I already have one of these going for another show, but I'm starting to lose inspiration for that show lately. So, late last night I was reading Warehouse 13 fanfics and wanted to write something, so I used a random word generator. These will go on pretty much indefinitely (I already have ideas for a bunch more) and will just be when I feel like it.

It's actually kind of hard to write fluff after that heart-wrenching finale, but at the same time, I think it was good, like medication or something. (Bad metaphor, I know.) This is something I've actually noticed in the show.

1. Competition.

They'd never really noticed, but there was sort of an ongoing competition between the two. How many artifacts one had snagged, how many times each had been Tesla'd, or, in the case of Warehouse 2, how many riddles each solved. (Pete still brought that up every so often. Myka usually ignored him.) They had an unspoken contest; something different each day.

Today, it was a game of Monopoly.

"You are so going to lose," Myka informed him as she dispensed the money. They sat across from each other at the table in the B&B, and Claudia was on one side, her arms crossed on the table with her head resting on them. "I won at this game all the time when I was a kid."

"Wrong," Pete returned. "This game requires math. And you, Miss Ophelia, are a reading person. I, on the other hand, aced all of my high school math classes."

"Ophelia?" Claudia wondered aloud. Myka glared at Pete.

Pete lifted a hand to his mouth. "That's her middle name," he said in a loud whisper (Claudia snorted), then caught Myka's eye and smirked. She couldn't help but crack a smile.

She handed Pete the last of his bright orange $500 bills and stretched her arms behind her. "Alright then." She rolled one die, and Pete rolled the other, to see who went first. Pete got a four, and Myka got a three.

"Ha-ha!" he gloated, snatching up both dice and making a show of shaking them around in his hands, then finally flamboyantly distributed them onto the table. Five. "One…two…three…four…five!" he announced, moving his little top hat five spaces, landing on Reading Railroad. "I will purchase this fine land," he said in an English accent, slapping $200 on the board, making both women laugh. Claudia, the unofficial banker for the moment, took the bills and deposited them in the bank, handing Pete the card for Reading Railroad.

"Nine!" Myka crowed when the dice hit the table. She pointed a finger at Pete's face mockingly. "Ha!" He made a face and stuck his tongue out at her. Her miniature guy on a horse was moved to Connecticut Avenue, which she bought for $120.

"Hey Claude, why don't you play?" Pete offered.

Claudia raised her head and put a hand out. "Oh, no, no, no. I've seen the way you two get with games. Not getting in the middle of that. No freaking way."

Pete shrugged and rolled his dice again. "Well, suit yourself. Come on, twelve! Come on!" He rubbed his hands together in anticipation. The dice stopped spinning and resulted in…"Two? Really?" He picked up a Chance Card. "Pay poor fee, fifteen dollars." His face fell and he stuck his lower lip out like a ten-year-old, throwing the bill in the center of the board and crossing his arms in a fake pout.

Six hours later, the game was still going. Claudia had grown bored and left somewhere around the hour-and-a-half point, and various people such as Leena, Artie, Steve and Helena had all come into the room at times. After about two hours Leena brought them chocolate chip cookies, eaten mostly by Pete, of course, but Myka took two (she insisted it was all Pete's fault she ate sugar now). The plate sat to the side of the table, discarded and covered in crumbs.

Pete was almost out of money, and Myka was reveling in her glory. She got a twelve on the dice.

One of mine, one of mine, one of mine Pete urged her little horseman in his head. It wasn't—though, he did like that she had to put money into the Community Chest. On his turn, however, he had the back luck to land on one of Myka's properties and handed over all of his remaining money—she just had to have a damned hotel on the thing, didn't she?

Myka's jaw dropped open. "I win? I win!" she cried, her eyes lighting up.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. I demand a rematch," Pete replied, only half joking. "Congratulations."

Myka got up and headed into the living room. "I won!" she announced to the room at large, her hands in the air.

Random fact: Originally, I couldn't decide who should win, so Iasked my mom and my brother, and they both said Pete. Then I started thinking, and in the show, Pete wins a lot (Breakdown, Buried) and the only time I can remember Myka winning is when they go bowling and Peteinsists it's because of his bad shoulder (I don't remember what episode that is).