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Alright, here we go:

Naya's POV

I find HeMo in the kitchen, sitting at the island. Her head is in her hands and her elbows are leaning on the island.

"Hey" I say softly. I put my left arm around her shoulders and my right hand on her right upper arm. "We didn't mean to hurt you. It was a joke; we all like Taylor" She takes her head out of her hands and I take a seat on the stool beside her, waiting for a response.

"Yeah well that's not how it feels. You guys always make jokes about him and you don't even stop to think that it hurts me. I just try to ignore It because you lot are my friends. I'm in love with him so, yeah, I like it when he's around."

Shit. She sounds so broken. "Sweetie, we never mean it; I promise. We actually all like him and it's awesome that you found love. But I know you better than this so what is this really all about?"


"Come on. I know you. Something's up. You can talk to me you know; we're besties; a two shot. I'll always be here for you"

"Well lately you haven't been. You've been with Dianna these past weeks. I thought we were best friends Naya. But now you're holding Dianna's hand everywhere and laughing at millions of your inside jokes. If it wasn't so hot today, I can guarantee she'd be sitting on you or you on her. You even kiss each other hello and goodbye. That's odd Naya. You have these long conversations about God knows what. This right here is the longest conversation we've had in weeks and it doesn't help when my boyfriend is in a goddamn fucking mood all the time because he didn't see me on tour. We hardly spoke because of different fucking time zones, flying around here there and everywhere and I was tired most of the time. And now you're talking about going on vacation and I really wanna go but he'll be even more pissed. I wanna bring him but you guys hate him. So to sum up my shitty mood; my boyfriend is pissed off at me because of my job. My only friends are friends from my job. I'm losing my best friend and I'm scared I'm gonna lose my boyfriend as well." She lets out a deep shaky breath at the end of her rant. I rub soothing circles into her back and place a kiss on her shoulder before I start to speak.

"Heather, you will never lose me. I will always be your best friend and you can always talk to me. Dianna and I just got closer the couple of weeks you were away with Taylor. Considering you only really just got back I don't think you're being fair to me. You should have just asked to speak to me if you were upset. I didn't even know how you were feeling because you hid it so well, you awesome actress, you." I nudge her shoulder playfully and she smiles and lets out a breathy laugh.

"Thanks Nay"

"Anytime bestie" I stand and hug Heather and I kiss her temple to comfort her, cuz I'm nice like that.

"You're my best friend"

"Yeah me too" We both giggle at the Brittana reference. "Oh and the thing with Dianna; they're just mouse kisses" I say sheepishly. I'll tell her when I'm ready.

"Hahah okay Nay"

We head back towards the patio doors "Are you sure you're okay about Di and I?"

"Yeah, absolutely"


"Guys I'm gonna head off. It's getting late, say bye to Nay for me?"

"Will do Kev" Jenna the helpful one as always

He hugs Jenna and Dianna goodbye and fist bumps Harry.

"I'm gonna head off too. You coming babe?" asks Harry

"Nah I should wait for HeMo so I can apologise…..and I can't abandon Di"

"Alright" Harry kisses Jenna goodbye, then hugs Dianna and follows Kevin out of the back gate. Jenna moves into the seat next to Dianna who leans back and closes her eyes beneath her sunglasses

Dianna's POV

HeMo stormed off into the house about 5 minutes ago and Naya followed her. I used to be a bit jealous of their friendship and closeness even though I had Lea but the weeks HeMo and Lea were away, Naya and I really connected and now I think HeMo is kinda jealous of me and Naya. It's weird to say that but I think it's true, even though she really isn't the jealous type. I love what Naya and I have but it's hard when my skin practically burns from the tingling she leaves after she's touched me. It can be my hands or my arms or my lap where she sat or my lips that she quickly kisses. I just wish I could kiss her for longer if I'm honest.

Jenna scooches onto the chair next to me.

"Hey, can I ask you something?"

"Mhm, go for it"

"What's going on between you and Naya?" My head snaps to the left side to face her so fast that I must have broken the damn thing. "You guys are like constantly flirting and it's hella obvious. Are you gay?"

"Wow Jenna, blunt much." I laugh and look away to calm the heat in my cheeks. As much as I hate to say it "nothing is going on between Naya and I Jenna, the flirting is innocent. We just got closer these past weeks and found we have a lot more in common than we thought. It's playful – I do it with everyone", I shrug.

"You don't do it with me" comes Jenna's speedy reply

"That's cuz you have a boyfriend Jenna. I don't think Harry would appreciate it very much"

"Oh yeah…that was dumb hahah. But, we're all dating people except Mark, Kevin, Amber and Naya."

"Well I'd only ever flirt like this with the girls. Amber isn't the flirty type so... yeah" I'm so bad at this lying thing. Jenna's quiet but I can practically hear the Asian clogs turning in her head.

"Sooooo there's deffo nothing going on between you and Naya?"

"Nope. Nothing. Nada." Drop itttttt!

"Okay but you never answered my other question." Oh fuck my life

"Which was what?"

"Are you gay?"

"What! NO! Don't be silly" So subtle Dianna, well done. She isn't saying anything. Oh don't look at me like that, put your eyebrow down! Ugh, fine "Maybe, I dunno", I sigh

"Di, it's cool if you are. None of us would care. We're Glee remember; 'the gayest show on television'" I laugh at her air quote fingers because they always look stupid. "Look, if you need to talk about it, I'm here." Jenna places her hand over mine and gives a reassuring squeeze which I return and thank her. I can still hear her head.

"Just say it J!"

"Absolutely nothing is going on? My life is so dry, I need gossip!"

"Hahah! J, nothing is going on, I told you we're just messing around" I cannot believe this girl :')

HeMo and Naya re-enter the garden. We may have been talking a little too loud and I start to wonder how much Naya heard

"Who is just messi-"

"No one!" Great D. Just great. Not suspicious at all. I look to Jenna for support but she looks like she's going to burst. Her eyes are wide, eyebrows raised and her lips are pulled between her teeth to stop a laugh from escaping. I give her a do-not-laugh-Jenna-or-so-help-me-God glare and she seems to calm down.

"Okay guys I'm gonna go, it's getting late." Bitch don't leave! Great, she's hugging us goodbye. Ass.

"Oh and HeMo, I'm really sorry about the Taylor thing. It won't happen again, promise"

"It's fine Jen. I shouldn't have snapped"

"It's cool. Bye guys"

Jenna leaves through the back gate leaving Dianna with HeMo and Naya. They all lean back in their chairs and once again, Dianna closes her eyes. It's started to cool down now.

Dianna startles when she feels a weight on her legs and yanks her sunglasses off her nose which is when she sees Naya's Cheshire grin beaming at her. She could kiss her there and then.

"Hey!" Naya beams

"Hey you" Just then Dianna receives a text

Jenna: I knew it! You like Naya!

Dianna: Shut up! Omg ur unbelievable x

The three sit in a comfortable silence just taking in the Summer air with Naya sitting between Dianna's legs; her back leaning against Dianna's front. Heather glances over at them and she feels that jealousy again.

Jenna: She likes you too you know. So obvious. She's as gay as a unicorn with two rainbow coloured horns and about as subtle as a fog horn. Go get her! Xx

Dianna: :$ Thanks Jen xx

"Who are you texting?" Naya asks, turning her body to face Dianna

Dianna presses the red button on her phone repeatedly and quickly "No one"

"She wasn't texting Nay. She was SEXting"

"HeMo I wasn't sexting!"

"Excuse me Di, why weren't you sexting me?" Naya asks with a pout.

Dianna's POV

Why is she so hot? Her eyes are so gorgeous. Mmh and those LIPS; I bet they taste as good as they look. That wrinkle in her brow when she's confused is so cute…wait…..why is she confused right now? Oh shit, I'm staring. What was the question?

"Huh? What?"

"She asked, why aren't you sexting her!" What the hell HeMo?

"Oh, erm, just Jenna" What the hell is HeMo's problem?

"Oh" came Naya's simple reply

What was that? Is…is Naya…jealous? That was definitely a flash of jealousy and I would know what jealousy looks like!

"I'm gonna head off guys." Great, she's leaving me with Naya. Actually, I kinda want her to leave. She's being a bit of a bitch right now and I want Naya to myself if I'm honest.


"I gotta meet Taylor for…something"

"Ohhhhh 'something' huh? Mhm okay, whatever you say HeMo" Naya wiggles her eyebrows playfully and I laugh. She's just too adorable

"The fuck are you laughing at Dianna?" I abruptly stop laughing and stare at her in shock. What the hell is going on with her? I haven't done anything to her so why the hell is she being like this?

"Whoa, HeMo calm down! It was just a joke, right Di?"

"Yeah, exactly"

"Well it always is!" HeMo shouts before storming off to leave through the same gate as everyone else

"What the hell was that about?"

"She's really upset about Taylor right now. I wouldn't read too much into it. She'll be fine"

Naya leans back into me and puts her left arm behind her to play with my hair. I love this feeling so I just relax into her hand. It's starting to get cold though and I shiver. It must be getting late

"Time is it?" I murmur. I'm just too relaxed to speak properly

"About 5"

"I should go"

"What? Why?" Because I might jump your bones if I stay! I love how she wants me to be here. I'm in so much trouble with these feelings!

"Because. And besides," I have to lift my leg over Naya so I push her back forward because my legs don't stretch that far upwards, "haven't you had enough of me already?"

"No." Naya huffs, crosses her arms over her chest and pouts. "Now I'm cold"

"Go inside then" That bottom lip is so tempting. SHE is tempting. Damn Dianna! Since when did we get so hot for Naya. Pull it together!

Dianna steps closer to Naya and uses her baby voice "Pouty? Pouuuuuuuuuty? Pweaaaaaaaase talk to me" Naya turns her head to the right to avoid eye contact with her so Dianna returns to her normal voice. "Fine then" She starts walking towards the back gate.

"I heard you!"

"And I'm still leaving!" She exits through the back gate .

Naya's POV

Great. Home alone. I should've just asked her to stay the night! Actually…I probably wouldn't be able to control myself. What the fuck do I do now?

She gets up to search for holiday destinations

Later (and after a long, pointless search)

To: Bee; HeMo; Di; Lea; Amber; Jenna; Mark; Cory; Chris; Harry; Chord

From: Naya: Pack your bags! Heading to Puerto Rico and staying in my family's house over there. Dw, no one over there except us so you all better come! Love Naya xx

To: Naya

From: HeMo: Can Taylor come?

To: HeMo

From: Naya: Sure

After receiving responses from everyone Naya types out another group message

To: HeMo; Dianna; Cory; Amber; Chris; Chord; Lea; Jenna

From: Naya: There's 10 of us coming including Taylor so we'll have to double up on rooms but we'll sort it when we get there. Love Naya xx

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