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In the realms of Space, there are many creatures and aliens that appear to be odd, disturbing and mysterious.

The Icejin race is one most feared race in the Universe, with unlimited powers and they are cruelty incarnate. The great ruler of the Icejin race is known as King Cold.
King Cold, the King of the Universe (or so he says) has a loving wife called Queen Winter and their son, Cooler. For the Icejin race, they were a loving, caring Royal family, but many feared them and they worked closely together in the Planet Trade Organisation. For several victorious years, King Cold and Cooler successfully worked across the vast space of the Universe, father and son, while Queen Winter would stay home, and a few years gave birth to the child of King Cold. The youngest son was called Frieza.

But once Frieza was born, the family began to crumble down. One-by-One, things became wrong, so many incidents spewed between the family members. King Cold became obsessed with his youngest son, forgetting about Cooler, pushing him aside from his attention. Queen Winter could see the pain that Cooler hid in his eyes. For some time, they have fought against each other. Cooler and King Cold often fight with each other as Queen Winter would separate them and Frieza would stir the hatred around to his older brother. Queen Winter expected this, but once she realised that the flames of hatred and spite were not going to fade away, she spoke to Cooler in private, telling him that it was okay if he wished to work away from the family. But Cooler protested that he was planning to leave unexpectedly anyway. This hurt Queen Winter unpleasantly, and when Cooler left the family, she was enraged. She spoke to King Cold, disgusted with him paying attention to Frieza and rejecting Cooler as his son. King Cold was unmoved and feeling that she had had enough, she decided to take a break from King Cold, hoping that it would knock some sense into him. King Cold pretended not to care, but when he was living alone with Frieza for two years, the heartache began to hit him.

With the Royal Family splitting, the Icejin race panicked for their future, and after Frieza's attack on Planet Vegeta, the multiple races that worked for the Royal family heard word that Frieza was planning to betray them. This gave the Icejin race a bad name, and because of Frieza's foolishness, his home planet was unexpectedly attack by surviving men, from Saiyans to Mutants, and everything was destroyed. It was a frantic battle, but even the village Icejins could do nothing from the growing army of enraged races.
Everyone died except for one unpredicted Icejin child.

Our story takes place on an unexpected soul, an unforeseen creature that is stereotypically feared and hated. This is about the Icejin Royal family and the Icejin child called Bitter. From her young age of 12 in human years, Bitter hid from the rampage of the fighters and spent the remains of her childhood living in the wilds, self-teaching herself to fight and tried hard to survive alone with no family and friends.

After seven years, Bitter started from being a homeless wild-child to be a warrior under the name of Prince Cooler.

Bitter's family were Royalist, just like many other Icejin families, and she knew very well who Cooler was. She was pleased to be accepted under his commandment.
But from the young age she first encountered death, she grew to realise that people were afraid of the Icejin race and they were eager to kill them all to extinction. Bitter was a brave and strong fighter, but deep within, under her flesh and bones she was still a terrified child, her nightmares constantly reminded her of why her race was killed, and she was frightened of eyes turning to her. Even with an Icejin Boss, she was far too afraid to speak to anyone or anything. She was much too shy to talk to Cooler personally and she often worked in the shadows for him. She hid her features, concealing herself with a full suit and armour from Cooler's Squad, and always wore a black cloak with a hood to hide her Icejin features and appearance. No one knew what species she was and she often referred herself as part of the Race of Hera because of her icy-blue skin.

She worked under Cooler's commandments for the rest of her life, making friends with almost everyone on the ship, and they were all men. Most of them saw Bitter as a male, but her closest friends Salza, Neiz and Doore knew she was female, but told no one about her.

But one day, she knew that someone was going to look through her blood-red eyes and that is the very day she dreads every day.

Author's Notes:

Hello, it's Salverto/Wario-Girl. This is my first Icejin/Frieza's Race fanfiction for Dragonball Z. I do hope you all like it. I've worked reall hard on it. ^^ I won't be writing the Disclaimer's part on every document, so I'll write it here and at the end: Thank you all ;)


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I only owe my OCs and this fanfiction. Akira Toriyama is GOD!