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"God places the heaviest burden on those who can carry its weight." - Reggie White

Neon Genesis Evangelion/Green Lantern

Emerald Genesis

Chapter 1: Angel Attack / Shinji Jordan

Tokyo-3 2015 A.D.

It was only October but no one would have guessed it with the sweltering heat and the chirping of the Cicadas. But then again no one would have suspected the thing that was coming towards them to wreak havoc upon a city. Shinji Jordan certainly didn't expect it when he was at a pay phone trying to call Misato Katsuragi.

"We're sorry but due to the state of emergency no outside line is available. This is a recording." The robotic yet friendly voice of the recording had said.

Shinji pulled it away from his ear and looked at it.

"So much for that." He said as he hung up the phone and then asked aloud in an annoyed grunt. "Where is she?"

Shinji was a boy of fifteen years who wore a pair of blue jeans, a T-shirt that read Ferris-Jordan Aircraft and a leather jacket over the shirt. Despite his "Yankee fashion sense" he did look very Japanese with his tan skin and his brown hair. Although one feature that did give him a very distinct feature was his very deep blue eyes. A very rare feature from what most people had told him back home.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a photograph that came with the letter that he had received that asked him to come back to Japan and to Tokyo-3. The photograph was of a purple-haired woman in her 20s in cut-off shorts and a tan tank top that read Shinji, I'll come to pick you up. So wait for me. There was also an arrow drawn from the additional phrase of Look at these to the open curvature of her breasts. Shinji smiled at it when he thought back to his father looking over his shoulder.

"What a babe, huh?" Hal Jordan had commented.

"I'll say."

"If you get anywhere with her be sure to get it on camera."

"Dad! That's illegal. Even in Japan."

"Actually, it is perfectly legal. The age of Japanese consent is 13, kiddo."

"Hal!" Carol Ferris called out while Hal developed a very frightened look.

Still, Shinji was annoyed that Misato Katsuragi didn't meet him at the train station. Then he started to wonder why it was that he was even asked to come back to Japan. Especially since the city was as deserted as a graveyard in the middle of the night. In fact, if Shinji listened closely he could hear the faint echo of an empty soda can from three blocks away.

That was when that same announcement came over the speakers of the city:


"I'll do that." Shinji said as if the voice over the speakers could respond.

His eyes momentarily moved to one of the empty streets and for just a flash he thought he saw a young girl with blue hair dressed in a school uniform. But he wasn't sure for a flock of birds took off from their perch on the telephone pole and that was when things took a very bad turn.

Out of nowhere a great blast of wind shot past Shinji. It cased the steel shutters on the closed shops began to shutter and rattle as if someone on the other side of them were banging against them like war drums. The cables overhead thrashed so wildly that they were whistling in the breeze. The wind was soon followed by a loud boom that made him react with instinct by plugging his fingers into his ears to block out the noise.

It was soon followed by the drone of airplane turbines Shinji looked and saw several U.N. military aircraft floating slowly backward between two hills. Over the drone of their engines was a sound that was like thunder but underneath it was the crunching of tree branches. The thunder came in one loud thump after the other and it made Shinji realize they were footsteps. And he was right for from between the two hills there was a giant monster.

Even though its body was like a human its true form was nothing like it for its arms and legs were skinny. It was also without a head in the ordinary sense of the word. Instead, the "head" of the thing was a skull that sat in the middle of its chest above a great red orb. While a set of bony ribs protruded and wrapped around it.

Above his head there was another sound, a great twin woosh, and Shinji saw twin missiles flying and hitting the monstrous giant but despite the explosions, nothing happened to it. It simply stood there as if the missiles weren't even fired in the first place.

Far beneath the feet of the monster and Shinji Ikari, men were watching the battle unfold on screens. Three of them were generals that witnessed their own military fight the monster without any effect.

"Unidentified intruder is still coming towards us." One of the operators had reported. "The Air Defense Force doesn't have enough firepower to stop it."

"Hit it with everything we got! Don't hold anything back! Destroy that thing at any cost!" The general ordered.

And behind the three generals were two men. One with gray hair and a burgundy coat that stood behind a man wearing amber tinted glasses and a chinstrap beard. The man in the glasses sat with his face set against his propped up and his laced fingers with a stoic almost indifferent expression.

"It's been fifteen years." The man with gray hair observed.

"Yes. This time we know it for sure. The Angels are back."

Back on the surface, Shinji could only stand and watch the battle unfold. But battle would be too loose and generous of a term. It was a slaughter. The Angel withstood the barrage of firepower and brought up its hand and out from it came a long spear that had a purple glow to it. The spear skewered one of the nearby planes and sent it crashing down to where Shinji was standing.

Acting quickly, he dashed away from it, but he couldn't have prepared for what happened next. He watched as the angel floated upward and came down again with its feet crashing upon the downed plane. As it was about to explode from the flammable materials that were stored with in it Shinji threw up his hands to cover his face. When he felt nothing he looked out from behind his arms and saw a blue car sitting there. The door opened and there was Misato Katsuragi.

"Sorry." She apologized. "Get in. Am I real late?"

"Just a bit!" Shinji half-laughed and half-shouted.

He quickly got in the car and Misato threw the car into gear as more missiles were being fired at the angel that stood above them. Great dents had popped inward upon them as debris fell down like chunky rain.

Misato slammed her foot on the gas pedal and threw the car out and away from the danger zone.

Back in the command room of NERV, the generals watched as one of their planes had fired one of their largest missiles at the creature. But the Angel had caught it in mid-air and slashed its great three fingers through as easily as a fork through a cake slice. After it had exploded and the smoke had cleared it was seen, to the generals' dismay, that the Angel was still standing.

One of them slammed his fist, "It's not possible! That was a direct hit!"

"The tank battalion has been wiped out. Heavy Artillery and armored weapons seem to have no effect."

"Damnit! We're hitting it with everything we have and we're not making a dent!"

Behind the generals, the man with gray hair made the observation. "Looks like an AT field."

"Yes." The man in tinted glasses agreed. "Conventional weapons have no effect on it."

Next to one of the generals a red phone rang. He answered it.

"Yes, sir. I understand." He said. "We'll exercise back-up plan immediately."

Misato's car sat on a hill far away from where the U.N. Military was engaging the Angel. She watched the battle through a pair of binoculars. It was a good thing that she was looking elsewhere otherwise she wouldn't have noticed that Shinji was getting quite an eyeful of her body that was leaned over his lap and out the car window.

The plans in the distance hovered around the Angel's head as if they were flies around someone who reeked. But then they scattered.

"Wait a minute…" Misato trailed off but then gasped. "No! They're going to use an N2 Mine! Get down!"

She threw her body down on Shinji's as there was a massive explosion. First it was a great flash of light followed by an ear-splitting boom coupled with a shockwave that threw up clouds upon clouds of dust and shook the tiny car and turned it over as if it were a small toy in a child's playroom.

The car ended up upon one side while Shinji and Misato rearranged themselves to survey the damage and all they saw was the sky made black and orange as if they were watching sunset in the middle of the day. And in the center of it was a brown mushroom cloud.

As the skies cleared of its vile black and orange hue, Shinji and Misato got out of the car.

"Are you all right?" Misato asked.

Shinji spat out dirt that had flown into his mouth during the initial shockwave.

He stood up and stretched his back. "This is turning out to be one hell of a day, isn't it?"

"You can say that again." Misato agreed. "Now let's get the car back on its feet."

Shinji set himself into position with his back against the roof of the car with Misato doing likewise.

"Now push!" She ordered.

And Shinji did so with all his might and the car tumbled over and back onto all four tires.

Misato clapped off the dirt from her hands. "Thanks Shinji. You're pretty useful."

"And you're pretty late, Miss Katsuragi."

"Hey, we're alive aren't we? And 'Misato' is fine. So, Shinji Ikari we meet at last."

"Yeah. That we do." He smiled but he resented being called Ikari.

Back in the command room of NERV, the generals only looked at screens with static. It was explained that when the shockwave had hit them it had taken out all surveillance systems of the target. So they had to wait for the systems to come back online to assess the situation. But the generals were not the most patient of people.

"What's the status of the target?" One of the generals asked.

"It must be dead. It was a direct hit." Another general commented.

"External sensors restored." One of the operators reported.

Upon one of the screens they could see the layout of the crater but then there was a spike in the center.

"Energy reading from the epicenter!" One of the operators cried out.

"It can't be!" The general cried out.

"External cameras online." Another operator reported and there everyone saw with their own eyes the silhouette of the Angel standing in the inferno that the N-2 Mine had left behind.

"That was our last resort." The general admitted. "And it still had no effect. It's not an angel. It's a demon."

On a deserted highway, Misato was driving and talking on her phone at the same time. Something that Shinji had eyed and immediately disapproved of. It was bad enough that back home in the States he saw people doing that and they usually ended up in accidents but to come to Japan and see the same thing really burned him.

"Yes. Don't worry his safety is my top priority. Look can you get a car-train ready for us? Express, of course." Misato stated into the phone and said after a pause. "Well I did volunteer to pick him up so it's only my duty to make sure he gets there. See ya."

Another thing that Shinji had immediate disapproval of was what Misato had picked up and put into the back of her car. He eyed them and then eyed Misato who seemed to develop a rather comedic look of worry.

"Misato?" He asked.

"What's that?" Misato asked.

"The batteries. Isn't this theft?"

Misato looked over her shoulder at the batteries that she had jerry-rigged together in order to get the car working again.

"Um, don't worry about it." She said sounding like a very bad liar in her excuse. "It's an emergency. We needed a working car, right? I am a government official after all so everything will work out okay. Okay? Okay."

"Who are you trying to convince? Me or you?"

"You're no fun." Misato pouted. "You know you're not as cute as I thought you'd be. You're just a boy after all."

"And you're not as mature as I thought you'd be. On second thought maybe you are given the sagging."

Misato immediately looked down at her chest and then back at Shinji with daggers. "SAGGING!" She yelled.

"In every possible sense of the word," Shinji smirked, "gotcha."

Misato calmed down from her outburst to keep her eyes on the road but then glanced over at Shinji.

"You know, you're not exactly as I had expected." She observed.

"How'd you mean?"

"I thought you'd be like your father, Commander Gendo Ikari: Gruff and unfriendly."

"No, I'm nothing like him. And by the way, you called me Shinji Ikari. Please don't call me by that name."

"But you're his son aren't you?"

"Gendo Ikari may be the sperm donor but he is not my father." Shinji said with stern conviction. "My father is Hal Jordan and my mother is Carol Ferris. They're my family."

At first Misato was aghast by the words that came out of the fourteen-year-old boys' mouth but then smiled and saw that he was the kind of kid who wasn't going to take shit from anyone.

The generals looked closely at the monitors that were centered on the Angel and saw that its skin was melting and the skull in its chest was cracked but at the center of it a new one was growing in its place like a brand new fingernail.

"As we suspected, it's regenerating." One of the generals observed.

"And it's also getting smarter." The man in the tinted glasses remarked to himself before he stood up and faced the generals.

"The situation is being entrusted to you. Do not betray our trust."

"Yes, sir."

"Ikari, given how our weapons have no effect on them that's why we're giving you a chance. Are you sure you can beat them?"

Gendo Ikari smugly pushed his tinted glasses up his nose with one hand. "That is why NERV exists."

"I pray you're right." The general stated as he and the others exited the command room.

"The U.N. Forces are exhausted." The man with gray hair stated. "What're you going to do?"

"Activate Unit One."

"Activate it? But we have no pilot."

"Not anymore. Our spare is being delivered to us."

Misato's car had pulled into a long tunnel and at the end of it there was a great steel door with a logo of half a fig leaf, the letters N-E-R-V stacked against it at an angle, and a phrase in a half-circle like a halo that read, "God's in his heaven and all's right with the world."

The great steel door opened and Misato pulled the car in onto a platform that took the car at a downward angle.

"NERV." Shinji repeated the word on the door. "So this is where Ikari works."

"Yeah, don't you know what your fa-, I mean, Ikari does?"

"I only heard rumors. People saying that it was for the future of mankind or something like that."

"That reminds me, did he send you an ID card?"

"Yes, he did." Shinji went to his bag and pulled out a blacked out letter that only had the words Come and Gendo Ikari written on it. Clipped to it was a small blank plastic card that had black magnetic strip running across the back. After handing it to Misato she pulled out a thin book that read, "Welcome to NERV" on its cover with a strap wrapped around it that read "For your eyes only".

"So, Ikari wants me to work for him, doesn't he?" Shinji asked.

Misato didn't say anything.

"I thought so. The man really is a user."

"You really don't get along well with your father, huh?"

"I told you before." Shinji said sternly. "Gendo Ikari is not my father."

"Okay-okay!" Misato said throwing up her hands defensively telling Shinji to back off. "I was just going to say that you sound like me."

Shinji's mind was already flashing back to the time when he was a young boy standing at a train platform crying his eyes out in a torn neck t-shirt and his bag at his feet.

Yet out of that miserable memory a very happy one came to mind – the day that he met Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris. Their home in America was so warm and inviting like a roaring fire in a house while a cold blizzard was going on outside. They took him in, treated him well, helped and encouraged him to grow out of the despair of his tragedy. They taught him English and he in-turn taught them Japanese. Hal taught him how to be a man and stand up for himself. Carol taught him how to be kind to those who deserved it. Life was good. It was filled with happy memories of birthdays, Christmases, school friends, and first love.

But Shinji still had his last name of Ikari. It was a constant reminder of who his father was. That was when one day that Shinji loved in particular. He must have been nine-years-old that day when he came up to Hal at the breakfast table.

"Hal?" Shinji asked the aging test pilot.

"Yes, Shinji?" Hal asked setting down his newspaper.

"Can I call you 'dad'?"

Hal smiled as he hugged him. "You bet, kid. Welcome to the family."

And from that day on, Shinji Ikari had died and Shinji Jordan was born.

The train had led down into a GeoFront, a grand cavern that must have been bigger than the Grand Canyon itself. The sheer size of the place is what impressed Shinji at first but after being lost in the vastness of it he was frustrated by it.

"Well they built all of it for a reason." Misato told him as they were trying to find their way through it.

Shinji reached into his pocket and pulled out his music player, slipped on his ear buds, and listened to the songs on his playlist while he read the manual that Misato had given him. Sure a manual was dry reading but then again since there was nothing else to do but be lost in the GeoFront with Misato Katsuragi he couldn't exactly be a beggar for entertainment.

Eventually they found themselves in an elevator that stopped and opened its doors to a tall blonde woman who had green eyes and a mole near her left eye.

"Hi Ritsuko." Misato said nervously.

"Why are you wasting our time?" Ritsuko stated, "Don't you know that we're short on time and manpower."

"Sorry." Misato bowed.

"Is this the boy?" Ritsuko asked about Shinji who looked up closing the book and taking out his ear buds.

"Yes." Misato answered. "According to the Marduk Report he's the 'Third Child'."

"Pleased to meet you."

"Likewise." Shinji responded.

With Ritsuko leading the way to an escalator they overheard an announcement.


"So how's Unit 1 coming along?"

"It's currently undergoing refrigeration using the B-type equipment."

"Does it work? It's never worked before."

"The possibility of activation is 0.000000001%. Thus the reason why around here we call it the oh-nine system."

"So does that mean it doesn't work?"

"Don't be insulting. It's just a number."

"I suppose it's a bit late to say 'sorry, it doesn't work.'"

If Shinji hadn't been preoccupied by looking at the manual he would have seen a great purple hand submerged in pink fluid next to him.

The place was bizarre to say the least, in Shinji's opinion, first they go underground, then through a maze of steel corridors, up an escalator, across a small indoor lake of pink fluid in a rubber raft, and finally into a pitch black room.

"Okay!" Shinji called out. "Turn on the goddamn lights!"

"No need to be like that, Shinji." Ritsuko's voice said as the lights came on and Shinji was face to face (literally) with a giant robot submerged in the pink liquid up to its neck. The thing looked monstrous with its metallic purple skin and singular horn sticking straight out as if it were a demon. A groove ran up, across, and down over its face like a smile for square teeth. Then there were the eyes. Even though the machine seemed to be off the eyes seemed almost alive with their whiteness inside black hollows.

"What is this?" Shinji asked.

"This is mankind's ultimate defense system." Ritsuko explained. "The synthetic life form known as Evangelion Unit 01. Built here in secret. It is mankind's last hope."

"So this is Gendo Ikari's work?" Shinji asked.

"Correct." A voice called out from above.

Shinji looked up and saw a tall man with a chinstrap beard, amber tinted glasses, and a cold icy stare behind its lenses.

"It's been a while."

"Not long enough, I'm afraid." Shinji answered back.

"We're moving out." Gendo said.

"Moving out? But Unit Zero is still in cryo-stasis." Misato protested before looking at the robot before her and responded. "You're going to use Unit One?"

"Yes." Ritsuko answered.

"Wait, but Rei can't do it can she? We don't have a pilot."

"We do now."

"You're serious."

"Shinji Ikari." Ritsuko stated. "You will pilot it."

"But Shinji just got here. It took Rei seven months to synchronize with her Eva."

"He won't do much. He'll just sit in the pilots' seat."

Misato tried to utter another protest.

"Listen," Ritsuko intervened, "defeating that Angel is our top priority. If we have someone who has a chance then we've got to risk it. You do understand that don't you Captain Katsuragi?"

"Yes." Misato conceded.

"You know, it's really not polite to talk about someone in the third person when that third person is in the room." Shinji brought up.

Both Misato and Ritsuko looked at him in confusion as he stepped closer to the Eva. He reached out his hand and touched the cold metal of its face.

"So this is why you sent for me?" Shinji asked Gendo.


"So you want me to take this robot and go out there and fight?"


"You know, you could have just called me and saved the airfare."

"If you're going to do it then do it now. If not then leave."

"Blow it out your ass, old man!" Shinji cried out. "I'll pilot it and fight. Do you know why? Because I'm Shinji Jordan! And I will not run! Especially not from a cowardly old man like you!"

"Show respect to Commander Ikari!" Ritsuko ordered.

"You stay out of this!" Shinji snarled as he pointed at the blonde woman. "Don't think for a moment that I won't fight you as well. And I won't need a purple robot to do it."

Once again, Misato was aghast at what she was hearing from this young boy but she also smiled seeing how he wasn't going to take shit from Ritsuko either even though Misato did a lot of the time.

Ritsuko and Misato had led Shinji to a device that was called "The Entry Plug". As the name had implied it was a long cylindrical tube that opened up to show a pilots seat in the center of it.

"You'll need these." Ritsuko said as she clipped on a pair of nodes into his hair. One on the left side of his head and another on the right. "They're the interface headset. It'll allow you to sync with the Eva."

"Before I go." Shinji began. "Misato I need you to hold onto something for me."

"What is it?" Misato asked.

Shinji reached into the breast pocket of his shirt where he pulled out his music player. On its back upon the mirror-like surface was an inscription above the company logo.


After looking at the inscription he wrapped his ear buds around the device and handed it to Misato.

"Keep it safe for me when I get back."

"Sure." Misato said sounding puzzled as she looked at the device. "Just don't get killed out there."

"If I do I guess it'll be too late to say 'sorry'." Shinji smirked.

He climbed into the Entry Plug. The thing closed in on itself but thankfully a set of lights came on. He could feel the thing moving about like it was a car on a track for a roller coaster. The interior walls were at first white and blank but then they began to illuminate like a television set, first with black and white static, then with colors, and at last he could see the place that he was standing only a few minutes ago. The bridge that sat across the Eva's face.

"Very cool." He remarked to himself. Then a strange liquid filled the capsule. At first, on instinct he tried to hold his breath

Then he heard a voice in his ears despite the liquid.

"Don't worry, once your lungs fill with LCL your blood will be oxygenated directly. Just breathe it in."

Shinji did and fought back the impulse to throw up with how salty and metallic the stuff tasted like. He thought to himself that if he got back from this he would have to make a note to those people to make this LCL stuff taste better.

He heard more babble of people reporting various things such as one bridge being removed or restraints that are off. That was when Shinji realized why the place was so goddamn big – they needed it for this big son of a bitch of a robot.

There was a sudden lurch backwards and at the very bottom of the screens he saw the Eva was slowly moving backwards. Unfortunately there was no rear-view camera inside the Entry Plug so Shinji couldn't see where they were going.

Finally it stopped but then Misato's voice cried out: "EVA LAUNCH!"

Shinji felt like he was being pressed down into the pilot's seat. It was similar to a vertical rollercoaster ride that his dad once took him to. Shinji remembered that he needed a moment for the blood to come back into his brain but when it did he wanted to go on it again. Unfortunately there was no thrill on this ride for when he finally stopped he looked at the forward screen to see the Angel standing in front of him like a playground bully ready to take on anyone.

Shinji then looked down at the middle finger of his right hand. There he wore a green ring that no one took any notice of except him. It was one of the final parting gifts that his father, Hal Jordan, had given to him before he left for Japan.

"You'll know how to use it when the time comes, kid." Hal had said giving Shinji a pat on the head before he got on the plane.

Looking at the ring and then back at the enemy, Shinji said one final thing to himself.

"Time to kick some ass."

Next time:

Carol Farris' voice: Next time, The Eva is victorious but by a very mysterious set of circumstances that are inexplicable by NERV or by Shinji who knows far more than what he is telling Gendo, Ritsuko, or Misato. Suspicious, NERV asks Misato to take Shinji in to keep an eye on his activities and find clues to the mysterious way the Eva defeated the Angel. And more fanservice!

Misato: Hey! That's my job!

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