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Himeko Kurusugawa was getting herself into troubles ever since she got in the Mahoroba orphanage. She has been in orphanages since she was very young. She was told her parents died in an accident and nobody could possibly take her in. From age 7 she was left alone.

She got into the Mahoroba orphanage when she was 9, and then everything started. The troubles she was being caught in, that is. Himeko was the cutest child in the orphanage, but alas, the most troublesome.

Even though she was very cute as a girl can be, she kept up a boyish act. But she didn't go around pulling the girls' hair, make fun of them and play in the mud. She put herself in the position of the 'defender of the weak' besides running off to wilderness to spend some time alone with the creatures of the nature. She really did not like when somebody was teased or picked on. She did not like people crying or sad. She had to do something to keep a smiling face put, so she fought for those helpless and those that were being picked on.

Even at the beginning of her high school life, she was troublesome sort of; but she only sneaked out at night and after classes, into the forest, to enjoy the sounds of nature. Sounds of freedom. Something that was the only thing to fill emptiness that she felt.

A week flew by since Himeko left the orphanage to go to Ototachibana Academy as a high school student, and she felt like writing a letter to the friends that were still at the orphanage. She sat down one late night, when her roommate, Makoto, was sleeping tight.

'Dear sisters and friends from Otonaka orphanage

It has been a week since we had parted, and you must be wondering how the high school is treating me. It is really fun, I have a very playful and cheerful roommate that is my classmate as well.

The classes are not that hard for now, and I don't think I'll have too much problems with my grades, he he. The surrounding of the academy is very beautiful! The academy is enclosed from the forest, but I enjoy the nature in the school yard as well. No, sisters, I am not causing problems for the teachers. So far.

I am taking as many pictures as I can, so I could send them to you. And yes, I'll take pictures of me and my friends as well.

I don't have anything else important to say anymore, so I'll finish this with a picture of my favorite tree. Hope you are all doing well, write to me as soon as you can. Take good care of yourselves. I miss you all.

Love, Himeko Kurusugawa'

She took the envelope and put it in her pocket. Now, she could take a relaxing walk through the school yard. Unfortunately, for her that is; she couldn't jump over the railing that was keeping the academy away from the rest of the forest, so she had to satisfy her need with something less, but it was still nature.

The moon was almost full and the yard seemed almost haunted. 'Scary…' Himeko shivered but continued to the mailbox where students put their mail to be sent. Himeko took the longer road to there, wandering trough the dark woods, but she couldn't shake the feeling that she was being watched and followed. 'Naah, it must be my imagination. Who would be out at a night like this? It is really cold for spring, and this light fog is just making it look colder.' She continued the walk but the feeling still remained inside her and whatever she did, she couldn't shake it off.

'This night really gives me the creeps. I should just run to the box and run back to my room as fast as I can. I really, really don't like this feeling…' Himeko ran to the mail box and as she got there and put her letter in the box, she climbed the closest tree and looked around if she could see anyone. There were some movements in the bushes a few meters from the mailbox, but nothing more. Thinking how she should really be going fast, towards her room, Himeko looked at the next tree. She looked at the others as well. She thought about it a while, and decided.

She jumped from a branch she was standing on, to the next one that was thickest and closest to her. She continued jumping on other branches, climbing up the tree if she had to, to jump on a stable branch. After a few minutes she got to her window and quickly climbed up and shut it behind her. 'That was… pretty scary… I hope I'll manage to sleep tonight.' She came to her bed and lied down, waiting for another day to come.

It was lunch time and Himeko decided to go on a short adventure in the woods near the school buildings. 'The forest always kept me feeling safe, filled this emptiness that clenches my hearth from time to time. But just for a while. And here, in the wild, I always find something new to take pictures of. Is going trough the nature that bad? I never understood the sisters for worrying and telling me not to do that again… Why? The animals here are so beautiful, so precious.' She got a glimpse of an interesting sakura tree. 'Oh! My favorite! And now just to find the perfect flower and the prefect angle.' And she climbed up and started searching for the most beautiful flower on the tree.

After a couple of seconds as she climbed up, another girl came to the tree and sat down beside it, leaning on the bottom of the tree. She did not notice the carefree silly girl high up on the tree looking at branches full of buds and flowers. Himeko didn't hear the other girl too.

The dark haired girl sitting down at the bottom of the tree sighed. 'My God, these fans are so exhausting. How can anybody live with those around? Oh my, and even at lunch time they haunt me! It seems that I can't have a breather around them... And it has been only a year since I got in this school as a Junior high school student. Now I finally have some time on my own!' She sighed again and looked at the sky. 'But why do I still feel this empty when I'm alone? I... I wish I had a pet of some sort... or somebody normal... to keep me company, while I'm supposed to be alone...'

While the dark haired girl was continuing her thoughts, the blonde haired creature found the perfect flower and reached towards her camera to take a picture of it. After the click, she heard a loud gasp that made her jerk and drop her camera. Himeko got unstable after the jerk and, trying to get some balance, she reached towards the branch she was taking picture of and grabbed it. Unfortunately, it broke and fell down along with Himeko. She grabbed another branch, this time thicker while she was falling down, but her hand got sprained with the force of her fall and it let go of the branch, so she dropped on the ground.

Hearing a sudden 'click', the dark haired girl gasped, frightened at the thought that came suddenly into her mind. She felt something had fallen into her lap. A camera of some sort. She moved a bit away from the tree as she put it beside her and looked up just to something falling on her. Next thing she knew, she was on the ground with somebody on top of her.

"Ouchy!" Himeko massaged her head a bit 'cause she hit it into something that was not quite ground. She felt strange, she fell down a tree many times when she was a kid, but it never felt like this. Maybe there were some rocks that she did not see, she thought. She finally opened her eyes still seeing darkness and little stars in front of her. She felt something soft moving slightly beneath her, letting out a groan. 'Oh my God! I fell on someone!' She quickly jumped on her knees away from the person she was lying on as her vision cleared; not noticing the pain in her free hand, still holding the branch with flowers in her other hand.

The other girl that was still on the ground felt like she could breathe again. She had her eyes still closed. 'What... What was that? I heard a click and then... somebody fell on me. I swear, to God, if it's another fan, I shall murder them!' And she slowly opened her sapphires just to glance at amethyst. They stared at each other's eyes for a while and trying to pull their gazes from the other person's eyes, they roamed with their eyes all over the opposite person's body. 'I... who... who is she? She does not seem to be a fan of mine, thank God for that; and she looks so sweet so... beautiful... Who are you strange creature?' She noticed the uniform. 'Oh, so she's a high school student then. How is it that we have never met until now? I would certainly remember this face... and eyes... this beauty... My God, little miss, are you conscious of how dangerously irresistible and cute you look...?' She blushed slightly at her thought, continuing to devour every bit of the blond girl in front of her.

'Amazing eyes! Like the sky! And her skin is so pale... she is like a moon princess! No! Maybe a goddess! She... her beauty is so... magnificent! Who is this girl, I want to know. Never in my life have I met a girl like her...' And then she noticed the uniform. 'Well, of course she's a student... but how have I not seen her before? Where was she hiding, this beautiful blue eyed princess?' She held out a hand insecurely towards the dark haired girl, wanting to help her get up. Her hand trembled a bit from the nervousness and she stumbled on her words. "I-I am really sorry. I accidentally lost balance and fell on you. I hope you're not hurt much, miss..." she waited for a reply.

The dark haired girl blinked as the blonde creature started to talk. 'Oh my, what soft voice...' And she cut her off to say her name. "Chikane... Chikane is my name. And do not worry, I am quite fine, it was just a temporary pain, it is gone now. And do not apologize, you are not at fault here. By the way, are you okay? You are the one that fell from a tree. Are you hurt badly miss..." She felt warmth crawl slowly on her cheeks.

"Please, Himeko." She bowed slightly, retreating her hand from the other girl. "Himeko Kurusugawa, pleased to meet you... Chikane-san." She never used formality with people her age and a year or two older than her. She felt like they are at the same level. But this girl. This girl looked and moved like a princess, she did not dare talking with her like they were on the same level. She would have used -sama but she felt too embarrassed to call this girl like that, maybe she would thought her weird. But why was she worrying about what would this girl think about her? She never bothered with others' opinions about her, why would she now? All that just hit her like a train. She swallowed her spit. "F-first year. I live in the dorms." was the only thing she could let out from her mouth.

'Ah, Himeko? Beautiful! There is some similarity with my last name.' Chikane slightly smirked at that thought as she watched the blonde girl in front of her. 'And we are the same grade... but how in the world did I not notice her? In the hallway even? How?'

"I-I just got... here, in this school. I heard it has elementary and junior high as well... Have you been in this school from before?"

'Ah, she just got here, that's why she does not know who I am and why I haven't seen her before. An interesting piece of human creation, I might add. She seems so sweet.' Chikane decided to reply to asked questions. "Why, yes, this academy has it, including kindergarten as well. I must say I know this school pretty well even though I am attending it only for a year." 'And I barely made grandfather to let me go to a normal school. Being tutored 'till last year was a torture! I felt so asocial.' She flashed the blonde girl a smile while sitting up on the grass, looking at the latter's 'eager to listen' face. "Where are you from, Kurusugawa-san, if I may ask? Where did you live before this academy?" She kept her smile. 'My turn to ask questions, and I think I shall very much enjoy this talk.'

Himeko blushed, not knowing if to answer that question or not. She never had problems with telling people where she came from, but with this girl, she was tense all over. 'What will she think about me when she hear I am from an orphanage? Will she be offended that I am talking to her? She really seems like a princess, and I feel like I am not worthy of her presence. Maybe this is all stupid...' She gulped and answered. "Hi-Himeko."She tried again. "Please, call me Himeko." The girls smiled gently at each other and Himeko tried once again to continue the conversation. "A-a-and, I... I am from an orphanage... I got accepted onto this school this year and they put me in the dorms..." She was dreading the dark haired girl's reply.