She's Mine

Summary: The promiscuous Edward Masen former mechanic now actor was seen at the latest place to be with none other than America's Sweetheart, Isabella Swan.

Betaed by kyla713

With her hand clasped in mine, we made our way through the crowd. The rhythmic beat of the music pulsed beneath my feet, as sweaty, swaying bodies moved around us. My own heart beat erratically in my chest, but it had little to do with the club's atmosphere and everything to do with the woman I'd soon be inside of.

I shook the image from my mind since I needed to first get us the fuck out of the building. From my left, I saw the flash of a camera and knew that our outing would hit the tabs first thing the following morning and go viral in minutes. Not that I gave a fuck at that point. The more everyone understood that she was mine, the less they'd be inclined to question our association.

Hadn't we attended enough public events together? We hadn't officially come out and said it, and that may be because I'd never put a label on our relationship. But fuck, it should be obvious to her and everybody else that she was mine. Right?

Hadn't I shown on more than one occasion that I was a possessive motherfucker? In fact, the idea of another man laying a hand on her had me grinding my teeth in irrational rage. Not that she'd ever given another asshole a chance to touch her since we started…what…fucking? Dating? Making love?

Christ, I'd fucking grown a pussy.

No doubt sensing my mood, Bella squeezed my hand tightly for second before her thumb ran over my knuckles. A normally soothing gesture she'd use on occasion. I sighed, loosening my grip on her fingers. It wasn't her fault that men practically fell at her feet, which thank fucking God, she had no clue she was capable of doing. If she had, I would've lost her months ago to that asshole, Peter, who was not only younger, but worth a fucking hell of a lot more than me.

And there went up the red-haze of jealously again, doubling when a drunk little shit separated me from Bella. The fucker separated me from Bella. And just as bad, he had his fucking hand on her. With a firm hand on his shoulder, I pulled his ass back and away from my girl, who looked completely confused by the quick succession of events.

Her head was cocked to one side and her gorgeous pink lips were in a natural pout while her eyes looked a bit unfocused. God, she looked fucking cute, a little drunk and a lot pretty. I'd never done cute or adorable until her. Her hair had fell from the clip she'd had earlier, the waves tumbled across her shoulder, down her back and some of the ends curled over her fucking amazing breasts.

I groaned, almost tasting the tempting buds beneath the taunt fabric of her dress. The fuck? Where the hell did her jacket go? I distinctly remember putting it on her before we left the table. She grinned up at me and said something I couldn't hear.

"What?" I asked loudly, closer to her ear.

Her nose scrunched up and her hands went to my shoulders to balance herself as she lifted onto her toes. Didn't she have any idea how much I loved that shit? It was a constant reminder of how small she was, fucking feminine. As if I needed any other reminders.

"I said, I'm hot," she said, giggling and wiggling that gorgeous body of hers against mine. I clasped my arm around her, my hand curling possessively around her hip. It was then that I noticed her jacket under the feet of a few enthusiastic, but clueless dancers.

Damn, I was going to have to get her another one. I had to remember that if she drank when we went out that she leave the house in as many layers as possible; if not, she'd strip down to her birthday suit without a care in the world. It had happened once, and thank fuck, it was at home. It was also a reminder that I needed to keep track of her clothes when we did go out.

Her arm encircled around my neck, her lips nipping gently on my ear. "So hot," she breathed as she cupped me. My erection twitched in her very capable hands.

Holy fuck. We had to get out of there before I fucked her right on the dance floor. Then she did that thing with her tongue that involved sucking and swirling on my earlobe, the same thing she'd done to the tip of my cock earlier that morning.


Edward Masen Corrupts America's Sweetheart – I could see the headlines if I didn't get my girl out of the club. Why the hell had I agreed to come in the first place? Then I remembered, my cousin had pleaded for me to make an appearance to help get his place on the map.

Several hands groped at us as we moved through the masses, which only served to piss me off. How dare they put a hand on my girl? I glanced at Bella as she clung to my arm. She appeared scared as she slapped at a hand on her ass!

I swirled around to the fucking asshole that dared to touch her and growled at the slick-haired shithead. He had the audacity to smirk. My arm cocked back ready to wipe that grin from his fucking face when I felt Bella cling to me as she waved some bouncers over.

They surrounded us so that we could get through the crowd. A few set of hands held me back as I tried to make another attempt of hitting the asshole. I growled but couldn't get away. I told the fucking idiots holding me to let me go, and when they loosened their grip, I turned back to the ass grabbing fucker.

Only to find him flat on his back and Bella standing over him with her hands on her hips. "Don't touch me!" She had her heeled foot poised over the man's crotch, intent clear in her eyes.

Oh shit! Several cameras and phones were out, recording the whole fucking thing. I grabbed her around her waist, tossing her over my shoulder. "Let me at him! He put his hand on my ass! No one does that to me unless I say so!"

"That's right, baby," I said with a smirk, patting her butt. "Just me."

"Edward!" she said, pounding my back. "Put me down! I gotta find that witch that tried to touch your ass, too!"

Her words were slightly slurred but quite loud, garnering lots of attention. Fucking Emmett was going to owe me big for this shit. As we were herded toward the side exit, I palmed her ass to get her to calm down.

"No one touched my ass, baby," I reassured her.

"I know, because I stopped those bitches! I slapped hands and even kicked one." She giggled, relaxing slightly, stroking my backside. That caused me to almost drop her, but I managed to keep my groan contained. "My ass!" she said lovingly, trying to get her fingers under my clothes.

"Get me to the car fast," I growled at the nearest security guard. He nodded and looked completely amused by Bella's antics. And that included her sneaking her hands toward the front of my jeans. That time, I was unable to keep the guttural groan to myself.

Fuck, her hands were magical and hot. I cleared my throat and managed a half-smile as I helped Bella into the car. "Watch your head, baby," I whispered, sliding her seatbelt on. Her fingers skimmed along the top of my jeans, descending further until she caressed the tip of my confined erection.

"Damn, you're hot," she murmured, and added, "Can't wait to lick that v until I get—"

I groaned again but took her hands in one of mine. "You can when we get home," I said softly so the fucking paps already surrounding the car wouldn't hear. She pouted, looking so fucking cute and edible.

Damn it! It was time to go. "You promise?" she asked sweetly, batting those mile long lashes. God, she knew exactly how to get me worked up.

I cleared my throat again and simply nodded. Carefully, I closed the door and with the help of one of Emmett's security managed to get to the driver's side. Once inside, I smirked, and since I knew the assholes crowding the car couldn't hear, I turned to Bella and said, "You know I love you, right?"

In the six months since we started our whirlwind, got me by the balls relationship, I had never said the words to her out loud. Oh, there were plenty of times I showed her what she meant to me, but for some reason she never asked for the words. And I was glad for it, because I'd never been the type to express myself well with words.

Then, Rosalie had to say a couple of months ago, that maybe Bella knew that if she said it, that I would run. And given my past, very public indiscretions and promiscuous ways that she was merely protecting herself. Then to make me think the worst fucking things, Rosalie added, really sticking a knife in my gut and twisting, that maybe Bella hasn't said anything because she was seeing someone else.

Like fuck she was. I made fucking sure of that shit. As long as she was with me, she wouldn't let another asshole touch her. Fuck if I was going to share her. When I had asked Bella that same night if she was, she came right out and said she wasn't interested in any one else and she thought we were together—together.

Though I hadn't come out and corrected her, I was fucking thankful. Until she asked me if I'd been with anyone else since we started dating. I hadn't been with anyone, because really, I had no free time. When I wasn't on fucking set or promoting, I had spent every free second with her and family. I had gone for nonchalance and said I hadn't had time to go out like I used to.

It was the wrong fucking answer. For three fucking days after that night, she'd been too busy with work and had to fly out to redo a scene in her latest romantic drama. For a week, I had to resort to talking on the phone with her or more like her damn voicemail.

My fucking friends had tried to get me to get my mind off her. Didn't fucking work, within in five minutes at the strip club, I had called Bella begging for her to let me go see her. I would've dropped everything and flown out to see her if she would talk to me again. She had answered but said that I could do whatever I wanted, that she had no say in what I did or wanted.

There was only thing I wanted and that was her. I had taken a red-eye and knocked on her hotel room at four in the morning, and within seconds, she was in arms and had her legs wrapped around me. It was the longest we'd been apart since it all started.

And our first fight, without actual yelling. I vowed that night to her, and to myself, that we'd never go more than a week without seeing each other again. It was too fucking hard. And that we'd never leave until we worked things out.

Though we hadn't said the words aloud, even then, I knew what she felt for me. It was said in every touch and kiss from her. And still she hadn't asked for the words. Why didn't she? Because she loved to drive me insane. Didn't most women demand that kind of shit?

I pulled out and started toward home, she looked confused, and I hoped that in the morning, she'd remember the conversation. "I know you do," she said softly. "And I love you, too. Now take me home and fuck me."

I almost swerved into another car. Well, that would be memorable.

Bella, since I'd known her, had never really cussed. On occasion, when she was upset one would escape but not often. It appeared a little alcohol dulled her filter. Oh, it was going to be a good night.

"Are you drunk?" I asked warily. "Something tells me you're not."

She gave me a coy look and smiled. "Not really. I'm from the south, remember? We all can drink you Californians under the table."

"Then can you please explain that back there."

She shrugged. "I admit that alcohol does make me a little more aggressive than usual. Plus, I think after that stuff with Peter and me all over the papers, you needed to make it clear to everyone that I'm your girl."

I grunted under my breath. Peter, her fucking A-list co-star and asshole extraordinaire had hinted in an interview that they had an off screen romance. Though Bella had made it clear that they were nothing more than friends, the media blew it out of proportion.

It was a battle of he said, she said and dragged me into that shit storm. I wanted to kill the fucker, but Bella and my publicist made it clear that it was not an option. It was ugly situation and I hated the reminder.

"And," she continued, bringing me out of my thunderous thoughts. "And it didn't hurt that I made it clear that you're my man."

I smirked, because it seemed I wasn't the only possessive one. "Was any of that staged?"

She rolled her eyes. "As if I'm stupid enough to trust anyone in Hollywood," she said firmly. "It wasn't staged. Like I said, I was a little more aggressive than I normally would be." She looked up at me and questioned, "Too much?"

"Fuck no," I growled. "It was awesome, but don't pull that acting shit with me. I want you to be you when you're with me."

"Aw, how sweet," she said softly and then an eyebrow arched in challenge. "I still want you to fuck me." Again, I nearly swerved off the road. It appeared it would be best to be driven if Bella had a drink of any kind.

To clear my lust-laden thoughts, I changed the subject. "You act like you've never been fucked before?"

Apparently not. Quit thinking with you dick, Masen!

She laughed softly as I shifted my crotch, relieving some of the tightness in my jeans. "No, not really," she answered primly, her pretty hands sitting on her lap. The challenging eyebrow was still in play.

In some ways, she was right. I hadn't really fucked her, per say. At least, not the way she seemed to be referring to. She was so small, sweet, and new to the whole sex thing and a damn virgin when we started dating. The first time, I did everything I could to make sure it was perfect for her.

Sex with Bella was fucking amazing, and though things heated up rather quickly, I usually took the time to savor, which slowed things down a bit. Even in the damn shower with the shitty ten minute hot water heater we had, I still chose to take my time.

It appeared that Bella wasn't looking for that. She wanted all of me, but I would do my best to not lose control with her. What if I hurt her? I'd rather take a knife to the gut—and trust me that shit hurts— than to cause her any pain.

Yes, I would remain in control of the animalistic urges she brought out of me. Even as I thought that, I felt I was doomed to fail. Especially since Bella's hand was on my fucking cock.

When the fuck had that happened?

"Damn it, Bella," I hissed. "At least wait until we get home."

She murmured against my neck, "Yes, home." And used her teeth to show how serious she was about me fucking her.

My fingers tensed around the steering wheel and though I couldn't see them, I knew they were white-knuckled with strain. Though Bella was a passionate and very enthusiastic in bed, she hardly ever initiated it. And the fact that she was doing so had me pressing the gas to the fucking floor. We had to get home, before I told her to fucking straddle me.

"I love our home," she whispered again, that time adding another swerve-inducing nip along my neck. I chuckled a little, hoping it would lessen some of the sexual tension. It hadn't worked because she laughed and I loved the sound. She knew I did, too. "And our bed, but tonight," another nip just under my ear, "—we won't be making it to our bed."

Holy fuck. I barely missed a car as I took the off-ramp at an alarming speed. I slowed down enough so I wouldn't kill us, though Bella was certainly making that hard. In minutes, we were on our street, our house was getting closer. We moved in together three months after meeting, a first for both of us.

And her hand was in my jeans, getting me even more worked up. "Oh God," I groaned as her thumb skimmed the top of my cock. I wanted to close my eyes and concentrate on the pleasure of her touch, but I had to get us to the house. And she was right, there was no way we'd make it to the bedroom. It was highly unlikely we'd make it past the front door.

I slammed on the brakes within a few feet of our garage door, pressing the button to the opener on the visor. Bella moaned softly and I noticed that she had her hand beneath her dress. Fuck, fuck, fuck!

I had asked her once to let me watch her play with herself, she was so shy about, but she listened. By the time she moaned the first time, I had to have her. She looked fucking delicious and sexy because she gave herself completely to pleasure.

Reluctantly, I pulled away from the sight of her hands beneath her dress. The fucking garage door still hadn't lifted all the way up. It had been giving us trouble for the last month. I cursed like a damn sailor as I removed my seatbelt so I could get out and convince the shitty thing to move. That was until Bella dangled her tiny pink panties in front of my face.

"Oh my God," I hissed, snatching them from her. Growling, I grabbed the back of her neck and took her mouth. Lips, teeth and tongue and I had her pulling away to breathe. I shook my head and asked for more.

She climbed over the console easily, maneuvering a knee on either side of my hips. The look in her eyes, I'd seen it before. It almost seemed as if she wasn't sure if she should act like that. Or like she worried that I wouldn't like it. I had to show her I fucking loved it.

"Baby," I groaned and pulled her hips roughly against me. Her answering gasp was music to my ears, so I did it again.

"Get us in the garage," she cried out when I latched my mouth over her covered breast, teasing her sweet nipple beneath. Her hands ran through my hair, as her hips moved rhythmically over me. I peered over her shoulder, but refused to move my mouth from her fragrant skin as I worked back up her neck. The garage door was up fully and the lighted garage awaited us.

Quickly, my arms moved around her to take control of the car again, hoping to keep her where she was. She didn't seem to mind, pressing against my hips harder.

As Bella worked my neck with expertise, I pulled the car out of park and I miscalculated as pressed the gas too hard. The front end hit the floor-to-ceiling shelves, tossing a fuckload of crap on the hood of my Cherry 70 Camero F-Bomb. Not that I gave a shit at the moment. Bella moaned as I turned off the ignition and grabbed her hips. Pulling her hard against me, I took her mouth again.

"Please," she gasped after I'd stolen her breath for a few minutes. I pushed my door open, lifting us both out of the car. Instinctively, I drew her legs around my waist, groaning at the feel of her. "Oh God, Edward." She moaned, her head falling to the side as I pressed my lips to her throat.

"Do you have any photo shoots next week?" I asked roughly, setting her ass on the car. Her head moved from side to side as I pulled her dress up her thighs. "Good." She cried out when I sucked on her neck, just above her pulse, using teeth, tongue and lips. I'd wanted to mark her for months. I growled, "Mine."

As I pulled her dress over her hips, she hissed at the heat of the hood. I lifted her up, grabbing two handfuls of her amazing ass. Her feet knocked over shit off my wood work table as we passed. I didn't want her to get a splinter as I fucked her, so I walked us toward the side door of our house.

She gasped and pulled my hair so that I'd look up at her. Stroking her tongue over my lips, she laughed when I hissed at the bite of her teeth. "You're going to regret that, baby," I groaned. She smirked and continued her special brand of torture.

I scrambled to get the door open, and when the keys fell from my hands, I resorted to kicking the door open. Bella held on to me, turning to see the mangled door.

"Oh my," she whispered. I grinned and walked over to the living room couch. Sitting down, I looked up to her and took her face in my hands. "Edward," she moaned as I bit her top lip. After a minute, her head fell back, as I leisurely licked and nipped down her neck.

Her hips started to move against me quickly, as if she couldn't get enough. I held her still and hissed. "Slow down," I murmured.

She fucking growled.

My twenty-two year old, sweet girl, fucking growled at me! And if that wasn't enough for me to explode, she pulled my hair, forcing me to look at her. Her dark eyes were clouded with mother-fucking lust. Slowly, as if making sure I wouldn't move, she licked my top lip and then bit it.

My reaction was just as downright animalistic. I growled in return and thrust up toward her a few times. She soothed the bite with a kiss and did it again. It was taking every ounce of my control not to throw her on the floor and fuck her until she lost her damn voice.

"Bella," I said in warning, tightening my hold on her hips.

She bent down toward me with her eyes wide open and whispered, "Fuck me."

With my eyes on her, my chest raising and falling harshly, I removed her hand from my hair. Forcing her arm behind her, I wrapped mine around her, nipping beneath her ear where I replied, "You asked for it."

Releasing her hand, I roughly pulled her mouth toward me, thrusting my tongue between her lips. She gasped, moaned and squirmed on my lap. I didn't let up, and drove a finger deep inside her. With my free hand, I pushed my jeans off past my knees, teasing her with my cock.

Her nails dug into my shoulders as I brought her to the edge. She gasped, "Wait!"

"No." I took her mouth again, taking the moan that escaped her as she fell over with a single touch of my cock over her clit. Her head lashed from side to side, trying to fight her orgasm. She fucking hated to come without me inside her. Tough shit, I thought wickedly.

She breathed on my neck as her hands pulled my shirt over my head. I wanted to feel her slick, hot skin against me, so I started to work on those tiny eyelet hooks at the back of her dress. I hated those damn things. Taking some fabric in each of my hands, I asked, "Are you fond of the dress?"

"What?" she asked with a rough voice and still locked in the haze of her climax. If I was a cocky bastard, I'd point that shit out. I smirked, containing the quip since I was one. I had better things to do, and that did not include talking.

"Do you like your dress?"

"Yes," she gasped, no doubt, sensing what I was about to do.

"Too bad," I growled against her neck, tearing the dress down the middle of her back. She cried out and her eyes rolled back. Fuck, she looked so good. "Mine." I pulled the sides of her dress apart and the sleeves down her shoulders, locking her arms to her sides.

"Edward, wait," she murmured when she realized that she was unable to free herself. Her eyes widened and her mouth fell when she saw the intent in my eyes. Slowly, the corner of my mouth rose in a devious smile that had her panting. "What are you going to do with me?" And if her raised eyebrow was any indication, it was a challenge more than a question.

"Fuck. You."

In seconds, I had her face down over the coffee table. She gasped in shock and shook her tight little ass at me as if to taunt me. "Oh really?" Damn, she was really asking for it.

I flipped the skirt of her dress over her ass, tempted to fucking bite it. Taking her hips in my hands, I teased her entrance with the tip of my cock. "You ready, baby?"


As if I'd given in that soon. To tease her further, I grabbed a fistful of her hair and wrapped it around my wrist. I'd never done that to her before, but I'd been tempted many times. She had long, luxurious hair that usually tumbled down her back in a mass of curls. I fucking loved it.

"Are you going to ever pull that acting shit on me again?" I asked huskily. She was hot and wet. The desire to drive into her sent my thoughts into a tailspin.

"Oh God," she panted, trying to move her ass toward me for more. "If this is your reaction—" I tensed and waited for her to continue. She didn't, leaving me hanging and taunting me to do more.

I growled and pulled her head, forcing her back to arch beautifully. Tightening my grip on her hip, I drove inside her, inch by inch, torturing not only her, but myself. Every time we'd come together it was like that. Fucking perfect.

She tried to take in more of me, faster, harder. But I laughed instead, and held her still with my hand and hips. Crying out in frustration, she growled again, eliciting the deepest of shivers to run down my spine.

I groaned and bent down to her ear to warn her, "Don't fucking move."

She moaned only, dropping her head on the table in submission. Her hands that were still trapped by her sleeves allowed her fingers to touch my hips. Her nails bit into my skin, leaving me breathless. Fucking brat. I pulled out slowly until I left her body completely.

"No!" she cried out, wiggling despite my warning.

I hissed at the bite of her nails along my hips and slammed back inside her. That earned me a scream. Damn, I should've done that a long time ago and it wasn't even over yet. I did the same, pulling out slowly and returning with a grunt and enough force to move the table beneath her.

With every thrust of my hips, she screamed my name until she was so hoarse she only managed a lusty moan. It took everything not to come when she reached her first peak and she panted against the table. I knew I wanted to watch her, look into those dark eyes the next time she came.

And she would come again before the night was over.

Pulling out of her slowly, groaning at the loss, I shifted her so that she faced me. Her body was pliable in my hands as I removed the dress from her fully. The soft sigh that escaped her warmed me thoroughly and made the smirk on my face more pronounced.

She giggled. "You love when you make me all hot and soft."

"Of course," I whispered against her neck. "But it's not over."

"Oh," she gasped, looking between our bodies. "Oh goody."

It was reactions like that that always took me by surprise. "Goody?"

"Um, how's, oh God, Edward. I can't possibly take no more." Fuck, I loved when she went all southern on me. Maybe a little acting here and there isn't so bad. It would keep things in the bedroom interesting. Already, we were working on our British accents for a film we were doing the following year.

"Much better," I growled and sank back inside her. The only words that escaped her then were my name and a few choice curses. Again, fucking music to my ears.

It only took a few thrusts of my cock to bring us to the same intensity as before. I groaned and grunted as I lavished her nipples with my attention. Taking one long leg by the knee, I pushed it up my hip and toward her chest, opening her further. I was deeper than I'd ever been before. I shifted her leg over my shoulder as I continued to seek our mutual pleasure inside her.

When I started to feel the fire at the base of my spine, I grunted, "Fucking come, Bella." With three more thrusts, she finally clenched around me. "Oh God." My mouth latched on the mark I made earlier and I pounded into her several more times before I gave in.

Limp and sated, I carefully lowered our bodies to the rug that lay on our floor. Grabbing the throw blanket on the couch, I pulled it over our slick, warm bodies. After several minutes of catching our breaths, I finally had the strength to say something to her.

"I meant what I said earlier," I said softly, running my fingers up and down her spine.

"I know," she replied simply. "I've known before you even did."

"Really?" I had to admit to myself that it was fear of the unknown that I hadn't recognized my feelings for what they were. "Why didn't you ever say anything?"

Her shoulder raised slightly in a shrug. "If I had pointed it out, you would've pushed me away."

I sighed, hating that she felt that way. "I don't think I would've." She pressed a small kiss over my heart. "How long have you known?"

"I think it was when I had that accident on set, where I hurt my shoulder." I winced and automatically covered the small scar that had bled so much that day. I'd never been so scared in my life as when I heard her scream like that. "But there was something there, too, that first night you made love to me."

I nodded and kissed the top of her hair. "What made you give me a chance?"

She looked at me, her chin resting on my chest. "Honestly, it was the way you treated everyone that was nice to you. You show this side of you to the media, though don't get me wrong, you were a cocky asshole with me at first. But once you dropped the act when no one was around, you were yourself. In our world, that's very rare."

I took a strand of hair, rubbing it between my fingers. "That's what drew me to you. Not the fact that you told me no…what six times, but because when I wasn't trying to get into your pants, you weren't, either. You were you."

She smiled softly, pushing up and straddled my abdomen. Her hair curtained around us as she bent to kiss me, but instead, whispered against my lips, "I love you."

Taking the offer of another kiss, I pulled her tightly against me. "Marry me," I said after a few minutes.

"All right."

There was no hesitation. And there would be none from me. By the end of the year, we'd be married. I'd see to it personally if I had to, because she was mine.

"Any chance you're ready for round two?" I asked with a wiggle of my brow and a smack on her ass.

She laughed and nipped at my lips. "I'm not sure you have it in you, Edward," she teased.

Oh I'd show her.