It had been 4 years since Tegan was born, and here we were. I felt so old as she was meant to be 5, but we were getting ready for my daughter's wedding. I had recovered from the car crash and was fine again. Rivaella was meant to be 5, but now she was 19, and her and Matt were getting married, made me feel so old. Of course all the women were in our house, and all the men in The TARDIS. It reminded me of mine and Jack's wedding day but of course we were the other way round. I balanced baby Kieran on my hip whilst trying to get someone to get wake up Tegan. And before anyone asks no, Me and Jack did not have another baby. Baby Kieran, he's only 5 months old, Tosh and Owen's son, he's so much like both of them.

Everyone was sitting round the kitchen, heads banging from the hen do, all clutching a cup of coffee. I popped Kieran in Rivaella's old high chair next to Tosh and put down a massive plate of toast, everyone grabbing a slice. I sat down inbetween River and Amy, me being the only one not that affected by the hen do. Over the last 4 years and Jack's bank account with interest filling up, we got a extension done, adding up to 6 rooms now: The nursery (now extended), mine and Jack's room, Rivaella's room, Tegan's room and now 2 spare ones, were the Torchwood team ended up crashing most nights.

"Mum, good idea leaving Harmony there!" Rivaella walked down the stairs half asleep carrying her, and passing her to me.

Ok, so I lied. Harmony Rhia Harkness. Another girl. We really wern't planning on having another, but Rivaella was suddenly growing up and then getting married, so we decided to try again. We really wern't expecting to fall pregnant so quickly after deciding. She was only 3 months old, but she was ours, our girls.

"Sorry, she was asleep last time I checked." I muttered. I pulled out that old blue moses basket with the arcadian diamonds in from all those years ago from under the table, and put her in it.

"Oh my god my basket!" Rivaella gasped, walking over and looking at it. "It's been years since I've seen it!"

"Sweetie, you were only a baby."

"Mummy, did Rivaella sleep in there?" Tegan said, popping up next to me.

"Yes." I smiled at her. "Now come on bridesmaid central, we have work to do!"


"Mum?" Rivaella murmered as I done her hair, her cradling Harmony, whilst the others had Tegan getting ready.

"Yeah sweetie?"

"Being a mum, is it worth it?"

"Of course! I would never be without you girls, especially you." I said, stopping and sitting down next to her. "Your my first born and I went through so much with you sweetheart. Your meant to be 5 years old, but look at you, your getting married! Why do you ask?" She bit her lip slightly and looked at me, as my eyes grew wider. "No?" I whispered as she smiled weakly at me. "Oh my god that's brilliant!" I said, pulling her into a hug.

"I'm scared."

"You'll be a brilliant mum sweetie." I said, pulling out of the hug and smiling at her. "You can always borrow her to practice." I chuckled, nodding at Harmony, staring up at us. Rivaella was the only one with my eyes, Tegan and Harmony had Jack's, blue and deep like whirlpools. "Christ you make me feel so old! Your meant to be 5 years old not getting married and being pregnant!"

"Mum." She sighed. "I love him I really do, but I'm scared."

"I know how you feel sweetie."

"I had most of my life away from you and Dad, and I can't bear the thought of leaving you guys again."

"Rivaella Kiara Harkness, you have your whole life ahead of you! You shouldn't be delaying it because of us."

"But you know as well as I do Daddy will be on his own forever, I don't want him thinking I just buggered off as soon as I was able to!"

"He would never think that darling." I smiled weakly at her. "Besides, we've got Tegan and Harmony to keep us busy."

"Mum, your always gonna be there if I need you yeah?"

"Always sweetie." I smiled, starting to well up as I gave her a kiss on the head. "Always." I whispered.


Tegan walked down the aisle next to Rivaella, holding her hand the whole way down before skipping over to us, Jack picking her up and sitting her on his lap. We all sat and watched the little girl we lost so many times, and watched grow within a year from a baby to a teenager get married.

We all lose things, and we go through pain. And life just fucks us around, but it's worth it. Cause after all the drama and pain, you can settle down and say yeah it was worth it, because of what we get out of it. Me and Jack got out girls out of it, even after all the heartbreak and danger, throught the tears and fighting, everything works out eventually. Because at the end of the day, me and Jack both knew we'd go through all of it again, just for our girls.


My name is Rivaella Kiara Harkness, daughter of Captain Jack Harkness and Gwen Cooper-Harkness. I am the proud wife of Matt Song and mother of Jack Harkness-Song and Amelia Gwen Harkness-Song. I live in Cardiff, but sometimes I live anywhere in time and space and I work at the Torchwood institute.

My name is Tegan Imogen Harkness, daughter of Captian Jack Harkness and Gwen Cooper-Harkness. I am the proud girlfriend of Tyler Owen Jones and we are expecting our first little boy in June; Ianto Geraint Jones. I live in Cardiff, and work at the Torchwood institute.

My name is Harmony Rhia Harkness, daughter of Captain Jack Harkness and Gwen Cooper-Harkness. I am the proud girlfriend of Kieran Harper. I live in Cardiff, and study at Cardiff University.

Our girls had made a name for themselves, and they were moving on with their lives, no more drama for me and Jack. Over the years a lot had happend, death, life, sex, drama, dissapearances. Rose had destroyed us, but here we were, bigger and better than ever. But all good things must come to a end, because I wouldn't live forever, but Jack would. And that day would come, but those girls would stand by his side, no matter what, and that's what kept me going, that's what made me strong.

My name is Gwen Elizabeth Harkness. In October 2006, I joined Torchwood and met the most mysterious man in my life, he's saved my life in so many ways, he can never die and he's given me a life I could only ever dream of. The galaxies may burn and they earth could be covered in Daleks, more sex aliens could appear and turn everyone to dust, but nothing would stop that day, over my dead body, I was pregnant with his baby, and I knew we were gonna be happy because I love him. And on that day, I married him. I had Rivaella, and more despair came, but now is not the time to dwell on the past. We got her back and I had Tegan, then eventually Harmony.

Today is where I finish my story. Not like when I saw Canary Wharf burn. This is my last story, there isn't much more to tell. We have finished everything now, a new generation has begun. We may be ending but:

Torchwood will live on forever...