"Well that was shit!"

"Stop complaining Owen." I chuckled.

We were all sitting round the telly at Tosh and Owen's, watching some film Owen had been going on about for months, and we finally got round to watching it, and all he could do was complain about it.

So let's get up to scratch shall we?

Everything with Rose was officially over. I was now 6 months pregnant, Rivaella was with us permanently and now at school, with the occasional pop in from The TARDIS crew. I had no idea what was going on with Rivaella and Matt, I decided to leave them to it. Me and Jack were back together, getting ready for 'Bump' as everyone was now calling her. We found out it was a girl, just to save complications this time. The boys were talking-ish and walking, Ianto and Martha still going strong, and so were Tosh and Owen.

Anyway, where were we?

I was perched on the kitchen worktop, everyone sorting out their drinks as we all sat on stools or stood up, talking.

"Gwen love, I don't want you sitting on my worktop if your gonna break it." Owen said sarcastically. I slapped him round the head lightly, chuckling. "Hello Bump." He said, quickly tickling my stoumach with one of his fingers.

"The baby's probably gonna end up being called Bump at this rate." Ianto muttered.

"NO!" I said as Jack looked at me, smiling. I pointed a finger at him, with my most stern face. "You gotta be joking if you seriously think about calling our little girl Bump!"

"It's modern!"

"Well it ain't here, and I find it highly unlikely that is where your from either!" He chuckled to himself, giving me a light kiss on the lips and placing his hand on the bump, feeling the kicking. "It's your Daddy!" I said in a suprised voice, smiling. "What's the time?"

"Nearly 10." Martha answered. "We better get back haven't we?" Rivaella had been looking after the boys for the night, and we couldn't leave them that late. "I'm tired anyway."

"Same." I replied, Me and Martha getting frowns like puppies from Ianto and Jack. I sighed. "Guess you guys are staying in our spare room tonight then." I said, Martha smiling, earning the tiny echoes of a yes from Ianto and Jack. "Well if I didn't let you, I wouldn't get coffee would I?"

"Gwen your pregnant, your not drinking coffee."

"Thank you, smart ass Owen."


Me and Martha arrived home after leaving Jack and Ianto at Tosh and Owen's for longer. It had been a long day filled with paperwork and throwing staplers at Owen.

"Rivaella love?" I called, as we walked through the door and into the living room. "Hey." I smiled, as I looked over to her sitting on the sofa.

"How were the boys?"

"Fine, their asleep upstairs." She smiled, as we sat down with her.

"You wanna hear the latest on baby names..." Martha muttered, sitting on the sofa opposite us, Me sitting next to Rivaella.

"Oh god..." I laughed into my hands.

"Come on then, tell me!" Rivaella grinned.

"Ianto said the baby would probably end up being called Bump in the end as a joke..." I said. "And then your father honestly think we could call her Bump. No jokes, he thinks its modern!" I said, laughing and doing air quotes over modern.

"Oh dear!" Rivaella grinned.


I woke up when it was still dark. I rubbed my eyes and rolled over, looking at my clock. Just gone half past 12. I looked over to my other side, Jack asleep. He must have come in after I had fell asleep, because I couldn't remember him coming in. That's when I felt it. Just a tiny twinge, it didn't really hurt but it was sharp. I pulled my feet over onto the floor and held my bump lightly and walked into the en suite, switching on the light. I ran the tap and threw some water over my face, drying it lightly with a towel and looking in the mirror, smiling weakly to myself.

"I'm not in labour, it's just one of those things." I breathed in deeply, and sat down on the bath. "Probably kicking in a odd place eh Bump? Trying to annoy Mummy are we?" I smiled, stroking the bump. "Ah fuck!" I hissed as I got another twinge.

I decided to talk a little walk to wear it off. I headed across the landing to Rivaella's bedroom, seeing the light on under the door. I knocked lightly before pushing the door open, sitting down next to Rivaella who was up syncing her iPod.

"You alright Mum?" She smiled at me. "Thought you'd be asleep?"

"Hmm. Got a bit of a twinge that's all." I said, screwing up my face as I massaged my bump, as I got another twinge.

"Do you want me to go get Martha?"

"No, I'm fine sweetheart." I smiled, kissing her on the head.

"Mum? Who delivered me? Uncle Owen or Auntie Martha?"

"Uncle Owen, why?"

"Just wondering. How come I got Owen and Bump gets Martha?"

"Well sweetheart, I got kidnapped when in labour by psycho bitch Rose and her crew, then the building got blown up when I was about to drop and River dragged me out, then it was a rush in The TARDIS back to the hub, so I wasn't really concentrating on who was my midwife to be honest love."

"Well..." She gulped. "I'm not that suprised to be honest, after everything that's happened in my life."

"AAH SHIT!" I called out, clutching the bump.

"I'm getting Dad." Rivaella climbed past me and out the door, and I slowly got up, heading out onto the landing, holding onto the banister as everyone headed out also.

"Gwen are you ok?" Jack asked, trying to help me balance.

"I'm fine, just a couple of twinges, just hard kicks that's all."

"Let me check you over." Martha said, rubbing my back.

"I'm fine!" I insisted.

"Gwen, I think your in labour!" Ianto piped up.

"I am NOT having this baby now!"

"I think you might be..."

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