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Sango let out a muffled groan into her pillow before rolling over. She looked at her clock for a moment. As she processed what time it was, her eyes widened and she rolled out of bed; literally. She hit the floor with a thump and swore as she hopped onto her feet. She ran to her dresser and changed into a pair of purple sweatpants and a grey t-shirt. She brushed her hair into a high ponytail after tugging on a pair of her worn-out converse. When she got into her black Camry with her messenger bag, her phone began to ring.


"You're late. Where are you?"

"Keep your pants on. I'll be there in ten minutes."

"You should've been here a half an hour ago."

"Oops. My bad, gotta go. Bye."

Sango rolled her eyes as she tossed her phone into the passenger seat. She stopped by a neighborhood coffee shop for her daily coffee before heading toward her destination; her oh-so famous studio. She spent almost six out of seven days of the week there. She either took pictures or edited them for perfection. Sango had been a bit reckless the night before and stayed at her studio till two o'clock in the morning going through and editing her pictures from a previous shoot. She just prayed her possible client would spare some mercy.

"Sango!" her assistant, Shippo called from the doors of her studio as she pulled in. She got out of the car with a fake smile plastered on her face as she approached the young fifteen year-old boy that just adored her and secretly liked her younger cousin, Kirara. "Myoga is not happy about your timing."

"Thanks for the update," she smiled as she gave his head a sisterly pat and walked into the building. Going straight to her office, Sango gulped down almost half her coffee before going in. Sitting in the chairs opposite of her desk were Myoga and his client Inuyasha Taisho.

Myoga was a midget of a guy. He was chubby and bald with the features of a flea. Inuyasha was one of the hottest guy models out there. He had long silver hair that went past his waist with white dog ears on the top of his head that girls went gaga over. His eyes were a striking yellow topaz color and he had a devilish smile.

"Taking our time were we?" Myoga grumbled as Sango took her seat at her desk.

"I'm so sorry. I was up late last night editing some photos," she replied, trying not to sound sarcastic. "Now what kind of pictures would you like me to take?"

"Wait! How do I even know you aren't some kind of fake?" Inuyasha snarled, eying Sango's sloppy attire. Myoga elbowed him, but he ignored it. "Trying to cheat people?" Getting aggravated, Sango bent down and dug through her messenger bag. She flung a folder at Inuyasha, who expertly caught it.

"My proof is the picture," she said calmly. Inuyasha opened it and felt his jaw drop. A raven-haired beauty was in a strapless red dress with a black belt encircling her waist and red pumps to match. Her wavy hair fell to her waist as she tried to stand on her tippy-toes and put up mistletoe on the ceiling. She biting her bottom, plump lip with her face contorted with concentration. It was a cute picture with a splash of sexy from the daring dress she was wearing. "I call it 'Hot-liday Kisses'," Sango explained proudly.

"Who's this chi- I mean girl?" Inuyasha asked, his eyes glued to the picture.

"She's actually a popular client of mine. Now, as I was saying before, what kind of pictures will you be needing?" Sango asked politely, taking the photo and folder back.

"Inuyasha and one of his model buddies need a portfolio of pictures for an audition for the upcoming TV series 'One Last Rose'," Myoga clarified. He handed her a script with the parts 'Derek' and 'Lucas' highlighted. "Feel free to spend a few days reading through the script to get a feel for both characters. Inuyasha will be auditioning for Derek and his friend is going for Lucas. We'll be back here as soon as you call and I'll be paying for both; let's say, a couple of grand for each photo? I'll let you think on it. I guess that's it and we'll be taking our leave." He and Inuyasha left and as soon as they left Sango hopped out of her chair and whooped with glee.

"What happened, Sango?" Shippo questioned with a raised eyebrow as he walked into her office.

"I just got an amazing job offer!" she replied. She picked up her phone and dialed her best friend that was a model, Kagome.

"Kags! Guess what?"

"What? Sango, you know I'm not good at guessing."

"I got an awesome offer for a photo shoot that's for two people that pays a few grand for each photo!"

"That's wonderful, Sango! How about we meet at Tat's for a celebratory dinner around eight?"

"Sounds great! I'll see you then. I'm going to go see if I can catch them and go ahead and meet my models."

Sango slipped her phone into her back pocket as she dashed into the parking lot, catching the two men by surprise.

"I'll take the job," she said, a little bit out f breath.

"Wonderful! We'll meet you at this Italian restaurant named Stone Gates at eleven. I'm sure you'll like Inuyasha's model buddy." Sango nodded with joy. She watched them leave and felt happy until she realized something. She'd have to deal with two models at the same time. Sango groaned inwardly as she sauntered back into her office.

Sango hated working with models. Simple as that. She loved taking pictures, especially of nature; it was an exquisite talent of hers. The problem is that, nature photos don't make money, pictures of hot, famous people do. And with the hot, famous people came with their shitload of problems. She remembered she had a band called the 'Band of Seven' and one of the guys, Jakotsu, was gay. He kept flirting with Shippo and Sango was afraid he'd scarred the boy for life. Also, all of them were bitchy, whores, douche bags or any of the sort; with the exclusion of Kagome. Kagome was probably the only nice, caring model out there.

Deciding to clear her mind of her hatred, she decided to go through her pictures and edit the ones that needed it.

Sango stood outside of Stone Gates at 10:50. She had gone home and changed into a pair of dark skinny jeans and a forest green blouse with black flats. She tried to regulate her breathing and try to convince herself that her models could possibly be nice guys… Or total sons of bitches. A few minutes later, Inuyasha, Myoga and another young man arrived.

Inuyasha was dressed in ripped jeans and a red muscle shirt. Myoga was dressed a bit more business like in slacks, but ruined it by wearing a black sweatshirt. The nicest one dressed was the last young man who was wearing khaki slacks and a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He had brownish-black hair that probably came right above his shoulders, but he tied it into a rat tail. His eyes were indigo with flecks of violet and lavender and from what she could see, he was lightly tanned and quite muscular.

"Good afternoon, Sango," Myoga greeted. "You know Inuyasha, but here is his friend, Miroku Houriki." He gestured to the other young man who took Sango's hand and bent down to kiss the back of her hand.

"Nice to meet you, Miroku," Sango said, quickly pulling her hand away before he could kiss it.

"Trust me Ms. Taijiya, the pleasure is all mine," Miroku smiled seductively.

"Uh, Sango's fine," she mumbled, blushing. The man grinned as they walked into the restaurant. Inuyasha sat beside Myoga, leaving Sango to sit next to Miroku. As they were looking at their menus, Sango felt something on her butt. She disregarded it until it squeezed her.

"Pervert!" she yelped, slapping Miroku as he recoiled his hand.

How Sango hated models.

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