E/O Challenge: Faint – 100 words on the dot!

2x02 – Dean deals with it by not dealing with it.

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"It's hot as hell, you've been out here for hours and I can smell the booze from here. Time to deal."

"Christ… I am. This is how I deal."

"Ignoring it and getting shit faced won't make it go away."

"Works for me."

"I can't tell you how unhealthy that is."

"Don't try, you might pop a vessel."

"Just drink some water before you drop okay? Booze doesn't help."

"M'head… dis'grees…"


"M'fine, just…"

"Easy man."


"You fainted. Seems your healthy method equals heatstroke."

"s'all good…"

"How is that good?"

"M'fricked up…."


"so... can't think…. awesome"

"Jesus Dean."

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