A knock on the door to this room brought Gordon a welcome distraction from reading the newspaper for the fourth time. "Come in!" he called, grinning as he saw the figure in the doorway. "Ah Jean! What a nice surprise."

She smiled in response, walking elegantly across the room and seating herself by his bed. "How are you feeling?"

"Bored." He folded the paper and flung it with some distaste onto the bedside cabinet. "Can't you use your power as hospital administrator to kick me out?"

"I wish I could: we could do with you back."


The administrator made a disgruntled noise and continued, "The locum is, shall we say, not working out. And to top it all, I'm afraid I may have upset your wife."

A little concern showed in his eyes as he motioned for Jean to elaborate.

"Yes." A sigh was released. She put on her best innocent voice, and wore an expression of over-exaggerated apology. "A few members of the DHA visited the hospital this morning to discuss funding. They're quite old-fashioned in that they disapprove of female doctors; that's why I didn't tell Jill beforehand. If she sat in on the meeting, they would have refused to fund us anything. As it was, I managed to secure a sizable one off payment and a potential for further monthly injections of funds."

Gordon's expression changed to one of surprise and admiration. "Well done you! That's mustn't have been easy."

She shook her head as if to dismiss his praise. "I explained to Jill that I didn't include her because of the bigger picture, the good of the hospital. She wouldn't accept it; she said I should have retaliated against their attitudes."

"Ah." He nodded with understanding. "I'm sure she'll come round in time."

"There's nothing I can do then, to smooth the situation over sooner?" She was wide-eyed, looking as if she genuinely cared about making amends with the female doctor.

"Well… Would you like me to have a word with her; explain things from your perspective?"

"Oh if you could Gordon, that would be fabulous." She rose then, smoothing down her skirt. "Now if you'll excuse me, I must get on."