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"You know, I heard that story 'bout Kag- Ka- my girlfriend," Inuyasha stated, his voice a slurred mess. "Da one 'bout her bein' drunk."

"That's wonderful, Inuyasha," Sango said in a dead pan voice.

It had been hours since Sango had whipped out her special holiday whiskey. It was nearing midnight, and they'd gone through about three bottles. Well, more like Kagome and Inuyasha did. Sango and Miroku were both completely sober while Kohaku was on the tipsy side. Everyone started with a half glass of the whiskey... Then from there, things went down hill. Inuyasha challenged Kagome to see who could drink more, and Kagome, forever stubborn, accepted. Kohaku had one glass and was still nursing his second glass rather lazily. Miroku was on his second glass, contentedly sipping his whiskey every few minutes. Sango was calmly drinking her whiskey like nothing, on her third glass. But Inuyasha and Kagome were on the fourth bottle, both having lost count of how much they had to drink.

"I think I'm gonna be sick," Kohaku mumbled. True to his word, a few moments later, the seventeen year-old ran to the bathroom. Retching and groans could be heard. "I hate you, Sango!" Kohaku cried before vomiting his contents once more.

"You'll hate me more in the morning!" Sango called back, unperturbed. Miroku chuckled, and hugged his lover around the waist. He took a small sip while Sango took a gulp. "I should get something fizzy down his throat," she sighed, standing up. Miroku quirked an eyebrow. "It helps with the vomiting. He'll thank me later. But he'll thank me right away when I give him the strongest coffee I own."

"I- Sangoo, let's- I wanna go to a strip club!" Kagome whined from her slumped position against Inuyasha.

"No," was the firm answer.

"But, Sangoo!" Kagome continued to whine.

"Drink this before you puke over Miroku's furniture," Sango said, dodging the insistence of going to a club. Two cans of Sprite landed in Inuyasha's and Kagome's laps. The couple shared a bemused look before shrugging and downing the soda. Sango rolled her eyes and disappeared into the bathroom where her younger brother was still throwing up. A few moments later, Sango reappeared and tugged Miroku from his couch.

"Wh- where you t-two g-goin'?" Kagome hiccuped.

"If you go to sleep, we'll go to a club tomorrow," Sango merely promised instead. Kagome's eyes brightened and she fell into a laying down position on the couch, taking Inuyasha with her. Inuyasha grunted tiredly and hugged Kagome to him, both promptly falling asleep.

"Do you plan on keeping that promise?" Miroku teased quietly as he guided her out to his balcony.

"If she's up to it tomorrow," Sango snorted. "She's far more wasted than she was two years ago if she wants to go to a strip club." She sighed and leaned into Miroku's warmth as they stared out to the city. "She's going to have a hangover tomorrow. And maybe I'll be nice and give her my special hangover coffee, but even with it, she'll probably still have a horrible headache."

"Inuyasha is probably going to burrow into some dark place for the day," Miroku chuckled. "The only other time I've seen him like this, he puked over his brother's Italian couch. The next morning he refused to move and glared at anyone who even glanced at him." He smirked. "Or maybe it's because Sesshomaru gave him a black eye."

"The poor thing," Sango giggled. "I guess they'll get to mope around together tomorrow."

A blanket of silence fell over them, but they were fine with that. It gave time to think. Sango let her mind become hazy, and basked in her thoughts of Miroku. If someone had told her she was going to be this in love with one day a year ago, she would've taken them to an insane asylum, but now... She would smile and point out she already was in love with him. There was this feeling she had when she was with him. As cheesy and cliche as it sounded, he made her feel safe. Like she fit in, like she was wanted. He had made such a huge impact in her life.

"I love you," Sango murmured, leaning up and placing a chaste kiss on his lips.

"I love you too," Miroku whispered back. He hugged her closer to him, and did some thinking of his own. He normally didn't do stuff like this. If you were to ask any girl he's ever been with to say something about him, all they'd be able to tell you about him is that he's good in bed. But Sango could say thousands of random things about him with that adorable smile on her face. He had one night stands. He didn't have a lover; he had lovers. Yet here was this amazing woman, loving him more than anyone had dared to before.

"Can I tell you something?" Miroku asked.


"Can you- can you see a future for us?" He swallowed the lump that was forming in his throat, and felt his mouth go dry. "Can you see us-"

"Growing old together?" Sango finished softly. "Having little kids of our own running around the house? Waking up every morning to each other's warmth and smiles?" She grabbed his hand and held it tightly. "Then yes. I can."

"Then, Sango," Miroku said, pulling away. He got down on one knee and pulled out a velvet box. He opened it and inside was a silver band in the shape of an infinity, two little diamonds in each loop. "Will you marry me?"

Sango stared at him for a moment, dumbstruck. Miroku mistook the look for one of doubt and went to put the box away when he found himself being tackled to the ground.

"Yes," Sango breathed. "Yes, yes, yes. A million times yes."


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