Alright, just to say this now, this is a spinoff/side story to my "The Legend Of Spyro: A New Dawn" fanfic staring the character Cyros from there. I'm writing this mainly for those who have read that fic and know it, but I'm trying to make this understandable if you haven't. But you'll miss a lot of stuff and it won't make quite as much sense, if I put as much detail into it you'd understand everything without reading it, it'd be unfair to those who have to have to reread all that information a second time. Anyway, this is pretty much a follow up to that and as such major spoilers present for A New Dawn. If you haven't read it yet but won't to, don't read this yet!

Anyway, this is pretty much a redemption/recovery story for Cyros after what happened in that fic. This chapter takes place between the final battle of "A New Dawn" and the epilogue (which at time of posting this was unposted). Enjoy!

My name is Cyros. I'm a 24 year old Ice Dragoness. I suppose that's a surprise, considering I'm the only Ice Dragon born 24 years ago whose still alive… Oh and don't worry, this isn't one of those first person autobiography deals. Delilah, this wacky five-tailed fox my brother knows, wanted me to do the intro to this myself. Says a friend of hers from another dimension wants to write a letter about all this to her mentor, some princess who controls the sun or something important like that, because she thought it had some important lesson in it or… Something. Delilah said her friend needed some background information on me and had me write this. Trust me, that makes a lot more sense if you know Delilah. And if you think that sounds nuts, have her tell you about the "Cupcakes Incident"… On second thought, don't; I've still got nightmares from when she finally broke down and told me the whole story… Anyway, she's not what this story is about.

For those of you who don't know, I'm the younger daughter of Deadlock, a three-headed Dragoness who rules a race of snake-like beings called Naga. 24 years ago, mom lost her children, her mate, and everything she cares for when Malefor, this horrible monster of a dragon, attacked the temple… But she grabbed two little eggs on her way out of the temple. One was me, the other was Pyrus, my slightly older brother. Mom has done some terrible things. She tried to sacrifice six baby dragons to bring her own loved ones back to life… She wasn't right in the heads at the time… Neither was I. I almost killed my own brother because of a misunderstanding we had when we were just little kids. I did some really nasty stuff too… That's why we're both taking therapy now. No, we're not insane, taking therapy doesn't make you insane; it just means we're a little messed up and need help to get better… Moving on.

In the end, I realized what I grade-A fool I'd been all that time and ended up taking a near fatal blow for Spyro and Cynder. I don't think I need to explain who they are, do I? Mom stole their adopted egg and they came to get it back… Anyway, because I did that, mom snapped out of that insane state she'd gotten herself in and got the Naga to help stop this maniac named General Grendel from wiping out all the dragons with this giant monster he woke up… And it also caused me to lose my wings. That's even worse than losing an arm or leg… Not being able to fly anymore… I can't even begin to tell you what it's like… But I became a better dragoness for it in the end. This is the story of how that little bit of character development happened… And how I learned to forgive myself for what I've done… With a little help from a newborn dragon with a knack for cheering people up…

Just What The Doctor Ordered

"Tell me, are you feeling any better today?" asked a fairly large Earth Dragon sitting across the chamber. He was large and strong built, his reddish brown horns sweeping straight back behind his head, his skin an earthy green with light reddish brown wing membranes and under belly. The chamber itself was rather plain, made of the same stone as most of the Dragon Temple, but comfortable, meant to be roomy and calm.

Cyros, a very light blue female Dragoness, laid across from him. Her face was rather long and feminine. Her deep blue horns extended off the back of her head and curled around, somewhat like a goat's with a trio of spikes connected by a light blue fin running between her horns. Her tail ended in a metal ax grafted to her natural bone blade to increase its use as a weapon and on her rather long neck and lower front legs she wore with a black choker decorated with white spikes. No wings adored her back, instead a brown cloak covered her back, tied around her neck. She was much smaller than the larger Earth Dragon who was giving her council, only a young adult.

Cyros looked down, not meeting her therapist's eyes. "A little…" she replied, a somewhat miserable tone to her voice.

The Earth Dragon nodded. "Alright… How are you recovering?"

"Recovering?" asked Cyros, looking up all of a sudden with a bit of anger. "How am I supposed to recover? My wings are gone and I'll never fly again… How am I supposed to recover from that?"

The Earth Dragon gave a sympathetic look. "Cyros, you know that's not what I mean," he stated. "I mean from your exposure to the Darkness. Your wings are a bridge we'll cross when we get there."

"I don't want to wait…" said Cyros, finally calming down and looking down sorrowfully. "Can we please talk about it now?"

"Of course, young dragoness," said the therapist dragon with a nod. "If that's what bothering you the most, we can talk about that instead."

"…Promise you won't tell anyone?" asked Cyros, looking up at him pleadingly. "I don't want anyone to find out…" she continued, she honestly didn't. Cyros may have had her ego thoroughly deflated by her circumstances, but she still had too much pride to have everyone know the truth about how she felt.

"That's part of my job description, Cyros," said the therapist with a sincere tone. "Don't worry, I won't tell a soul unless you tell me I can."

"Alright… I feel like I'm… Like I'm worthless…" said Cyros with a low, dejected tone as she looked down in sorrow. "That's the only way I can describe it… I can't fly and without wings, there's no way I can fight without being able to fly…. What good am I if I can't fight and have to walk everywhere? I just feel like I can't do anything at all to be of use to anyone…" she muttered solemnly. She knew a lot of species never flew a day in their lives and got along fine… But its one thing to never have something at all, its another to have something you use every day of your life and then suddenly lose it forever.

The Earth Dragon shook his head. "You're not worthless, Cyros," he said, looking down at her with sympathetic eyes. "You're just handicapped, that doesn't make someone worthless. It just means you've got to find ways around it."

Cyros scoffed. "Yeah right… So what do I do?"

"Cyros, your mother talks about you a lot in my sessions with her," said the doctor, thinking back to his meetings with the three-headed dragon who was Cyros' mother. "As you know, it's a part of my job not to disclose most of the things I talk with those in my care about, but this is something she's given me permission to tell you should the need arise," he explained. "Your mother says ever since you were a young girl, you've been a very strong willed dragoness. You never give up and hate losing," he stated, looking down at her with caring eyes. "Would you say those are qualities you possess?"

Cyros gave it some thought and sighed miserably. "I guess…" she replied halfheartedly.

"Then Cyros," said the Earth Dragon, putting a paw on her shoulder. "Don't give up now. The Cyros Deadlock tells me about would never give up now… Your concerns are your inability to fly or fight," he said carefully. "The former, I'm not sure how to advise you, but on the latter, I do have advice; find a way to fight without wings. It's far from impossible, most other species do it without any problem. Start there, we have a training room for a reason."

Cyros listened, slowly looking up and giving a nod. "… I guess I can try… I don't see how it could make things worse…"

The therapist nodded. "Good… Now Cyros, I want you to answer me honestly… Are you mad at your mother for this?"

Cyros shook her head instantly. "No… No, not at all," she replied, her tone sturdy and clear. "I know she would never do this to me on purpose. It's myself I'm angry with."

"And why is that?"

Cyros sighed. "Because I know everything I did was my fault. Mom had everything she ever loved taken from her in one day and she went crazy because of that… I just let a misunderstanding twist and corrupt me for years… I know everyone has forgiven me, but I don't forgive myself… Not yet."

The old dragon nodded. "That's actually a perfectly natural and good reaction to have to doing the things you did, but Cyros, you have to realize we all make mistakes. The important thing is that you learn from them and don't make them again. It's bad to make a mistake, it's worse to realize you made one and make no attempt to learn from it."

Cyros gave it some thought and nodded slightly. "… I guess… Thanks doc…"

"You're welcome, Cyros," replied the wise old dragon. "Now, I'm sorry, but I've got another patient waiting to meet me, we'll have to pick up there at our next meeting, Cyros," he said with a kindly smile. "Make sure to do that training, doctor's orders."

Cyros nodded slowly. "Got it… Thanks, Doctor Galen," she said, giving him a small smile back. She truthfully did like him, he listened to her and was never judgmental of her despite everything she'd done… That felt good.

Cyros walked out of Doctor Galen's chamber to see a very majestic five tailed fox walking towards her. The fox was about her size, with white fur and blue eyes. "Delilah?" asked Cyros, blinking in confusion as the Kitsune began to walk past her into Galen's office.

"Oh, hey Cyros," said Delilah, giving a smile. "How are you doing?"

"Fine… I didn't know you were seeing Doctor Galen…" said Cyros, confusion clear in her face and voice. Despite all of Delilah's… Eccentricities, she hadn't thought of the Kitsune as one in need of therapy. Sure, some of the stuff she said sounded crazy, but as far as Cyros knew she wasn't nearly as nuts as she sounded at times.

"Oh, well this universe is one of the few ones where you can find a quality therapist who sees mythical creatures," explained Delilah, speaking rapidly, something she almost always did.

"Oh yeah, I forgot about the dimensional traveling…" replied Cyros, even more confused than before. She'd learned from her brother and the others how Delilah was apparently from another dimension and had pretty much been passing through this one when she'd met up with him. It was weird, but considering the stuff that happened normally that wasn't as strange as it may otherwise be. She also had a bit of respect for the Kitsune, as she'd been one of the first people to sincerely forgive her. "But why do you even need a therapist?"

"Oh, I want to see if anything can be done about my phobia of cupcakes," said Delilah simply, before hitting herself in the forehead at the confused look Cyros got in response. "Darn it, I keep forgetting you dragons don't know what those are. They're a snack common in most dimensions… There was an incident in another dimension. Just know it started with me being invited over for cupcakes by an alternate version of my best friend who turned out to be a serial killer," she explained, showing a frightened shiver as she spoke. "Trust me, you don't want to know what happened after that, just that I'm now deathly afraid of cupcakes."

Cyros blinked slightly at this explanation. "Ok then… Anyway, I'd best be going, I guess I'll see you later…" she said, a little freaked out by that explanation and the implications of it as she quickly headed off.

"Okay, see yah," replied the Kitsune, back to her cheerful self as she headed into the therapist's office.

Cyros thought over what Doctor Galen had told her as she walked into the egg chamber. She agreed, it was a good idea and even if it didn't work, she could lose anything because of it. "Still, I should get the Guardians' permission first before I use the training room," she stated, walking forwards, carefully around the eggs and several now hatched baby dragons who darted here and there, playing with one another. "They're in charge here, I don't want to risk getting in trouble," she said to herself. She'd only been here a little over a month, she'd met the Guardians and trusted them somewhat. It helped she'd already met two of them, namely Ember and Demi, who were her age and had been part of Spyro's party when they faced her mother. She liked them, particularly since Ember had been the second person after her brother to forgive her. The other two Guardians and the former Earth Guardian, now a Dragon Elder, were new to her, but quite kind. She still didn't totally trust them.

Cyros looked around carefully for a Guardian or Elder, but saw no one at present except a few parents with their hatchlings. "Now, where are they?" she asked, getting a little impatient looking... Before hearing a low scratching sound. "Huh?" she asked, looking next to her at a little yellow egg on a pedestal from which the sound originated. A small crack then formed on the side of it, spreading out across the vibrant yellow eggshell. A second later, a tiny, vibrant yellow dragon's head pushed its way through the shell, opening her blue eyes and staring right at Cyros. The little child gave a tiny smile and a cute squeak before continuing to break herself free. Cyros just stared wide-eyed as the child broke completely free of her shell, revealing a tiny electric dragoness with little dark blue horns that, while barely nubs at present, curled backwards slightly, a row of tiny dark blue, unformed spikes running the length of her back. No natural weapon had grown on her tail as of yet, and her wings were undeveloped, too tiny to permit flight at this age. The wings were dark blue in their frame with the same vibrant yellow color as her skin covering their membranes.

The child shakily got to her little feet for the first time in her entire life and looked up at Cyros with big blue eyes. She let out a happy cry and waved cheerfully. "Uh… Hi…" replied Cyros, staring at the infant in awkward confusion. Still, something about seeing a baby see the world around it for the first time… Cyros wasn't a romantic by any stretch, but she certainly knew how special it was to see a newborn draw its first breath… Still, another thought entered her mind just then. "I'd better get the Guardians…" she said, looking away from the baby. "Uh, hello! Volteer? Cyril? Ember? Demi? Someone come here please!" she called. "It's important!"

Soon Volteer hurried over from an adjoining room, the fully grown Electric Dragon coming to a stop next to her. "Yes, Cyros, what's wrong?" asked the Electric Guardian in a voice whose speed matched Delilah's.

"Uh, this egg hatched…" said Cyros, pointing to the child without looking. "And now it won't stop staring at me…" she said as she looked at the child, whose eyes had not left her since the baby had hatched. Cyros just stared back for a few moments before realizing this and finally blinking, at which point the newborn cheered happily at her "victory" in the impromptu staring contest.

"Oh my, so it has," replied Volteer, looking down at the infant. "I do believe it is female, the body structure is most definitely feminine in build and the facial structure as well," he reported, looking the little one over. "And a most energetic and healthy little female at that."

Cyros nodded, but a bit unnerved by the fact the child just wouldn't stop staring at her. When she looked at the baby, the child just waved and gave a cheerful cry as before. "Um… Shouldn't we get her parents or something?"

"Sadly, that is not possible," replied Volteer, a bit of sorrow in his voice. "If I'm not mistaken, this little one is an orphan."

"Orphan?" asked Cyros, her unnerved reaction now turning into concern.

Volteer nodded with a rather sad look. "Yes, her parents perished in Empress Tyrania's attack on the temple, and with everything else that's transpired in the intervening time, there has yet to be anyone to adopt her. Not to worry, though. Us Guardians will take care of her, it is our job after all."

Cyros nodded, somewhat relieved. As strange as she found the baby's habit of staring at her for extended periods of time (without blinking), she still felt sorry for her. Cyros didn't want to know what it was like to come into the world an orphan with no parents to love her, but was at least glad the Guardians would watch the child. "Alright…" she replied, somewhat hesitantly. "Anyway, I came to ask you if I could use the training chamber."

Volteer looked up from the infant to Cyros. "Oh, well of course, Cyros. But may I ask why?"

"Doctor's orders, my therapist suggested it," said Cyros, keeping the finer details to herself. She hated bringing up her lost wings at all to pretty much anyone other than her therapist or her family and close friends.

"Ah, I see. How is Doctor Galen doing with you? He's a fine therapist, something which came in quite handy following the war," said Volteer. "After the prolonged engagement with Malefor's forces, we certainly required aid of a great many dragons with his expertise in healing psychological injury us who took part in that infernal conflict endured as a consequence of it. You see an unfortunately large number of dragons suffered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, that is a mental illness stemming from-"

"Uh, yeah, it's going fine," interrupted Cyros quickly before Volteer could go on one of his renowned tangents. "I know I'd be much worse without his help," she continued, true gratitude in her voice. She was grateful to Dr. Galen for all his help in recovering, she'd probably be a depressed wreck without him.

Cyros gave a last look at the baby, who was still looking at her, but now jumping around a bit gleefully on the platform, as if she wanted to play. "… What's she going to be named?"

Volteer looked back at the baby and gave a small smile. "The parents mentioned that if it were a girl, they would've liked to call her Volt."

"Volt," repeated Cyros, smiling at the tiny child lightly. "That's a nice name… Anyway, I'll see you later," she said, hurrying out of the room.

Baby Volt let out a wine, her little face falling as she saw Cyros leave with sad eyes.

Cyros swung her ax tail around, cleaving a wooden dummy in half at the waist. She then launched a sphere of icy cold energy into the chest of one of the animated ones attempting to attack her, a blast of cold freezing it solid, allowing her to smash it with the broad side of her tail. She panted, spinning around and blasting another with a stream of ice shards, knocking it to the ground. However, she was quickly overtaken from behind and knocked to the ground by two more. She quickly spun to her feet and blasted them away with a surge of razor sharp ice shards. She saw another dummy coming up to attack her and tried to jump out of the way, but unused to not having her wings to assist a bit, didn't get enough height to evade and was struck in the ribs and knocked to the ground. She got back up and sliced the dummy's head off, but by then had been surrounded by five of them and was batted around by them for a few moments before she tried to swing her tail around to slice one in half, succeeding in doing so but having another grab her head and punch her in the gut, the other three striking her from all sides. "S-stop!" yelled Cyros, fear in her voice, causing the dummies to vanish in a burst of magic.

Cyros got back to her feet, catching her breath and regaining her composure, then summoning more dummies and trying the simulation again… Only for the exact same thing almost to happen again… And again… And again until she'd tried the same simulation almost 20 times with nearly the exact same result.

Finally, Cyros just panted heavily as she got to her feet after canceling the simulation, limping over to the wall nearby, hitting it with her paw in frustration. "I must've done this stupid simulation 18 times and it always ends with me getting my tail kicked!" she yelled, slashing the wall with her claws.

"…It's just like I thought… Without my wings I can't fight… And these are just stupid dummies! If this were a real fight, they'd have killed me!" she screamed, repeatedly slashing the wall in her anger and frustration, cutting deep gashes into it. "It should've been easy, but I can't even beat a bunch of stupid dummies! No matter how many times I try, I just can't do it!" she yelled in fury, slashing the wall over and over in anger… Before slowly beginning to cry as she did so. "I… I can't win…" she said, sadness and pain replacing her anger and rage. "Without my wings… I can't do anything… I can't fly, I can't fight… What am I supposed to do?" she asked, stopping her beating on the wall and just letting her tears flow as she let her pain and sorrow come out. "What can I do? I'm… I'm just worthless…" she asked in sorrow, sobbing pitifully… Until she heard a small, concerned cry come from nearby. "Huh?" she asked, turning her head to see little Volt staring right up at her with big, cute, but concerned eyes. Cyros let out a scream and fell backwards in surprise.

"V-Volt?" asked Cyros, staring down at the baby dragoness in wide-eyed shock. "When did you- How did you- The door was closed and- How did you even get in here?" she asked rapidly in complete confusion as to how the tiny dragoness had managed to get into the room and walk up to her without her knowing. The doors would only open if you blasted them with an elemental attack as a safety measure; how did a newborn manage to get past that? She then remembered she was crying and quickly rubbed the tears from her eyes. "How did you get in here?"

Volt just started jumping around energetically, then making silly faces, followed by rolling on the ground (and both sideways and frontward), and finally doing headstands with funny looks on her face. The little dragoness just kept this up until finally Cyros couldn't help herself, beginning to laugh quite hard at the little dragoness' antics. Volt responded by clapping her little paws gleefully and let out a cheerful little cry.

"Thanks, I really needed that…" admitted Cyros as she stopped laughing, glad to have the little child cheer her up, even if she had absolutely no idea how the baby had gotten into the room. She rubbed the newborn lightly on the head with a small smile. "You're a cute little scamp, you know that?" she asked, getting a cute giggle from Volt. "But Volteer is probably worried about you, we'd better get you back to the nursery… And maybe find out how she got" she said, a little sorry it had to be so. Even if she was a little unnerved by the fact a baby dragon had somehow snuck all the way to the training room unattended, she did appreciate the baby coming in and cheering her up. "Thanks though, that really did help…"

Cyros carried Volt back to the nursery and set her down in front of Volteer. "I have no idea how, but she just… Appeared in the training room with me."

Volteer looked perplexed. "In the training room? But the doors in the temple are supposed to be childproof, they require a burst of elemental discharge of some sort in order to activate and untrained children are incapable of managing anything of the sort," he stated in his characteristic rapid form of speech. "I don't think this has ever happened before…"

"I know," said Cyros, looking down at the baby with a confused look. Volt just bounced around her and Volteer's legs in her seemingly perpetually happy state. "Like I said, she just did it somehow. I didn't even know she was in the room until she was right beside me… Still, don't be mad at her. I kind of needed her to come cheer me up, I really appreciate it."

"Well, I'm certainly glad her visit was beneficial to you," said Volteer, looking down at the child. "And I'm sure it's just a malfunctioning door, sometimes the sensors to detect the elemental triggers can be temperamental and trigger at inopportune moments, a minor glitch that we can clear up without much difficulty. You see the sensors work by-" he said, looking up to find Cyros gone. He looked around, blinking in confusion. "My word, looks like you're not the only one who can disappear at a whim, Volt," he stated, looking down at the child, who once more had a sad, dejected look on her face as she watched Cyros leave.

Cyros slowly headed back towards her room, feeling in a bit higher spirits now after her encounter with Volt. The little dragoness had made her happy, even with her family back together, she hadn't been doing much laughing lately and had forgotten how good it felt. She was tired, and she still felt awful she'd failed so miserably at what she'd been trying to do. "It's not just that I can't fight anymore… It's that I can't do anything dragons are supposed to be able to do…" muttered Cyros sadly. "I can't fly, and that means I can't fight. Outside flat places or stairs, I can't get anywhere and it'll take me forever to get back to Serpent's Edge if I can't fly… I'm worthless without my wings," she muttered, before turning a corner and letting out a surprised yell. "Volt?" she asked, looking down to see the little dragoness somehow in front of her around the bend. "But… How did… You were clear back there…" she asked in total disbelief as she pointed back to the nursery.

Cyros sighed. "Forget it…" she stated before picking up the baby and walking back towards the nursery.

"And then she was just… There…" said Cyros, finishing her explanation to Volteer, Volt doing her comedy act again at their feet, balancing bits of eggshell on her nose in an adorable fashion. Cyros couldn't help laughing at this.

Volteer just stared at the baby in a completely dumbfounded manner. "But… That's… That's just not possible… There's not even a path she could've gone that way to get ahead of you by the time I noticed she was gone…" he stated, blinking in confusion. For once in his life he didn't have anything logical to say about a situation.

Cyros laughed more at this, unable to resist at the sight of smart, motor mouth Volteer left speechless by a baby dragon. "Anyway, is this normal?"

Volteer looked at her like she was crazy. "Normal? I'm fairly certain that defied the laws of physics. I can't even begin to surmise how a newborn hatchling, incapable of flight, could've gotten ahead of you from this particular room, it's just not-"

"No, I meant her following me around like a baby duckling," interrupted Cyros quickly.

Volteer got an embarrassed look on his face and cleared his throat. "Oh yes, that… Well it's not normal, so to speak, but certainly not impossible. You see baby dragons more often than not take time to imprint on those they spend frequent time with. This normally takes place over a number of days or weeks and forms a bond that, if unbroken by outside interference, would go on for a lifetime. But in some cases the newborn instead will imprint on the first thing they see and once imprinted will remain thus attached to the object which they saw as if it were in fact their parents. It's quite uncommon but hardly beyond the realm of possibility," the Electric Guardian explained in his normally rapid speech.

Cyros had to shake her head to get it to stop spinning. "Ok, let me see if I got this. Volt here saw me when she hatched so she thinks I'm her momma?" she asked, still having a headache from Volteer's rapid speech.

Volteer nodded. "That about sums it up… Though I have no idea how she's able to constantly get out of my sight and get into places that don't seem scientifically possible for her to get to in the time allotted. I've never seen anything like it with the except of Delilah, but she's capable of instantaneous intangibility and dimensional transportation. To my knowledge, no dragon is capable of such feats except the Chronicler, and even them I can't be certain."

Cyros nodded… Once more getting a headache. "Alright… I'm going to go lay down…" she said, walking off again to try and get some sleep.

Cyros groaned, laying down in her bedroom, which already had her guitar and various music books laid out around her. "I've got such a headache… Why can't Volteer just talk like a normal Dragon instead of like Delilah with a giant dictionary of big words?" she asked aloud, slightly annoyed and holding her throbbing head. "… Still, that little scamp did give me a good laugh… Its been a long time sense I've laughed that hard at anything worth laughing at…" she said, giving a small smile. "… Maybe I was too hard on myself… I'll give that simulation another shot tomorrow morning after goodnight's sleep," she muttered, curling up with her eyes closed… Only for her nose to bump against a tiny, scaly form. Cyros gave an annoyed sigh without even opening her eyes. "That's you, isn't it, Volt?" she asked in a tired, somewhat irritated tone. A gleeful little screech answered her and she opened her eyes to see the tiny electric dragoness staring back at her with great big eyes.

Cyros gave an irritated sigh. "I'm too tired to drag you back to the nursery just for you to somehow show up right under my nose…" she muttered. "Again, so tell me, are you going to keep doing this until I let you hang out with me?" she asked, getting a cute nod and a cheerful screech from the baby. "Fine, but we're going to go tell Volteer, I don't want motormouth worrying his head off," she stated, getting up and petting the infant's head softly. "I guess it might do me a bit of good to let you hang around, you sure know how to cheer me up, and with everything I've been through, I need all the cheering up I can get."

Volt responded by letting out loud screech of glee that made Cyros cover her ears, or where they'd be if Dragons had external ears. Volt then took to literally jumping for joy around Cyros with a series of cute, little, happy cries of joy that Cyros could swear sounded similar to "yes" being repeated over and over again. Cyros couldn't help laughing at this once her ears stopped ringing. "Alright," said Cyros once she stopped laughing. "You… Can… Stop… jumping… Now… Volt," she said, moving her head up and down, trying to keep the little dragoness in her sight as Volt leapt around her in unrestrained glee. She finally put her paw on Volt's head to hold her down and get her to stop… Only for the infant to start again the moment the paw was off her little head. Cyros chuckled at this but finally held Volt down with her paw again. And lowered her head into her line of sight so she could look her in the eyes. "Alright, you're happy, I get it," she said, chuckling a bit as she did. She then thought about what just happened and smirked. "And I think you just gave me an idea…" she said with a smile, taking her paw off Volt… Then watching the child resume her gleeful jumping and happy cries as if nothing had happened.

The next morning, after letting Volt stay with her overnight, Cyros stood in the training room, little Volt watching from nearby. She'd gotten Volteer's permission last night, though the old Electric Guardian had once more been left speechless by the newborn's apparent ability to bypass the laws of physics, which Cyros had once more got a good laugh out of.

"Alright, Volt, stay back and watch," advised Cyros, Volt hopping back to the wall instead of just walking. Cyros got in a more light-footed position and summoned the dummies to attack her. This time, she stayed light on her feet, jumping slightly left and right to keep her momentum up as she slashed through several of the dummies and then did a jump sideways, jumping again the moment she landed to get out of the way of a counter attack from several others. She then responded by blasting them with her ice breath and freezing it solid, then shattering it to bits with an ice shard instead of using her ax and leaving herself open. She saw another dummy sneaking up behind her and did a swift side step to avoid the attack, but tripped over herself and found herself once more being overwhelmed by the dummies and forced to end the simulation.

Before she could even think about slipping back into her depressed mindset, little Volt hopped up to her and nuzzled her… Then did a headstand with a silly face to make Cyros laugh. "Thanks, Volt," replied Cyros with a chuckle, petting the baby's head. "I've got this, don't worry…" she said, happy to have the little child there to keep her from slipping into depression again.

Cyros did the simulation again. Unlike the first time, she got significantly better with each attempt, and with Volt running over to cheer her up whenever she failed helping a great deal. Finally, she pinned the last one to the ground with a forwards leap and spat an ice shard through it's head.

Cyros panted, looking around her at the destroyed dummies. "I… I did it…" she said, amazed that she actually had succeeded… Then saw Volt burst into ecstatic cheers and clapping… At least she thought it was cheering, it was kind of hard to tell with a newborn dragoness who hadn't learned to talk yet.

"No… We did it…" said Cyros with a small smile, watching the baby dragon which had inspired this strategy cheer her success… It felt pretty good…

Well Cyros has made a new friend whose doing her a bit of good. And to fully understand Cyros' depression, remember, these are dragons. To us, walking everywhere is normal, to a dragon, you fly a lot of the time, so it's a major blow to lose it. Also, those who have read "A New Dawn" will probably remember how Cyros couldn't STAND losing, so naturally it'd be a major blow to her to be beaten 18 times in a row during that simulation. And just to point out, Cyros is telling the truth, my goal was to make her getting therapy a GOOD sign of her recovering. There's also a bit that won't appear until later that will further explain it.

I know, I didn't even mention the Raiders, but this was just mainly to set up Volt, who will play a major role, the REAL villains don't enter until later. Also, even though it wasn't mentioned, Cyros' tattoo that gave her fire power was pretty much burnt off by the attack she took at Deadlock's hands, just explaining that part.

Yes, Volt rendered Volteer speechless. I'll leave it up to you guys how she manages to do that, I have no intention of actually explaining it, it's funnier if she just does that and no one knows how. Can anyone guess what character shes' inspired by from another fandom? Anyway, see you next time!