Neon Genesis Evangelion and Green Lantern

Emerald Genesis

A Fan Fiction


Dusty Vaughn (ClassicCowboy)


Jon Rodriguez (TattooAlchemist)

"With friends like this who needs enemies?"

- Unknown

Chapter 7: Moving in, Close Calls and Dancing

Shinji was walking to school with Toji and Kensuke.

"Man, did you hear all the talk going around?" Kensuke asked. "All everyone is talking about is Asuka. Asuka. Asuka. Asuka."

"Yeah, but it is generating great revenue for all those pictures you two are taking of her" Shinji observed.

"But they're totally clueless" Toji said, "At least her pictures don't reflect their personality."

"That reminds me," Kensuke beamed, "Toji, we need to get to school quick. We got a lot of customers waiting."

"Right," Toji said sounding a little listless, "See you there, Shinji."

"See you." Shinji waved while the two of them dashed on ahead.

No sooner were they gone that a voice cooed to Shinji that was both lovely and dreadful.

"Halllooooo" The voice called out.

Shinji turned and saw Asuka coming towards him. She was dressed in the blue and white school uniform and her back slung over her shoulder in a very tough-guy sort of pose.

"Guten Morgen, Shinji" she greeted.

"Guten morgen, Asuka," Shinji greeted back, "dich zu sehen."

"Not bad, Third Child" Asuka complemented.

"Yeah, the internet is such a fine thing."

"And you should appreciate your good fortune for talking to the most popular girl in school." Asuka said this when she came up to Shinji and sharply flicked his forehead with her middle finger.

"I'll appreciate my good fortune when I win the lottery," Shinji grunted while he rubbed his forehead.

Asuka ignored Shinji's quip and immediately changed the subject, "Hey, the other one is here isn't she?"

"Other one?" Shinji asked.

"What are you? Stupid? I'm talking about the First Child, of course."

"Ah, Ayanami," Shinji nodded, "she's over there."

He motioned to a bench where the blue haired girl named Rei Ayanami was sitting alone reading a book. Asuka went over to the bench and stood up on a low brick wall. Her shadow blocking Rei's reading sunlight. She moved herself down the length of the bench to get back into the sunlight and continue to read but Asuka stepped off the low brick wall and stood on the bench overshadowing Rei.

"Hello," She smirked in her normal arrogant sort of way, "you must be the pilot of the prototype, huh?"

Rei said nothing.

"I'm Asuka. Asuka Langley Sohryu. Let's be good friends."

"What for?" Rei asked as flatly as a robot.

"Because it would be convenient, don't you think?"

"If I'm ordered to do it then I will."

This response caught Asuka so off-guard that her eyebrows raised and she whispered to herself, "Weirdo."

"Takes one to know one" Shinji remarked passing the two of them before his cell phone rang.

He picked it up and heard Misato's voice.

"Shinji," Misato ordered, "Bring Asuka and Rei to headquarters at once. An angel has been sighted off the Ki'I Peninsula."

"Got it" Shinji said hanging up his phone and reported to Asuka and Rei, "That was Misato. We got an angel coming in."

"Wunderva!" Asuka grinned, "Time for my first battle in Japan."

Shinji only rolled his eyes.

The Eva's were dispatched from their launch bays and taken into the air by specially designed carriers that would drop them in on the target like paratroopers. Only Eva's Unit One and Unit Two were taken. Unit Zero was to stay behind as back-up. While the two of them were in the cockpits of their Eva's on their way to the intercept point Misato was giving their briefing.

"The recent Angel battle has severely damaged our Angel Intercept System," Misato explained, "Only twenty-six percent of our defense capability has been restored. In addition, our operational capability for actual combat is virtually nil. Therefore, we're going to have to intercept the target at the water's edge right before it makes land. Unit's one and two will mount a coordinated attack in a series of waves. In other words, close in and take turns."

"Got it," Shinji acknowledged.

"This sucks," Asuka moaned, "my first fight over Japan and she won't let me handle it solo."

"Oh, would you get the sand out of your panties and concentrate?" Shinji barked.

"What'd you say, Third Child?"

"Look, this isn't a field of honor, it's a war," Shinji explained, "It's not about winning medals. It's about winning battles."

"Well, let me tell you something, Third Child. Just don't get in my way." Asuka huffed, "Really, your selection as a pilot must have been a joke."

"Funny, I was thinking the same thing about you" Shinji quipped.

"I'm so gonna kick your ass when this fight is over."

"Save that energy for this fight."

With that the Eva's were dropped down at the intercept point. They fell to the ground like heavy children's toys but they didn't break upon impact. Instead the two of them landed feet first crouching down into the sand with a small cloud rising at their feet. At the same time large utility trucks backed up and gave the Eva's their weapons.

Looking out to the water they saw a great breech of water like a whale bursting to the surface. Instead, they saw the Angel. The thing was shaped like a man's body as if it was crafted by a child: no head only a curvature of the shoulders and arms in a downward arc. And two very short legs. In the center of what would be called the "chest" there was a bony circle that was divided like a yin and yang symbol: two holes with an s-shaped crack dividing them.

"Watch and learn, Third Child," Asuka declared as she had her Eva take its bladed spear and charge directly for the target. "Cover me!"

"Dumbass rookie" Shinji grunted.

Eva Unit Two leapt high into the air like a character out of a Chinese martial arts film, it swung its spear high over its head and brought it cleanly down upon the angel splitting it in half like chicken breasts.

"No way was it that easy" Shinji uttered his skepticism.

"You shouldn't be so surprised, Third Child," Asuka strutted, "A battle should be clean and elegant without waste."

"You really are a marvel, Asuka. You can strut while sitting down."

"Shinji! Asuka! The target is not dead!" Misato called out through the COM.

The two pilots looked and saw something change in the bony sphere in its chest. It changed from its yin and yang configuration to one of a simple gray sphere with three holes in it like the sockets of a skull. The halves that Asuka had so cleanly cut had begun to move and reshape themselves into twin beings. One was orange and the other was gray. Each one had the bright red core in its chest below the bony circle.

Asuka and Shinji found themselves back at Headquarters in the debriefing room watching replays of the battle and the aftermath while one of the operators went through a transcript of the battle.

"At ten-fifty-eight and fifteen seconds a.m. Unit One was attacked by Target A which split off the target submerged two kilometers off Suruga Bay. Twenty seconds later, Unit Two was attacked by Target B."

On the screen the final pictures were of Unit One submerged in water with its legs sticking upward like football goal posts. The same could be said of Unit Two only it was buried in the hills of a nearby farm.

"We have a comment from the chair of Project E."

Doctor Akagi's voice boomed out, "THIS IS PATHETIC!"

"At eleven-oh-two a.m. U.N. forces made an attack with an N2 mine. They succeeded in burning off twenty-eight percent of the target's structure. However, this is a temporary measure. The second attack is only a matter of time."

"This is your fault!" Asuka accused Shinji, "You totally screwed up my debut battle."

"Well, can't say you did much better," Shinji pointed out, "Thought you were so cool. Watch and learn she says. Well I was watchin' know what I saw?"

"Now Shinji," Kaji tried to quell the situation, "there's no need for that. And at least now we've got time to regroup."

"Alright you two," Commander Fuyutsuki commanded, "what is your job here at NERV?"

"Piloting the Eva?" Asuka asked sounding very mousy.

"Wrong!" Fuyutsuki bellowed, "It's to defeat the Angels! NERV does not exist to make grotesque spectacles like this. Therefore, you two will learn to work together!"

"Why should we?" Shinji and Asuka asked in unison.

"Enough!" Fuyutsuki shouted before excusing himself.

After he left Asuka asked Kaji, "Why does everyone get so angry here?"

"Adults have a thing about creditability." Kaji answered smoothly.

"Hey," Shinji asked, "Where's Misato? Shouldn't she be here with us for this debriefing?"

"She's clearing things up. It's the duty of the person in charge to take responsibility if anything goes wrong."

Shinji winced, "I wouldn't want to be in her shoes right now."

Shinji was walking home in the high heat. He wiped his forehead and noticed how much sweat was coming off of him. It occurred to him that he should take a cold bath once he got home and home was the best part about living in Tokyo-3. It was the one place where he was away from that damn redhead Asuka.

Coming upon the apartment complex that he called "home" he did notice that there was a moving truck with the DHL logo on the side of it driving out of the parking lot. Shinji figured that someone must be moving into the apartment building.

He came to the apartment door, walked in and called out, "I'm home." But then whispered to himself, "Not that anyone's home, anyway."

He was taking his shoes off when he looked up and noticed boxes upon boxes with that DHL logo on them.

"What the hell is all this crap?!" Shinji called out.

"Hey, don't call my stuff 'crap', Third Child." An all too familiar voice said. "These are my personal belongings."

He looked and found Asuka Langley Sohryuu leaning nonchalantly against a nearby wall, dressed in a pair of shorts, a yellow tank top, a towel around her neck and drinking Coke.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Shinji demanded.

"And what are you still doing here?" Asuka asked in return.

"Still here?"

"It's obvious isn't it? You've been replaced by the new model. Misato will be living with me. Of course, that would be the most logical choice when you consider my superior abilities. Although, I'd rather live with Kaji."

"Sure you would, Lolita. And where's my stuff?"

"Over there." Asuka pointed to a box that had Shinji's stuff piled into it as if it were going to a garage sale.

"Hey, why are Japanese houses so small, anyway?" Asuka asked, "I couldn't even get half my stuff in my new room. And Japanese sure have no sense of privacy. How can they live in a room without locks?"

"The Japanese way is to consider the needs of others before one's own." Misato said stepping up behind Asuka. "And it looks like you two are going to get along just great?"

"What?" Shinji and Asuka asked in unison.

"This is your training," Misato explained, "You two are going to be roommates."

"Say what?" They asked again in unison.

Misato had brought Shinji and Asuka into the dining area and had laid out the briefing to them.

"There is only one way to destroy the seventh Angel," She began, "execute a simultaneous two point attack on its core while the Angel is separated. In other words, an attack on the two halves by two Evas with perfectly synchronized timing. Coordination between the two of you will be vital to the success of this mission. To that end, I want the two of you to live together from now on."

"WHAT?!" Asuka bellowed, "A boy and a girl should never sleep under the same roof after the age of seven!"

"And where'd you pull that rule out of?" Shinji asked.

"What'd you say!?" Asuka demanded.

"Quiet!" Misato demanded slamming her fist down on the table in the same authoritarian position as a judge calling order in the court.

Auska and Shinji backed down.

"The Angel is currently regenerating itself," she explained, "and it will begin its second assault in six days."

"But it's…impossible" Asuka moaned in protest.

"We have a way of making it possible." Misato pulled out a small music disk, "The master attack pattern will be choreographed by using this music. If you use it and work perfectly in sync you will destroy both targets. We begin now and we attack in six days."

Shinji looked to Asuka. She turned her attention to him and then snapped her look away from him with a very audible, "Hmph!"

The big room where the television resided had been converted into a training area as well as a sleeping area. The sleeping area mainly consisted of two pillows, two blankets and two bed pads. The training area on the other hand made Shinji think of a game that he played as a young boy: Dance Dance Revolution. There were two pads laid out on the floor that had red dots. Whenever pressure was put upon them the pads would light up. Set up between these two floor pads was a machine similar to a karaoke machine where the music would play. Finally on either side of the karaoke machine were two scoreboards and two traffic lights.

Misato explained the drills, "You will each stand upon one pad. You will try to match your movements to the music via wireless headphones and to when the red circles light up. The scoreboard will tell you how well you're final synchronization score. The traffic lights will tell you if you're doing well: green is good, yellow means you're not doing well and red means you need help."

Shinji had been in a quiet panic that whole night. It was not only because of the prospect that this detestable redhead was moving into the place that he had considered to be a private sanctum from the rest of his crazy life but it was also the very real possibility that in the course of moving in she may have stumbled upon his Lantern battery. This was why the coordination drills were such a problem because Shinji had trouble concentrating. And if that wasn't bad enough, each time they failed Asuka would start yelling obscenities at Shinji in German.

After a few hours of this, dinner became an uncomfortably quiet affair. Shinji tried to eat slowly and not make it seem like he was in a rush. Upon finishing dinner and putting his dish into the sink he walked casually to the place that used to be his room. Moving past the stacks of boxes, he got down upon the floor and looked down into the space between the floor and the bed. The lantern was still wrapped up in his old shirt. Breathing a sigh of slight relief he pulled it out from under the bed and out of the shirt before touching his ring to the face of it. After a small flash of green light burst out of the lantern he wrapped it up again and stowed it away beneath his bed. Looking at the ring he clenched his fists and made his own resolution for the situation.

"Hell with Asuka and this plan," he thought, "I'm going to go defeat the Angel with my ring."

Upon concentrating, the Lantern's uniform formed over his body, he opened the window and was about to fly out when he heard a noise outside his door. A hand had reached into the handle and was about to open it. Quickly he retracted the uniform and found Asuka standing there.

"What?" Shinji asked.

"What're you doing in my room, Third Child?" Asuka demanded.

"Came in to get some stuff that was left behind," Shinji said with half-truth.

"I saw a green light coming from in here." She explained.

"Night light."

Asuka cocked an eyebrow, "Aren't you a little old for a night light, Third Child?"

"Hey, with all these boxes around here, I'm going to need one so I don't break a foot or a toe."

"Whatever. Misato said it's your turn to do the dishes." Asuka reported.

Shinji shook his head, "Okay, I'll be there."

"Yeah, you do that while I go have a bath."

After Asuka left, he breathed another sigh of relief that she didn't catch him in the act. He started to wonder if there would even be an opportunity to get away from her so that he could use his ring and defeat the Angel. He went underneath the bed, pulled out the lantern that was wrapped in his shirt and took it out to where his box of stuff was and hid it underneath it all to avoid suspicion.

He came to the kitchen and started to wash the dishes. During the repetitive activity it occurred to him that he would still be in the same situation as before with Asuka that he would still need to coordinate a two-point attack on the Angel and even though he had come a long way on his construct training he wasn't sure if he could do something like that just yet. Even if he were to attack the Angel in its weakened state, no doubt there would be NERV personnel around keeping an eye on the creature. And to have Shinji show up in a Green Lantern uniform and defeat the Angel would raise far too many problems.

Misato was drinking her beer in her usual gulping manner and smiling after she gave a small belch. Shinji had to smile too because despite the dire situation she still managed to be so carefree.

Then, out of nowhere, there was a high-pitched scream pierced through the air over them. Shinji wanted to look to see where the scream was coming from but he was washing a knife and he knew that if he turned his head there would be the very real risk of him cutting himself. Besides, he knew that the scream belonged to Asuka and he wanted to see how this little incident would turn out. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see that the plastic hallway curtain was wrenched back and there was Asuka standing stark naked with a look of pure terror on her face.

"There's some sort of weird creature in the bathroom!" She cried out.

Within a moment of her shock the warm-water penguin had waddled past Asuka as if it wasn't at all phased by the appearance of this redheaded stranger or her outburst.

"That's just Pen-pen." Shinji said setting down the knife he was cleaning and he turned around to find Asuka in her uncensored form. He began to blush when he saw how incredibly beautiful she was. Her skin was so smooth without a single blemish upon it. Her figure was like an hourglass. Then there were her breasts. So pert and perky. He couldn't believe what he was seeing a girl naked who wasn't a photograph or a computer image.

Asuka quickly noticed that Shinji was staring. Her face went as red as a beet and she burst into rage with a swift roundhouse kick to the side of his face. Shinji spun and fell over onto his side grasping at the numbing pain in his face.

"You pervert!" Asuka shrieked, "Idiot! Letch! Unbelievable! This is why I hate boys!"

With that she stamped back to the bathroom and slammed the door shut.

After a few moments, Shinji got back to his feet still holding the site of his face where Asuka had hit him. He then went over to the freezer where there was the ice. Grabbing a handful of it he pressed it against his face.

"Honestly, if it weren't for her attitude she would be cute," he commented aloud.

"Well, you are getting more honest with each other," Misato observed.

"Yeah, like the families on Jerry Springer."


"Nevermind." Shinji shook his head remembering the difference of cultures.

Misato smiled, "I think that's a good start, wouldn't you say so, Pen-pen?"

The penguin only squawked.

During that whole time of training Shinji and Asuka had to do everything together: eat, breathe, train and sleep together. The worst part to Shinji was that he had to dress up in a similar outfit as Asuka. She wore a spandex singlet with a pink shirt over it that had red musical notes over it. Shinji's, on the other hand, only had a powder blue shirt with green musical notes on it.

Life had continued on like this for three days. From sun-up to sun-down they worked on those pads trying to synchronize their movements to the music. It was just like Dance Dance Revolution to Shinji only he was more used to playing by himself or with someone who was better at the game.

And it was on the third day that events had reached a boiling point.

They were in the middle of training when the doorbell rang but neither one had answered it. They simply continued on with their training going step by step by step. And always messing up and making the machine deliver that awful error noise that had dampened their spirits a little more each time they heard it.

The door opened and they were greeted by their friends: Toji, Kensuke and Hikari who were followed by Rei and Misato.

"What are you two doing?" Hikari demanded.

Shinji and Asuka had answered in unison; "It's all Misato's fault. We have to do everything together."

"It's true," Misato explained, "its part of their training."

"Whew!" Toji exclaimed. "And here I thought you had betrayed us, Shinji."

"And I thought you two were living in sin," Hikari expressed her relief. "So how are they coming along?"

"Take a look," Misato instructed.

Once again, Shinji and Asuka fell out of sync and the machine made that error noise.

"SHEITZ!" Asuka shrieked before throwing her headphones at Shinji, "How can Misato expect me to synchronize with someone like you?"

"Hey, at least I'm trying," Shinji countered.

"Yeah, you're trying at losing." Asuka snapped back.

"Oh yeah?" Shinji countered, "If I'm trying at losing then why are you falling out of sync first?"

Asuka let out a frustrated grunt, "It's because you're just useless! No wonder your father abandoned you. Personally, I think you should have been an abortion!"

"Asuka!" Hikari gasped at the atrociousness of her acid tongue.

That was the last straw, Shinji stood up and looked at Asuka in her infuriated blue eyes before he balled up his hand and allowed it to fly against Asuka's face in the form of an open palm. The crack against her cheek was so audible that it reverberated between the walls of the apartment. The redhead was so thunderstruck that she held her cheek and looked at Shinji dumbfounded by what had happened.

"Apologize," Shinji demanded.

Within a matter of seconds, Asuka's eyes narrowed, her eyebrows scrunched together, her lips pulled back into a snarl and her teeth were grinding. That was when Shinji discovered how unprotected he was when Asuka's leg came swiftly up and landed between his legs. At first he could only feel Asuka's foot hitting his pubic bone but he could also feel a pair of very soft egg shaped objects between the hardness of Asuka's foot and his own body. Then the nerves came back online and the surge of pain went from Shinji's groin and shot upward into his abdomen. He doubled over and fell to his knees. The pain was at such intensity that he could barely hear Asuka scream "I can't take this anymore!"

"Asuka!" Hikari called out.

"Wow," Toji observed, "that must have really hurt."

"Shinji!" Hikari hissed at the injured boy, "Go apologize to Asuka! You hit her and made her cry!"

"Why should I?" Shinji wheezed trying to work his way through the pain.

"Yeah, leave him alone class rep. He got kicked in the balls. Let him recover before you bust them a second time."

"I think all of you should be going for now," Misato said.

"Sure," Kensuke agreed, "Come on everyone. Let him recover."

With that, the three of them had left.

Misato came to Shinji's side and helped him roll over onto his back.

"I'll get you some ice," She said sounding like a concerned nurse.

Within moments she came back with an ice bag that she carefully laid between Shinji's legs. She sat down next to the boy while the coolness of the ice cubes soaked through his singlet and soothed his ache.

"I'll call Ritsuko for your injury," Misato said. "But I do think that Hikari is right that you should apologize to Asuka. But then again I think she should also apologize to you. Not for what you did to each other but because you both need to work as a team."

"What if she doesn't want to work as a team?" Shinji grunted.

"Then I'll just have to switch operations to have you work with Rei." Misato answered.

The moment that she said that the door to the big room was thrown open and Asuka cried out, "NO! YOU CAN'T! YOU BITCH!"

Shinji looked and guess that Asuka was there the whole time but then she slammed the door and he heard the front too open and shut as well.

"Oh no," Misato exhaled, "Looks like we might have to switch to Rei."

"Nah," Shinji grunted rolling over to his side and getting to his feet but still bending forward as if he were a crippled old man in need of his cane. "I'll go apologize to her."

Going out the front door and getting his shoes Shinji wondered why he was doing it. The girl was such a bitch to him and pretty much everyone else. Not to mention the damage that she did to Shinji's potential future children but something compelled him to go forward and find her. After getting his street shoes on he went out to the balcony and found Asuka dashing down the street towards a corner convenience store.

The walk to the convenience store was a long one given how Shinji had to basically hobble his way from the apartment to the elevator and to the corner convenience store. Thankfully, Asuka was still there, she was crouching down in front of an open refrigerator section. He wasn't entirely sure of it when he approached her but he thought he heard Asuka quietly sobbing.

He had hoped to approach her quietly but it was as if she could have heard him coming the moment he stepped out of the apartment when she said to him, "Don't say anything."

Shinji said nothing.

"I know that you're sorry."

"Took the words out of my mouth," Shinji responded.

"But I will tell you something else," She said upon standing up, "I'm going to put Rei and Misato to shame!"

"Why? We're all on the same team."

"You're being too simple even for a male. It's my pride and honor that's at steak can't you understand that?"

"Somewhat. But I hope the people will understand if we fail."

"We won't fail."

And so the training continued.

It was the final day. The attack would be the next morning. Shinji and Asuka had both been training hard day in and day out until at last the two of them had reached perfect scores on that infernal training machine. There was such relief on both their parts when they had finally reached perfection with the drills and they could finally relax.

On the night before the attack Asuka had come out of the shower wrapped in a towel and a second towel on her head.

"Where's Misato?" She asked Shinji.

"At work," Shinji answered from the big room where he was lying on his small cot of a bed. He had one earbud still playing the same song he heard for the past six days. "She called earlier and said she'd be there all night."

Asuka grinned, "So that means we're all alone tonight, huh?"

Shinji rolled over to look at Asuka still wrapped in her towel.

"I would get into that with you," he said in jest, "But I'm still recovering from that kick you gave me."

"Aw, poor baby," Asuka said making a mockingly soothing tone, "Would you like me to bring you a glass of warm milk and a teddy bear before going sleepy-bye?"

"Sure, and a sponge bath would be nice too."

"Hmph!" Asuka said.

She gathered up her blanket, bedding and pillow and crossed over to the next room but before closing the door she stared down at Shinji.

"This door here is the Wall of Jericho, Third Child." She stated, "And if you cross it, you're a dead man. Now time to go to bed, children."

Shinji slept with his MP3 player playing that one song over and over again like a student making last minute studying before the exam in the morning. It must have been during the middle of the night when he heard some rustlings from Asuka who went to the bathroom. He paid it no mind and tried to sleep but then he was woken by a heavy thud in front of him.

He opened his eyes and found Asuka sleeping in front of him. She was wearing a simple loose yellow shirt that had such a low cut to the neck that he could easily look down and see the curvature of her breasts once again. He wondered if she was awake or not. That was when he decided to play a small trick on her to get her back for the groin kick.

He leaned himself closer to her and decided to wake her up with a small kiss. His heart raced so much that he could feel it beating within his ears and then there was his own arousal fueled by what his eyes saw and his own male hormones. Even though he wasn't even attracted to this bitch of a girl he couldn't help his own arousal.

There was only an inch left when he stopped. He saw a trickle of a tear rolling from her closed eyes down her nose and to her cheek. Her lips were moving as well. At first they only moved but no sound came out. On the second time that they moved, Shinji heard Asuka's voice in a low murmur that sounded so vulnerable and child-like:


Shinji only smiled while he pulled back and rolled over, "So, there is a human being in there after all."

"The target has broken through the final defense line at Gora," One of the Nerv Operators had reported over the communications channel.

Shinji was sitting in the cockpit of his Eva, his stomach in knots about whether or not this fight would succeed or not. He looked down at the emerald ring on his right hand and thought to himself that if all else fails he would use the ring to fight the enemy. But it would have to be his last resort.

"Here it comes," Misato stated over the COM and added with true conviction, "we won't fail this time. Now then, Asuka. Shinji. Spread your AT fields as soon as the music starts then follow the operation choreography. Are you two ready?"

"Ready!" Asuka and Shinji said in unison.

"The target has entered the mountains," An operator reported.

"Full power and maximum speed, got it, Shinji?" Asuka had asked.

"I know," Shinji answered rather annoyed, "We'll be finished in sixty-two seconds."

"Target is entering ground zero," The operator reported.

"Detatch external power cables," Misato ordered.


"Eva launch!" Misato ordered.

And with that order the Evas had launched to the surface and the music began. The two flew into the air with the same grace that would have rivaled ballet dancers or gymnasts. In perfect unison they threw down their weapons at the angel who then split apart into the same two halves that had humiliated them only six days previous. They made their attacks with gun weapons without causing any damage to the target but damage was not the goal in this part of the operation. Only to draw the targets attention which they both did when they began to fire volleys at Unit One and Unit Two. To this both Evas retreated backward doing one backflip over the other.


The two Evas hid behind a large steel wall that popped up out of the street. It protected them from one of the angels' attacks. They came out from behind it firing another set of rifle shots at them. But the angels retaliated by slicing through the steel wall like scissors through tissue paper. The Evas retreated momentarily while a barrage of missile attacks launched from hidden cannons within the buildings and mobile U.N. armaments stationed in the nearby hills.

With the angel distracted the Evas came up and gave them both a swift uppercut and a good roundhouse kick which sent the monster flying backward and combining itself back into one body again. That was when the Evas flew up and came down upon the target each with one foot out aiming at their red cores.

The foot of Unit One and Two made contact and made a shoving slide against the Angel towards the hill like a baseball player sliding towards home plate.


The cores were damaged and with only one second on the clock they both exploded. The operation was a swift and almost flawless success. At least that's how it looked to those who were watching the battle deep inside NERV. They all watched the light of the explosion fade away and the dust settling around the crater where the Angel was defeated but to their embarrassment they found Unit One and Unit Two lying on top of each other.

It was a mystery to Shinji when he found Unit Two lying across the back of Unit One. He managed to climb out of the Entry Plug but he stopped when he heard a phone ringing. Looking to where it was coming from he saw part of the Eva opening up and there was a simple phone receiver sitting upon a plastic base.

He picked it up, "Hello?" He asked wondering who was calling him.

"YOU JERK!" Asuka's voice screamed at him, "What're you doing under my Unit Two!?"

Shinji's eyes went wide with surprise when he saw a holographic projection of Asuka's upper body projecting out of the phone receiver's base. He had often heard of holographic phones but this was the first time of seeing it but his amazement took a backseat to being yelled at by Asuka.

"Hey, you fell on me!" Shinji yelled back.

"You're the one who lost timing first, Dumpkoft!" Asuka spat back, "You're really slow. What were you doing last night?"

"I was image training for today's battle!"

"Liar! I know you tried to kiss me while I was sleeping!"

"You were awake!?"

"MEIN GOTT! I was just kidding! Did you really kiss me?!"

"No! I didn't!"

"Pervertieren! Lechzen! Teufel! I can't believe you!"

If either one could have seen the faces of those who were watching the whole scene at NERV's operation center they would also see their director shaking his head and saying how these kids were embarrassing the organization again.

Next time:

Carrol's Voice: NERV decides to try to capture an unhatched Angel inside an active volcano. So they send in a specially outfitted Eva into the depths of Hell itself.

Misato's voice: And don't worry there will be lots of fan service.

Carrol's Voice: Aren't we being gratuitous with that?

Misato's voice: Shut up. The fans love it.

Neon Green Evangelion: Chapter 8 – Into the Fire