WARNING: This chapter contains lots of blood and a fight scene. Just though I'd let you know. I'm not too great at writing fights, but I can try, right?

Just a recap of names of the states so far:

Henry: Massachusetts

Martin: Maine

Christopher: Vermont

Philip: Connecticut

Flora: Rhode Island

Alice: New Hampshire

The first thing that registered in my sleepy mind was a soft, fuzzy thing poking my face. Groggily, I opened my eyes to see one of my good friends, Flying Mint Bunny.

"No, flying mint bunny, I want to sleep..." I closed my eyes again in an attempt to return to dream land. I turned and curled up on the... sofa? I was sleeping on. How odd, I don't remember falling asleep on the sofa. Come to think of it, I don't remember being sleepy either.

"A-arthur? Is that really you?" He squeaked out next to my head. How odd, he sounded almost... scared. Of what?

"Who else would it be?" I said sleepily, cracking an eye open to see the floating ball of fuzz. One thing I noticed this time I opened my eye was a large, fluffy feather in the corner of my eye. It seemed to be attached to something over me, but what?

I gasped when my hands found a hat of some sort. When did I put this on? More importantly, why was I wearing a hat as I slept?

Pulling it off my head I looked directly at the black fabric of it. It was a three point hat that had a massive, white plume socking off to the side. On the front of it was a design that made my blood run cold. It was a design simplistic of outlaws, of thieves. Of, privateers.

I stayed still as I just stared at the hat in my hands marked with a skull and cross bones.

When I was finally able to rip my eyes away from the hat, I looked at Flying Mint Bunny, who had taken to sitting on my lap. He sat there calmly, if not slightly worried. It was only then that I noticed what else I was wearing.

Jumping off the sofa, I made a mad dash for my full length mirror. What greeted me was something out of the 1500s. For some reason I was wearing my old privateering outfit, complete with the pistol strapped to my waist.

I stared in awe at the long, red overcoat that hung from my shoulders. It was beautiful with shining buttons that glittered gold. The edges of the coat were trimmed with a golden lace pattern. The tall boots were made of pitch black leather, strung together with laces of the same color. The pistol strapped to my waist, under the overcoat, was sitting in a holster made of similarly black leather. Under the over coat, my clothes were relatively simple. I was wearing a beige long sleeve dress shirt with dark brown pants. Honestly, I looked sharp. I looked powerful and strong, just like my days as an empire.

My only question now was why was I wearing this outfit. I don't remember changing, so how did I get into it? I walked slowly back to the sofa where Flying Mint Bunny still sat. On my way back, I noticed all the destruction in my house. Furniture had been toppled over; glass lay shattered on the floor, and there was a bullet hole in my wall near the stairs. Did I actually use the pistol? If I did, who did I try to shoot? Were they still here?

I sat back on the sofa and stared at the pistol. I looked in the barrel and it seemed to have been missing at least two of the six bullets in the barrel. I had been shooting at someone, but whom?

"Flying Mint Bunny," I started feeling increasingly worried and confused, "What exactly happened here?"

He stayed silent for a while before sighing and flying over to sit on my shoulder. "Are you sure you want me to tell you?" he squeaked, looking at me with his huge, expressive eyes. They were filled with worry and, was that... guilt?

"Yes, I am quite sure. I would like to know why my house has been destroyed, leaving me in... this," I gestured to myself.

"Okay, but don't get mad if you don't like what you hear. Just remember that I didn't see absolutely everything"

Arthur suddenly stopped making any noises at all. The silence overtook the two men in the room. The lack of any noise was starting to upset Alfred. His face was scrunched up in a mixture of confusion and guilt.

He watched as Arthur slowly stood from his place on the ground. His back was to Alfred, but he could tell something was different about the little British man. He radiated something akin to ferocity.

"Ye shouldn't of gotten 'im so upset, Alfie," Arthur said with a smirk on his face. "Then again, I should be thanking you. If ye hadn't broken that cup, I might have never gotten free." Arthur sauntered over to the shocked American. "Too bad ye don't deserve my apologies," he whispered the last part into Alfred's ear before shoving past him and walking towards his room.

After finally snapping out of it, Alfred ran franticly after him. What was going on with his Brit? Be attempted turning the nob of Arthur's bedroom door, but it was locked.

"Arthur? Arthur! Are you okay?" Alfred yelled through the door.

He waited patiently for a response and was just about ready to break down the door when he finally replied. "That's Captain Kirkland to you, lad!"

Alfred was shocked and slowly backed away from the door. /He/ was back and where he went, trouble followed. He quickly ran through the house, looking for his states.

"Hey, everyone, everyone! Wake up! We gotta leave!" he screamed, running down the hall. Alfred had a slight twinge of fear in his voice. He tried to hide it, but he was starting to panic more as the seconds ticked passed. He was the only living person able to make Alfred panic like this. He prided his self on being able to hold his own against practically anyone and anything, even Russia.

"Hmm?.. Dad? What's goin' on?" Alice mumbled as she and Chis made their way out of the room they shared. Chris was looking especially worried about what was going on.

"No time to explain! Just gather your brothers and sister and get out of the house!" He directed towards Alice. "If you can, go back home, I'll meet you in D.C." Alfred barely finished talking before he heard a loud boom.

"O-oh god, Wh-what was th-that?" Chris stuttered and clutched onto his little stuffed moose tightly.

"Shit, he's found the pistol," Alfred muttered. "Go!" he yelled to his two states. He watched as the scattered, looking for the rest of New England.

"Ah, there ye be, Alfie," Captain Kirkland said in what could have been a seductive tone, but Alfred knew better than to fall for that. He turned to see that the Pirate had managed to sneak up on him. The first thing he saw was those beautiful emerald gems that were his eyes, half-lidded and serious looking. It shocked Alfred to say the least, but he had to stand his ground.

When he saw the rest of the Brit's outfit, he felt his heart drop. He was back into his old pirating outfit. It was a dangerously seductive looking outfit to those who'd never seen him in it before.

"Hiya, Artie" Alfred sneered, immediately regretting the tone when he was forcibly pushed up against the wall by the shorter man.

"Ye never were one for manners, were you, boy?" Captain Kirkland smirked when he saw the faint flash of fear in Alfred's eyes. "Didn't I just say to call me Captain Kirkland?" Alfred darted his eyes back and forth, looking for a way to escape. He couldn't find one, but what he did see was Alice holding back Henry. He looked like he wanted to punch Captain Kirkland right in the face, but luckily Alice was there to stop him. Alfred let out a sigh of relief when they finally disappeared down the stairs.

"What do you sound so relieved about?" Kirkland snarled and turned just in time to see the last of Alice's hair as she descended the stairs. "Ah, I see, tryin' to get them away? Hmmm?" Kirkland pulled out a knife from a slot next to his pistol. "Nice try, but not happening," He plunged the knife into Alfred's precious bomber jacket, effectively pinning him to the wall. He pushed with enough to cut through the tough leather and into the wall. Kirkland smiled before pulling away and walking towards the stairs.

"H-hey! Get back here!" Alfred yelled while he desperately tugged at the knife. He was unable to dislodge it and opted for just removing the jacket completely. He ran to the stairs where Kirkland was standing. He had his gun drawn and pointed at something down the stairwell. That something was Alice trying to get everyone down the stairs. His first instinct was to tackle Kirkland, so that's what he did.

Unfortunately, he forgot about gravity and they both tumbled down the stairs and crashed into the wall at the bottom. Alfred groaned in pain, but didn't have a chance to right himself before he was roughly being picked up by the collar of his shirt. He turned to see the last of New England running out the door and away from the dangerous Briton.

"How dare you!" Kirkland hissed and threw the struggling man down the rest of the stairs. "And here I thought we could have a nice family reunion," He smirked and Alfred struggled to get back up. He had a gash somewhere on his head and was oozing red blood that quickly matted in his normally neat, blond, hair. His arms were covered in red marks that were sure to bruise and his legs fared no better. "But I guess, as usual, you had to ruin it. You filthy excuse for a nation!" He spat and began to reach for his pistol again only to notice it had been lost when he was tackled.

Alfred, noticing his lack of weapons sprang into action and reached pulled out his own gun, only to forget it was in the jacket he left pinned to the wall upstairs. "Shit," He swore. He hated not having his jacket ever and this is one of the many reasons why.

"Seems like neither of us has anythin' left, hmm?" Kirkland smirked before picking his hat back up off the floor where it had fell. Straightening it, he walked towards Alfred who was beginning to feel dizzy from blood loss. He was swaying side to side as he tried to keep his footing. The gash on his head was now bleeding so much that it began to drip down onto the floor, staining the wood. "Getting dizzy are ye?" Kirkland could only smirk as he tried to wipe away some of the blood from his face, but only ended up smearing it across his face.

"N-no, of course n-not," Alfred said weakly. He felt like the room was spinning and he couldn't do anything to stop it.

"I think you are~" Kirkland suddenly appeared at his side faster than Alfred could process through the fog that currently covered his mind.

"G-get away from me!" He tried to punch Kirkland, but only swung into air as he ducked.

Kirkland laughed at the feeble attempt to stop him. He couldn't get a hold on those states, so why not have the next best thing? He ducked behind Alfred and gripped both of his arms, quickly causing the larger man to flail in an attempt to free himself. Kirkland pushed down and Alfred couldn't help but let out a little cry of pain before falling silent.

"There, now was that so hard, scrumpet?" Kirkland sneered into the weakened American.

"What the hell do you want?" Alfred finally said lowly.

"Hmm… not sure yet. Seeing as though those disrespectful brats are gone, I guess I'll be playing with you; as long as you don't pass out on me, that is." The look on Kirkland's face could make anyone's blood run cold. It was harsh and steely, but also sharp and seductive; a dangerous combination.

"Arthur! What's with all this noise? Some of us are trying to get some sleep!" Someone yelled from upstairs. It was only a matter of moments before Alfred went limp in Kirkland's grip and he almost dropped him, but not quite.

"Stay out of this Scotland, if ye now what's best," Kirkland snarled when said nation descended the stairs holding Alfred's jacket. He was now standing in a small pool to Alfred's blood holding said nation's unconscious body by his arms.

"Holy shit, Arthur what'd you do!" Scotland yelled and dropped the jacket on the stairs.

"That be Captain Kirkland, bilge rat!" He snarled, this time dropping Alfred onto the floor.

"Capt- shit! Not this again!" Scotland hissed.

"What? Are ye not glad to see me?" Kirkland sneered before trying to remove the red blood smeared across his hand.

Scotland's only response was to grab the nearest object, which happened to be a small bronze statue, and smash it across Kirkland's temple. He fell like a sack of potatoes as he was knocked unconscious.

"Of course I'm not happy to see you, Kirkland; you had better be gone by the time he wakes up, though,"

Sorry for the bloody and frightening chapter… It's just, pirate Iggy is violent (at least to me) and he has a lot of pent up aggression towards the states. He especially hates New England. Why? You'll have to wait and see~

Don't worry, Alfred will be fine, he's just a little unconscious. :}

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