SURFER'S Army Officer Frankie Raye Nova Two


M. Walt Meredith

I'm willing to bet that most people whom saw Fantastic 4: the Rise of the Silver Surfer wouldn't know that once Frankie Raye had amnesia. The detailed history of Miss Raye begins back around 1941.

Before WW II Miss Raye's father Professor Phineas Horton had created and invented an artificial man, an android. The problem was that the chemicals in the android's blood that kept it alive would seep out of its artificial pores and the chemical was highly flammable. Every time this chemical blood would come in contact with air it would burst into flames. Horton because of this merely put his own android into a glass tube and mechanically pumped all of the air out of the giant glass tube. Horton called a press conference to display his own break through. The synthetic man slept when there was no oxygen but when the news-people came to see his new invention Horton pulled a lever to show the newspapers what happened when the android was exposed to oxygen. The artificial man burst into flames and awoke to the shock of the whole press conference. Horton had created a man but it was always aflame! Horton eventually wanted to give squadrons of human torches to the army to win WW II more easily but that was not meant to be. The papers called the artificial man the Human Torch, and said that the Torch was a possible menace so Horton was forced to bury the cylinder of glass on a plot of empty property that Horton bought with a hole dug into it. Horton had to bury the glass tube with wet cement so that the wet cement formed a solid block of concrete around the Torch. While the Torch dreamed beneath the Earth itself, the Torch listened to head-phones given by Horton teaching Torch basic English skills. Horton had always thought that he could figure out how to help Torch to learn to cure the side effect of his being alive which was his bursting to flames when coming in contact with the open air. There was, though – a slow leak in the glass tube device that Torch was contained within. When a crack formed in the cement of the empty piece of property, Torch slowly got enough air to burst in to flame and awoke. Enough air got to Torch for Torch to explode the artificial man's own way out from the solid concrete block. Torch burnt his own way out of the concrete and glass, crawling out of the Earth like a Demon from Hell. The android on fire crawled out of the rubble like some Monster as citizens of New York scattered. The denizens of New York scattered and fled at the sight of this flaming man. Torch walked across town the people of New York panicking at the sight of the artificial man on fire. The flaming android made his way to Horton's labs this time able to articulate his pain at being born just to be shown to news people like a dumb animal and trapped in a glass cylinder underground to dream forever. Horton tried to escape Torch burning Torch's way through everything in order to get to Horton. The flaming artificial man ran his way across town, leaving a path of flaming footsteps across town to find Horton. The android like some flaming (FRAN KIN SHTEIN'S) Frankenstein's monster burned the artificial man's way through walls to get to the artificial man's creator. The flaming android burned the android's way through buildings, as the crow flies, towards where his creator hid. The artificial man gutted buildings with the artificial man's flames as they burnt to the ground behind Torch. When the android finally made Torch's way to where Horton was in the end Horton couldn't run any longer and he finally told the android to look as what he "did". Horton yelled at Torch that "didn't", the android realize that the artificial man was on fire and that the android had set Manhattan on fire? The android realized that right then Firemen were rushing and working overtime to put out the buildings that the android had put aflame. Knowing that the flaming android was a monster Torch ran to a nearby pool and splashed into that pool, Torch's flame making an explosion as the water engulfed the android's flames. Torch floated in the pool of water asleep without any air once again. As William Shakespeare once wrote, asleep, perchance to dream …. . The artificial man was revived eventually and taught how to control his flame and he became a superhero. Torch had joined the team called WW II's The Invaders with Captain America, Robert Frank the Whizzer, James "Bucky" Barnes, Namor McKenzie the Sub Mariner, Mr. Raymond "Toro", Falsworth (Union "Jack"), Madeline Miss America (Joyce), and Jacqueline Falsworth Spitfire. In 1961 when Miss Storm, Johnny Spencer Storm, Benjamin Jacob Grimm and Prof Reed Richards became the Fantastic Four, had gotten their powers from Cosmic Rays and Mr. Storm had got the power to control flame and fly like a rocket-engine, Mr. Storm named himself after the WW II vigilante. Somewhere in the two hundred's issues of The Fantastic Four in the late 1970's Jonathan Spencer Storm the Human Torch II had a girlfriend named Miss Raye. Miss Raye was a young woman with a phobia of fire that had met young Mr. Storm and was becoming more and more attracted and was feeling closer and closer emotionally to John Spence Storm Human Torch II. Miss Raye was slowly learning to lose her irrational phobia for fire. One day Miss Raye trusted Mr. Storm enough to ask Johnny Storm Torch to quickly come to Miss Raye's apartment stressing the fact it was very important. Miss Raye showed Mr. Storm that under her clothes she always had a one-piece golden bikini that she couldn't seem to ever take off. The golden bathing-suit was something that made Miss Raye feel like maybe she was insane and that she would just hallucinate it but was glad that Mr. Storm could see as well. Miss Raye said Miss Raye could almost remember where she had gotten the golden costume. Johnny Storm Torch told her to try to remember and push Miss Raye's self.

Miss Raye suddenly remembered and the room exploded into flames.

Johnny Storm Torch looked up to see a hole in the ceiling and that Miss Raye was long gone from the room Mr. Storm was in …. Johnny Storm Torch used his power over flame to make the fire in the room leap onto his body, snuffing out the fires in the apartment. Mr. Storm then flew out through the hole in the ceiling and matched speeds with Raye Nova to convince Miss Raye to come down to the ground. …. .

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M, G. Duramen _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Approx. Count 200

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Mark Walt Meredith

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