HeaVenLy BroKeN

"I'm falling apart, I'm barely breathing with a broken heart that's still beating," the blonde said as

she turned away from Ashley and got into the car leaving towards the airport. The chestnut curly hair girl

couldn't move, she swallowed hard before she fell to her knees, crying..."What have I done?" she barely whispers.

Chapt 1: They call her love

Ashley sings her first single, "She is Love" in the studio. Derek, Ashley's manager watches closely

as the brunette becomes emotional. "Okay, that's great! Perfect. Great job, Ashley. A seller!"

Ashley smiles, "Yeah? I knew it would be. It's for her."

Derek smiles, "She'll love it. Okay I'll see you back here in two days." Ashley leaves the recording studio

and hits the speed dial button.

*rings twice*

"Hey mom. It went great. Yup. On my way. Love you." Ashley ends the call and heads out.

Spencer is sitting on her bed studying for a particular test. She has to ace this test or she'll

never make it to where her heart wants her to be. Her phone beeps, rapidly.

"A text." She flips her phone on as she reads aloud, "I'm on my way home, baby. Call you later, lover. Mwah."

Spencer gives a small smile and sends a text back. She gets up, almost stumbling over her best friend, Scooter.

"Sorry boy, didn't see you." She walks into her cardboard boxed shape bathroom and stares into the mirror.

"I got a bad feeling Spence. A very bad feeling."

Chapt 1:(Flashback) I'll be the greatest fan of your life

Ashley and Spencer been friends for three years before they felt it was time to take it a step

further. But Spencer just ended a five year relationship with Kyla. Deep down Spencer knew she'd always

love Kyla but there was something about Ashley that intrigued her. That girl was a total mystery. She felt

compelled to open her book and begin reading. Sure, Spencer has her flaws so she did the only thing that

made sense was breakup with Kyla for 6 months and figure out if she really wanted to take a risk with

someone new.

Meanwhile Ashley never really dated, per se, in fact she was still a virgin when her and

Spencer began a romantic relationship. Ashley yearned to be with the right person romantically and

passionately, she felt she found it in the blue eyes staring back at her. The dark haired beauty came from

a strict Italian-American family. Very close-knit. Deep down she knew her family would still love her

after telling them about her sexuality but on the surface of her heart she questioned for awhile. She

introduced the shy blonde to her beautiful family. Spencer was extremely nervous just as nervous as Ashley.

Spencer felt like part of the family in no time...And Ashley couldn't be more happier that her family and

friends approve of the blue-eyed girl. But things changed quicker than quicksand...