothing else.

Until I felt someone was trying to force a vile tasting liquid down my throat. From the taste (as nothing tastes so vile, and because I had tasted it so many times before) I could tell that it was the draught of peace. I tired to say something to the person, which I realised must have been Severus, but my mouth wouldn't move. I heard a thump and heavy breathing. That was all.

I knew I wouldn't be able to move or fall asleep for quite, so I tried to think about things that would take up the time so I didn't think about my nightmares. I would get enough of those when I was actually asleep. So I thought about potions, and what I had learned from reading the books, and listening to Severus go on about his Wolfbane's potion.

There were many different things that could be added to the potion, that could potentially make it stronger, but it could, and probably would have very bad side effects that just weren't worth it. Many things were discarded as they came to mind. But a few, might actually work – or kill the wolf. Such things were: powdered unicorn horn, turkey feathers, wolf hair, and onion stars*.

Though really, they weren't good choices, except possibly the hair and onion star. The unicorn hair would make the potion far too expensive, and the feathers would be hard to come by as there are no turkey farmers. In the wizard world anyway. The hair should be quite easy to obtain, but it could turn out two ways; the werewolf either stays human, or stays wolf. So that could go bad, and the onion is complicated as I wouldn't know which part to put in. I am sure that one of the parts would scar the wolf for ever.

Yet there was even more after that, as I had to think about when to add it, how many times to stir afterwards and in what direction. If the heat should be changed or how much should be added. If it should be chopped finely or not at all. I don't know how Severus did it – even to create a potion that didn't work completely was quite a feat.

I didn't get much farther than that. Eventually the sleep took over, and thankfully, there were no nightmares.

Snape POV:
After Harry excused himself from dinner as he did every night, a white cat entered the room. It occurred to me that Lucius did not know about Harry's animagus (I only found out after seeing a large black snake in my snake garden that I do not remember owning, and promptly demanding an explanation). And Harry did not know of Lucius'. But I was thinking about putting up Anti-Malfoy wards so he couldn't keep coming. I had been reading, a book about Muggles, as I wanted to learn some more about the kind of people Harry grew up with. When I saw a cat show up out of nowhere.

"Lucius. What so you want?" I asked, irritation clear in my voice. Changing his form, he smirked and sat down in the chair across from me.

"Well Harry obviously. But he is not meant to end up with me. No. I came to check up on him actually. It's been about a month."

"Better, no thanks to you! He keeps thinking that something really bad is about to happen, and I swear that he's found a secret passageway somewhere but he won't tell me where the little demon!"

I put on an angry face, but it wasn't a real complaint. Lucius could tell that.

"Have you told him anything about how you feel to him? At all?"

"I have told you before that I feel nothing of that sort to him Lucius, and I shall tell you again!" I could feel blood going to my face, blushing ever so slightly.

"Oh? And what are you reading then? Something on Muggles? Because I completely believe that you feel nothing for him Severus." e said it in that annoying Malfoy way. I am sure that my skin turned slightly redder, but I decided to ignore it. Something passed over his face. "You say that he goes to bed early? So have you been giving him a Draught of Peace each night?" He looked as confused as I felt.

"What are you talking about? And what is this about the strongest Calming Drought?"

"Well, Harry is immune to simple ones, I thought you would know- oh no."

Not that I really cared, he had hurt Harry, but this sounded bad, whatever he was thinking of. "What's wrong Lucius?"

He looked at me, worry clear on his face. "The nightmares Severus. Has he not told you about them?"
"Harry hasn't had any nightmares, so I have no idea what you are talking about."

"No, you wouldn't, because he wouldn't tell you about the older ones, and the Drought of the Living Peace has to stop working soon. You see Harry, has really bad nightmares, pretty much every night. And he became immune to the effects of normal calming droughts. He tried the Draught of the Living Peace, and it worked well. But he had to take one about every month, and he hasn't had one for about a month now..."

I heard a loud thrashing noise, and, guessing it could only be coming from Harry my eyes widened. I was running to his room when I heard Lucius call up after me, "Take your strongest calming drought!" So I made a quick stop in my potions lab to get one, understanding that Lucius was probably right having lived with him for a while.

Opening the door and dashing into the room, I looked at Harry immediately. He was on the bed, limbs jerking around, screaming words that sounded like gibberish. He was very pale, and had broken out in sweat on his forehead. I tried to stun him with my wand, but like after his first night here, it wouldn't work. I didn't want to have to knock him out again – but thankfully I didn't have too.

Lucius came into the room, sighing. He looked at the dishevelled Harry and walked over to the left side of his bed. Quickly and quietly Lucius used his hand to poke Harry on his left cheekbone. Harry stilled instantly. I was surprised. Lucius waved his hand at me to give him the potion, as he explained, "He was like this a lot. I found the spot on his cheekbone stilled him when trying to give him the potion I missed his moth and hit his cheek. He's actually probably awake by now. But he can't move or feel his limbs, and he can't hear us either. Though he'll probably know your giving him that potion. He also doesn't know about it – as he can feel nothing. And I haven't told him about it."

I nodded. If he told him about the spot it was possible he would try to use it while he was awake – which would make him immune to that as well. After the potion made it's way down his throat he calmed instantly. He looked so serene and beautiful now, without a care in the world.

Lucius spoke very softly, looking at me. "Yes Severus. I completely believe that you don't feel that way about him." Then he was gone.

I conjured a chair next to Harry's bed, and sat down in it. More like fell in it I suppose. Looking at Harry one last time, I placed a spell on him so that I would wake up as soon as he opened his eyes. Then I closed my eyes and let the sleep take over.

Harry POV:

Waking up it took about five seconds for me to remember what had happened. Opening my eyes, I looked around me. Severus was slumped in a chair next to me looking quite peaceful. This occurred to me as thoughtful on his part. He must care at least some if he stayed with me, right? I still wasn't entirely sure if I trusted him completely yet, and what his over all reason for caring for me was.

His onyx eyes opened and looked at me, concern filling them, something I had become rather accustomed to actually.

"Harry? How do you feel?" he asked. I blinked a few times at the soft voice.

But I was able to come up with the reply, "I'm fine Severus. This kind of thing happens all the time. Thank you for the potion."

He nodded, and looking quite shocked said, "Right. You're welcome. I'll leave you here then."

He waved his wand over the chair, and it disappeared. Then he walked out of the door, slightly off balance it seemed. I sighed. Would I ever understand him? I took a shower and changed my clothes. Thinking about the Wolfbane's potion. I might have come up with a solution. Checking the map I saw that he was in one of the living rooms. I headed for there, taking a short cut I had found. Going through the doorway, I saw him sitting on the sofa reading. I talked as I walked nearer to him, "When are you making the Wolfbane's potion for Remus?" He looked slightly startled at my entrance.

"Tonight. Why?" He asked, putting the book down momentarily.

"I want to watch. I think it would be interesting to see how you make it."

He looked at me strangely, but nodded. "Fine. Then be in the potions lab connected to my room at three tonight."I nodded at him and smiled. My plan had begun. Now all I had to do was gather a certain ingredient, and wait until three.

Three came quickly. After retrieving said ingredient, I went to the Snake house and told Selina about my nightmare and how Severus had given me the potion. I also read a bit more of my potions book, making sure that this would work.

I was outside his bedroom door at exactly three pm, and upon hearing his, "Come in!" I opened the door and walked through the already opened potions lab door to where he was. He was taking out a few ingredients, and handed me a piece of paper, afterwards going to get some more. It was a written list of the ingredients, and steps on how to make the potion itself. I, in my head, added my ingredient to the list.

First he lit the fire underneath the cauldron, then started adding ingredients, chopping them up when he needed. He must have know the instruction list by heart, as he didn't ask for it back once, and I saw no second copy in sight. After he added the butterfly's wings, he stirred it three times, when a noise was heard over by his room. He left, and I stepped up to add my part.

It was five pieces of wolf hair. It was the only thing that made sense. After adding it, I stirred the potion five times anti-clockwise, then stepped back, as if nothing had happened. I hadn't noticed that the door was still open, and that Severus had been watching me until after he walked in and asked me about it.

I was stuttering at first, as he wasn't meant to know at all. He had to turn around and put something else in and change the heat, and I was thankful. It allowed me to gather my thoughts quickly, so I knew what to say when he turned back to me. "Well, it was rather simple. I was reading a book about potions and potion making, and I actually found it rather easy to understand. So I came up with a list of things that might work in the potion..." I went into how I had thought about all the different things. I won't bore you with it. "So I made a plan to add it without you knowing. I knew it wouldn't hurt him because I stirred it three times anti-clock wise.

Severus looked very thoughtful for a few seconds, then smiled. And I knew it was worth it – risking his wrath.

"I have to admit that I wouldn't have thought of adding wolves hair. But it was a smart choice, I would like to guess that it will stop the transformation all together. Do you have any idea of that?"

I nodded. "As a result, I think that it will not only stop the transformation, but also let the were wolf have his own thoughts, and ease pain. So the wolf will stay human, and will, most likely, just have a weird desire for meat and to be outside. Possibly be slightly temperamental."

Severus nodded and continued making the potion. He didn't talk much, and I guessed it was because he was so much into his potion making. I watched him carefully, as he seemed to be oblivious to everything else. When it was finally finished, he casted a quick tempus spell. Seeing it was around seven thirty, it was about time for Remus to show up to pick it up.

I took that as a hint to change forms, and in an instant I was a black snake, with silver flecks on ever occasional scale, on the floor. Severus looked back at me and laughed, for a reason he didn't understand. I tried asking what he meant but of course, he wasn't a parslemouth, so he didn't understand.

Remus showed up, a little early, about five minutes after my change. Severus handed it to him, while explaining the differences done to it. "It has been made a little stronger. It will most likely stop the transformation completely, and make you crave meat, or be a little temperamental. You should probably go where you normally do, in case it doesn't work. But it won't harm you."

I had heard this from the doorway, as I had been in Severus' rooms when Remus walked in. He turned around, holding the vial of grey liquid. It didn't look like it would taste good – maybe I should work on that next. Spotting me, Remus looked scared stiff. Sadly, he dropped the vial to the floor, so it would crash and all of Severus' hard work would have been for naught.

But, being a snake as I wouldn't have been able to do this at any other time, I stretched out my tail and caught it. Remus' eyes widened, and Severus reached down to pick it up. Handing it back to Remus he put a spell on the vial to be unbreakable.

I thought that was a very good idea. I hissed at Remus, trying to tell him to be careful, and that I wouldn't hurt him. However, he too was not a parslemouth, and therefore did not understand. Severus chuckled as he watched Remus leave. Telling me that all was clear, I changed back to human form.

"That was very funny, but did you have to give him an almost heart attack as he left?"

"No, I suppose not. But I swear that he was even worse when he heard you chuckling when he left. Probably thought that you had done something to him." I said chuckling as well.

"I would thought he would have guessed I have done something to his potion."

"You mess up a potion?" I shook my head. "I don't think anyone would believe that, even if it was a joke. Which might make it less believable, just because I understand your humour doesn't mean everyone does."

"That's true." he said nodding, as I followed him to the living room we used as a dining room. I heard the pop of our food showing up via elves, and I immediately put some on my plate; for once planning to eat it.

"Do you think that it would be possible to make it taste better? Sugar? Syrup?" I guess he received this question a lot, so he didn't even look up to say, "No. I would have thought that you should have guessed the reason pretty much all potions taste bad. Sugar in any form, stops the effect of the potion. Unlike popular belief, I do not make them taste horrible on purpose. I have had to take almost all of the potions I created and brewed at one point in time."

"Really? Many people believe that you make the ones for the school taste horrible as you hate the students there."

"And did you believe that?" He asked, looking up at me, something in his eyes I didn't understand. I shook my head smiling, as I said, "I wish that I could say that I didn't believe it, but that would be a lie and you wouldn't believe me."

"You are right, I wouldn't believe you if you said that."

Then we sat there in a comfortable silence, just eating. I excused myself, but before I could leave, Severus told me to wait there. So I did, not much happened during that short amount of time, I mostly just wondered what it was.

He came back with a potion, and handed it to me. I knew from the colour that it was the Draught of Living Peace. I knew that after taking it so many times, I grimaced at the thought of the taste. Severus, somehow knowing what I was thinking about said, "Just remember that the taste isn't on purpose."

I nodded and thanked him then took it back to my room. I put it on my bed side table, and took another shower, and got into bed. I read some more of my potions book, deciding to go to Severus' library tomorrow and get a new book to read as this one was almost finished.

I fell asleep rather quickly, thinking about Remus. I wanted to tell him where I was, he had to be wondering where I was, right? I hoped he hadn't forgotten about me. But then I would have to explain the break up, and how I moved in here, and how Severus was a really nice person – not that he would believe that. Severus probably wouldn't like it either.

I slept peaceful that night with my favourite kind of sleep, dreamless. I woke up at around seven in the morning, changing my clothes, and heading to the library, where I was all day, with Selena trying to find a new book. Any one other than Severus, Dumbledore, or possibly Voldemort would not understand what was happening. It sounded like someone without teeth was trying to speak. When really I was arguing with my familiar in parslemouth. It wasn't until that night when I set my three new books on potions on my bed-side table that I realised what had happened the night before.

I didn't take the potion.

*Onion stars are plants that grow onion like vegetables underground. They are called onion stars because the flower that shows when there is an onion ready for harvesting is yellow and in the shape of a star.

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