I got this idea from an image I saw online. I couldn't help but think about what it would be like for the movie Titanic to have Hetalia character. Main pairing: USUK but there are many side pairings.

"Felix can you hear me? The ship should be right in front of you." Came in loudly through the intercom.

"Yes, I can like totally hear you. Don't worry so much Toris." Felix's said.

Through the small window in the submarine, Felix could just make out the outline of the famous ship. As they got closer and closer their headlights made the ship totally seeable. Allowing them to see the rotting corpse of the once magnificent ship.

"Alright lets head down into it." Felix said. He was determined to find his treasure, no matter how long it would take them.

Inside the ship was even more fascinating than the outside. It was as rotting as it was on the outside but all sorts of sea creatures and crustations had made their home here. Felix made a disgusted face, but piloted the ship through it all to where he knew his necklace was bound to be. Soon he entered the apartment, and moved to where the safe was. Buried underneath more rotting wood was the now rusted safe. Letting out a whoop of joy, Felix picked up the intercom mike.

"Toris! It's like totally here! Oh my God I can't believe it!" Felix squealed as he commanded the ship to go back to the surface, eager to open his safe.

When he got back to the surface, the celebration was well under way. There was even a news crew there. As soon as Felix got on board he gave Toris a hug, and got himself a glass of celebratory Champaign. Not even ten minutes later, a crew had the safe into position and was starting to cut into it. Felix watched eagerly as the opening finally came off, and brown tinted salt-water poured out onto the deck. The entire crew waited with baited breathe as Felix got down on his knees and started to empty everything out.

Paper disintegrated in his hands, there was a notebook that somehow remained intact, but other wise it was empty. Disappointment hung in the air like an ominous cloud, but as soon as the disappointment came it was gone. Felix jumped to his feet.

"Like, don't worry guys! There are other places it could be! And look, not everything that was in here was destroyed, come on lets get to work!" The crews energy restored they moved quickly to comply with their captain's request. Felix grabbed Toris and they went to talk with the news crew before they could leave.

In America, a fuzzy news feed came through the television.

"Some people are calling you a grave robber, what do you think of this?" The reporter said.

"Like there totally wrong. I'm not a grave robber, I just think that it's unfair to have a piece of our history down there." A very feminine voice came through the television.

"Well it was almost a hundred years ago that the ship Titanic fell down into the depths of the ocean right here. What have you discovered from the ship?" The reporter asked.

This time it was another voice. In America an old man stopped making tea to look at the television. "Peter turn the television up." He said in his distinct British accent. With a groan his grandson did as he was asked.

"Just yesterday we discovered this book of pictures, now its kind of inappropriate for younger children." The people moved aside and a hand drawn picture was shown of a naked man. Peter turned away in embarrassment. But the elder man couldn't look away.

"Well, bloody hell."


"Felix! There's a call for you!" Toris said, running up out of nowhere.

"Not now Toris! Were, like, totally launching right now!" He shouted. Who knew it could be so loud here.

"Felix seriously! Take the call!" Felix looked at how seriously Toris looked, and heaved a sigh. Grudgingly he took the phone.

"Hello, Felix here."

"'ello Felix, my name is Arthur Kirkland, I was just wondering if you had found the heart of the ocean yet." A British voice came through the other end.

The face Felix made was so funny; Toris couldn't help but start to laugh at it. Felix quickly recovered, but the shock was still evident in his voice. "Ok you have my attention, how did you know about the heart of the ocean?"

"Very simple, love, that picture you showed on the news? That was me."


"Felix if I had known that by taking that call you would have brought the guy all the way here, I wouldn't have given you the phone!" Toris whined. Felix just grinned.

"Toris don't worry! Its all going to be fine, this guy, Arthur might just be the way to find the necklace!" Toris just sighed as they made their way to the recently landed helicopter.

From the helicopter emerged a young boy in a sailor outfit and an old man. Nobody knew who the young boy was, but they all assumed it was safe to think that the old man was Arthur.

"Arthur Kirkland?" Felix asked. Arthur shook his hand with a nod of his head. "Great, I'll like show you to your room."

A couple of hours later, Felix and Toris brought them to where they kept all the things that they had brought up from Titanic. Arthur looked disinterested, while his grandson, who they had found out his name was Peter, couldn't have been more excited. It wasn't until they had come across his picture that Arthur showed the barest of responses. A small smile appeared on his face, a tear slipped down his face. Peter tugged on his sleeve.

"Was that really you?" He asked. Arthur nodded and turned to Felix and Toris.

"I supposed that you both want to hear about how I know everything." When they nodded Arthur moved over to the monitors that showed the Titanic, and sat down facing them.

"It all started when I was only 17, and the Titanic was known, as the ship of dreams."

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