Metallic Disaster



I can never forget it…

I can't believe it's only been a year and yet my peace is over.

After everything I put up with, I have still failed to have the well-deserved peace.

It was last year since he disappeared. No trace of him anywhere.

It took me a while to get the fact that Cooler was missing…

I chose not to believe in it. I asked questions: Where did he go? Where was he last seen? Can you help me find him? What's happening? Why won't anyone talk to me truthfully?

My family, my friends, my co-workers lied through the skin of their teeth. They tried to avoid the fact of telling me what I demanded: Truth.

Cooler went off to his Planet Trade Organisation mission and hasn't came back since, I prayed and prayed and prayed, I pleaded for King Cold to help me, I beg Queen Winter to tell me the truth, but the nervous glances everyone gave back told me something has happened. I asked them if Cooler was coming back. Their silence told me everything. They wanted to keep me calm. They knew that I would rage out. I wouldn't have raged so much if they simply told me the truth. But no. Telling the truth was too hard for them.

Ever since that moment, that very feeling that struck me, I forced everyone in the same room as me and demanded the truth.

Then they told me.

Cooler was missing, assumed dead.

That was when my worse nightmare came true, and I burst into tears.

I understood why everyone tried to not tell me, but at the same time, I had every right.

I remained silent, dwelling in my own gloom, shutting myself down from everyone I have known and loved. No one deserved my company but myself. They all had the grief to not tell me the truth, to leave Cooler's assuming death a mystery. And how long where they planning that for? It has fazed me.

I wanted no one with me. Salza insisted that he stayed by my side. I said no. Doore comforted me. I rejected it. Mizuki and Zakia tried to cheer me up. No. I blocked that too.

I was only alive when I asked King Cold to help me search for him, and his answer was:

'Is it even possible that we can find someone that has died long ago?'

It would have been possible if everyone acted immediately.

I blocked everyone. I hated everyone.

Soon, my tears of fury and grief were forgotten and all that was left out of me was a drained, saddened soul. A yellowish murk of detestation. A cold, cold flame of hatred within me. Lack of trust. My eyes were glacial and revealed nothing anymore. I was silent, and preferred to keep it that way…

Though in the shadows, my eyes were constantly sheened, blurred with heartbroken tears, full of pain.

I was unforgivable.

I only trust this little black journal, something that won't react to my true, hidden feeling, won't mock me or even lie to me like everyone else.

I can't trust anyone anymore. Not even myself. Everyone believes in the lies, the easy ways out. They all believe that he's truly gone. I, on the other hand, have overcome this step. I don't think Cooler is dead. I will not allow death to override me and mock me again like it has done in the past.

Besides, if Cooler was really dead, then why does my Handfasting marking still show?

"Till death do us Part," The vows once said.

It is now my life's duty to search for him. I will prove everyone wrong. I KNOW he's alive! From what Universe, I do not know, but I promise you Cooler, I will find you. Forget about the Planet Trade Organisation. I don't care about the Royal Family anymore. I have done too much for people.

It's about time I do something about it.

Don't worry Cooler. I'm coming for you, even if it means death…


Hey all, this is Wario-Girl, formally known as Salverto. I decided to get active with and start posting my Dragnball Z fanfictions ^^ I want to see what others think of it. I post them on deviantArt and they're getting pretty good views so far. I will post my other Dragonball Z fanfiction, 'Frostbite', which happens BEFORE this! For known, enjoy what I have so far ;)