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Chicago, August 2027

Six years later

Blaine took a settling breath, fingers tapping lightly on the steering wheel as he waited patiently. It was hard to sit still, as tired as he was, when their new home was sitting just a few feet from the driveway. He studied the front lawn and the side of the building that he could see from the van for about the fiftieth time since they'd pulled in. Nothing had changed from one minute to the next; the house was still neat and compact, two levels with an attached garage, a wide bay window in the front, and a front garden complete with hedges and a somewhat incongruous koi pond.

He glanced in the rearview mirror; Jace was sprawled his seat, his complete attention centered on whatever video game he was trying to beat on his handheld console. Blaine didn't think he'd looked up from the console for the last four hours, but that was par the course. Kurt said that their son had started in on his carefully-cultivated teenage indifference stage a few years early, and Blaine was inclined to agree.

Shifting his gaze over to the next seat, all he could see was a tangle of curly red hair; he looked over his shoulder instead and met his daughter's bright hazel eyes. Ruby beamed at him, bouncing her skinny, band-aid-peppered legs in time to some melody only she could hear.

"You guys okay back there?" Blaine said, more to fill the time than anything else. Kurt was taking a little longer than they'd expected with the realtor, and Blaine was more than ready to get out of this car after their six hour drive.

Jace made some kind of vaguely affirmative sound.

"I'm hungry," Ruby announced. "Is Daddy making supper?"

"Not right now, pumpkin. Just a little bit longer." Blaine took off his sunglasses absently, propping them on top of his head. "After Daddy gets back, we can go inside and get supper, and then you can help decorate your room and unpack."

"She can't really help," Jace said, his fingers flying over the pad of his game console. "She's just a little kid."

Ruby's face screwed up angrily. "I can, dummy," she retorted. "I'm not a little kid."

"You're the dummy, dummy. And you're only five."

"Jace, stop provoking your sister," Blaine cut in before the bickering could escalate. From the corner of his eye, he noticed Ruby's tiny fingers creeping toward her brother's arm. "Ruby, what did we tell you about pinching? Don't even think about it."

She withdrew her hand sulkily.

Fortunately, Kurt came out a moment or two later with the realtor; they shook hands and split ways: she to her car and Kurt to them.

Blaine smiled at him, leaning out the open window with an eager beat of anticipation pounding in his chest. "Well?" There was no reason to ask, really - everything had been settled months ago. But still . . . . It was their first house together, their first real house.

Kurt swung the key ring around his finger and grinned. "It's all ours."

The majority of their things had been shipped in a week earlier, and the house was covered in boxes and sheet-draped furniture. The four of them toured the house again; Blaine held Kurt's hand as they watched the kids explore.

"It's pretty big," Jace said. "Since we have a yard now, maybe we can have a dog."

"We'll see," Blaine hedged.

Kurt just smiled and said, "Your hair is a mess." He reached for the short, gelled blond spikes on Jace's head. Jace grumbled, but he let Kurt fix his hair - Kurt was really the only one who could get away with it.

"It's getting late," Kurt remarked as they trooped back down the stairs to the main floor. "I think we have enough supplies to make something for tonight, but we won't have time to unpack everything." He shrugged off his smart gray jacket and laid it over the covered sofa. "How do sandwiches sound?"

Jace perked up at the mention of food, following Kurt into the kitchen to speed the process along. Blaine chuckled and started to follow, only to notice that Ruby was hanging back, frowning down at her sneakers.

Blaine crouched down and tipped her chin gently. "What's wrong, pumpkin?"

"I don't like it here," she admitted after a moment, looking up to gauge Blaine's reaction.

"Well, it's a brand new house in a new place. We'll all have to get used to it, but I think you'll like it here soon. You'll meet lots of friends at school."

"But Mindy and Marina aren't here, Papa, and now I'm the only girl."

Blaine hid his smile at her petulant tone, but he understood how much she would miss her little cousins. Finn and Jocelyn's twins were sweet girls who idolized Ruby, and the loss of her favorite playmates wouldn't be easy. But Ruby was a boisterous, outgoing kid, and Blaine was sure that she wouldn't want for any friends at school. Still, it would be an adjustment for all of them.

Maybe Chicago wasn't New York, but it wasn't Lima either, and both he and Kurt had fallen in love with the neighborhood. This was the chance they'd been waiting for - a teaching position had opened up at a local elementary school, and Kurt's freelance work allowed him to go anywhere, so they'd leapt at the chance. It was a good, solid first step, and Blaine could see them being happy here, as hard as it had been to leave everyone in Lima behind again.

"It's okay to be a little sad at first; I am too," he told her. "But we'll do this together, and it'll be okay."

She gave him a slightly dubious look - he and Kurt couldn't pull anything on this one - but apparently decided that he was being sincere. Her frown eased a little, and she let him take her hand and lead her to the kitchen.

Kurt glanced at them as they came in from the breakfast bar, his quick eyes taking in Ruby's expression and her tight grip on Blaine's fingers, and his face softened with sudden understanding.

"Food's ready - we've got to wash up first," Kurt reminded them. Since Ruby's step stool was in some box somewhere, Kurt held her up while she washed her hands. When she was done, he swooped her up, making her squeal, and gave her a tight hug; Blaine ushered Jace into the dining room, but he could hear Kurt whispering reassuringly to her, and when they came out, Ruby looked like her cheerful self again.

Tired as they were after so many weeks of constant work and motion, all four them were ready to go to bed by eight. Mattresses and sheets were unearthed; beds were made, pajamas were unpacked, and Blaine plugged in Ruby's nightlight as Kurt tucked her into bed with her plethora of stuffed animals for company; Jace lingered in the doorway, brushing his teeth and pretending not to listen to the bedtime story Blaine was reading.

"We'll just be down the hall," Kurt told her when the book was done, smoothing the sheets over her shoulders. "You can come get us or call for us if you're scared, okay? I know it's a new place, but we're right here."

"I'm not scared," Jace proclaimed with all the bravado of a nine-year-old who considered himself absolutely grown up.

His sister looked more hesitant. "I don't like monsters."

Jace rolled his eyes. "There aren't any monsters, Ruby. I'm right next door anyway, and I know karate, remember? If there were monsters, I'd chop them all up."

Ruby's pinched look faded a little. "You promise?"


Once both kids were safely ensconced in their rooms, Blaine and Kurt finally made it to their own bedroom - it looked oddly bare despite being filled with boxes, but the bed was made, and Blaine gladly flopped down face-first on the mattress. "Oof."

"Tired?" Kurt asked, sounding amused.

"Exhausted. Who knew moving with kids would be so complicated?" He rubbed his eyes and let his body sink into the bed. "I think I was seriously considering just throwing the two of them into boxes."

Kurt laughed.

A hot shower washed away the worst of Blaine's aches and pains, but he was still ridiculously eager to crawl into bed. The heating hadn't quite kicked completely in yet, so he grabbed warm pajamas from the drawer and was just buttoning his shirt when Kurt reappeared in the bedroom.

"The kids are settled in," he said as he shut the door. "I think they'll be fine tonight - it was a long day for all of us, and they're tired too. I called Dad to let him know we got in okay."

"That's good," Blaine said absently, rooting around in his bath kit for his toothbrush. "How's everyone?"

"Fine. Carole wanted to know where we're having Christmas this year." Kurt slipped off his robe, folding it carefully onto the bedside table.

"What do you think about hosting it here?"

"My parents, Finn, Joss, and the twins, Rod and Sheila, and your mother all at once? It's dangerous, Blaine."

"That's the fun part, don't you think? Everyone can fit, now that we've got a bigger place."

"The kids will be spoiled rotten," Kurt reminded him. "Five grandparents under one roof."

"They're good kids, and they're spoiled already anyway."

Kurt snorted as he turned down the sheets. "You're determined to keep me optimistic, aren't you?"

"It's my job." Blaine ducked back into the bathroom to brush his teeth.

"We'll have to get everything set up tomorrow," Kurt was saying as Blaine came back in, his voice a little muffled as he pulled his shirt over his head. "We need to register with the kids' new school for the fall and find a pediatrician." He folded his shirt carefully and reached for his pajamas. "You're going to have to take Jace to that new karate studio for his lessons this week, because I'll be working late on Thursday." He crawled into bed, and Blaine immediately rolled on top of him.

He hugged Kurt for a moment. "We have a house," he said happily.

Kurt's fingers skated along his arms. "We do."

Kurt was warm and smooth underneath him, and something hot and pleasant tugged in Blaine's stomach, sending a frisson of interest through his exhausted body. "Do you think the kids are asleep yet?" he murmured, nuzzling his face into Kurt's throat.

Kurt's smile was conspiratorial, and he propped himself up on his elbows, listening for a moment. "I don't hear anything," he said, "but the walls are thicker here. They looked like they were out when I checked."

"Lock the door and come here," Blaine commanded. "I haven't seen you all day."

"We've been sitting in the same car for six hours, Blaine."

"You know what I mean." He watched Kurt slip away, nearly invisible in the dark - the lock clicked softly, something rustled, and then Kurt was back in his arms.

"You're naked," Blaine observed wisely, smoothing his hands up and down Kurt's back.

"Mmm. However could you tell?"

A witty rejoinder was on the tip of Blaine's tongue, but then Kurt's tongue was dragging ever so slowly along Blaine's collarbone, and he decided he didn't care if he had the last word or not.

Kurt's nimble fingers hooked into his shirt, sliding buttons aside and parting the cloth. Cool air prickled against his chest, raising gooseflesh, and he urged Kurt onto his side so that they lay face-to-face, letting his lips wander teasingly across Kurt's face before claiming his mouth again.

Who knew how long they lay there kissing - Blaine certainly didn't care to find out, absorbed as he was by the wet, silky press of Kurt's very adept tongue. They had all night, after all, and a fairly decent chance of not being interrupted for once.

One kiss bled into another, and Blaine let himself sink into it, lapping eagerly at Kurt's lower lip, curiously venturing inside as Kurt's hands began to card through his hair. The kiss deepened, and the heat in Blaine's belly sparked, sending little shocks down to his toes; Kurt was plastered up against him, his hips beginning to sway.

"I love kissing you," Blaine whispered.

He could see Kurt roll his eyes, though a smile flirted at the edges of his mouth. "Stop talking."

He kissed Kurt's neck as Kurt finished undressing him, finding a particularly sensitive spot and sucking until he left a decent mark. His hands skimmed all over the exposed flesh, along his ribs and down his sides and even around his arms; Kurt bucked up into Blaine's hips unashamedly now, his breathing labored.

Eventually, Blaine migrated down the smooth stomach, and he mouthed the impressive outline tenting Kurt's briefs before he slipped his fingers under the elastic and slipped them off. Kurt hummed happily, letting his fingers curl loosely into Blaine's hair.

"What do you want to do?" Blaine asked, tossing the briefs off the bed. "I'm fine with anything."

"Blowjobs, probably, since you were heading there anyway. I'm too tired for anything else."

Blaine snorted like a thirteen year old at 'heading' and kissed Kurt's stomach, breathing in the smell of their favorite body wash and letting himself feel the way Kurt's muscles shifted and twitched under his skin.

Kurt was flushed and hard, his cock already slick, and he tensed as Blaine mouthed at him briefly before taking him down - his head tipped back onto the pillow, his legs parting to give Blaine room to move.

Closing his eyes, Blaine sucked lazily, smoothing his hands up and down Kurt's hipbones, feeling his stomach contract and release, the warm skin sliding, slithering against his palms. Kurt was sighing, moaning so softly that Blaine could hardly hear him, his fingers raking gently across Blaine's scalp.

The room was quiet except for Kurt's quiet groans and the somewhat obscene noises coming from Blaine's mouth. Blaine had a special fondness for nights like these when everything was still and slow and calm, and he could lose himself counting Kurt's breaths and memorizing the curve and dip of the small of his back and studying the tiny shadows that his eyelashes cast in the corners of his eyes.

Tired as they both were, it didn't take long. Kurt's hips stuttered and then jerked once, his heels digging into the mattress, and Blaine braced his knees and watched greedily.

He loved this part of sex, the way that Kurt somehow managed to make his body lax and tense all at once, the way his eyelids fluttered and his mouth trembled in a tight little 'oh' as he came. He let go of Kurt as soon as he'd swallowed - Kurt was always terribly sensitive afterwards. Inching up the mattress, he held him instead, letting Kurt clutch his shoulders as he came down.

"Mmm," Kurt murmured, his body going limp and boneless with satisfaction.

Blaine kissed his cheek. "Good?"

"Wonderful," Kurt practically purred, kneading his hands up and down Blaine's back. Blaine enjoyed the affectionate touches, but he couldn't quite stop himself from rubbing up on Kurt's thigh - a backrub was all fine and good, but other parts of his body wanted attention too.

"So impatient," Kurt sighed tolerantly.

"Hey, come on, be nice to me. Remember whose dick was in my mouth a few minutes ago."

"That's a sentence I'd love to never hear again."

Blaine laughed, at least until Kurt swooped down and took him in with one fluid movement, and then Blaine didn't have the concentration to think, let alone laugh.

"Oh god," he breathed, his hips rolling up instinctively into the wet heat, and Kurt moved with him. His thoughts were in absolute shambles, so he gave up and just let himself feel, willingly helpless to whatever Kurt wanted to do with him.

Blaine sank back into the pillows and sighed; Kurt's arm was solid and reassuring around his waist, and once his mind started to emerge from the post-orgasm haze, he turned around and wrapped his limbs around Kurt.

"I love you," he sighed, burrowing his nose into Kurt's neck and savoring the comfortable scents of sex and Kurt and home.

"I love you too," Kurt said sleepily. "I should get a washcloth for us before we stain the new sheets."

"I'd rather stay here." Blaine squeezed him for emphasis.

Kurt was silent for a moment, and Blaine could feel him smiling against his shoulder. "So would I."