Mind Games

By Arlia'Devi

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~ Mind Games ~

Part One: Water

Because isn't all courting just a series of mind games?

IT WAS A HOT DAY IN FEUDAL JAPAN; A stinking hot day, in fact. So hot that yesterday Shippou had received a red-raw back when he'd taken off his robe to bathe in the cool river. He was now in Kaede's hut, moaning and complaining of the heat and his killer sunburn while the old priestess rubbed aloe-vera into his sensitive skin. InuYasha snorted at the fox demon's misfortune and told him to 'quit whining', 'cause it was his fault he'd received such a horrendous sunburn.

Outside in the sun, Kagome sat underneath the sacred tree, scribbling words into her notepad. The back of her light floral dress clung to her skin in sweat, her pores were hot and sticky and her hair had turned unruly from the humidity. So unruly in fact, that even in a ponytail, wayward strands stuck to the back of her neck and face. In her notepad were small doodles, a few lines from a song she couldn't get out of her head and a sketch of Miroku laying beside her.

InuYasha was above, in the tree. He seemed to like the way the cool breeze caught his robe; even if he wasn't wearing most of it.

True, half of his robe lay under Kagome's rear end: padding for the hard ground around the tree. He had stripped off the top half of his Hanoi and rolled the bottoms of his pants up, all in an effort to keep a certain amount of coolness. Miroku, however, battled the heat by sleeping through it. Careful not to get sunstroke, he nestled in to a shady portion of the tree trunk, where the shadow would not be removed for some hours by the sun's rotation. He promptly fell asleep in the cool shade, after wetting the ground damp from the river running through the town. He had been for asleep for at least two hours already.

Sango, and this was where Kagome was thinking of joining, was wallowing a part of the river which meandered near the Sacred Tree, perhaps only fifty metres from where Kagome sat. She was with Kirara, who, although the large cat hated water, was frolicking and allowing Sango to splash her, before rolling in the shallows. The water looked cool; and Kagome wanted to join, but she hadn't packed any swimmers and the bra she was wearing would be see-through. Plus there was that whole stigma with the bra and the bikini top: obviously not that different in design, but wholly different when seen in public.

The well was only a short walk away…

"I'll be back in a moment," said Kagome, climbing down from her crook in the tree.

InuYasha craned his head down. "Well, where ya going?"

"Back to my time for a while; I need to grab some things; it's going to be hot for a long time and I want to go swimming." She hauled her yellow backpack across her shoulders.

"Well," muttered InuYasha as he swung down to a lower branch. "Can I come?"

Travelling through time didn't always appeal to InuYasha, especially when the well only just opened up again. If the boy wanted to come, she supposed he would let him.

"Alright then," she sighed. "Just don't lag behind."

"Me," he drawled and skipped slightly to catch up with her. "Lag behind? Please!"

It had been three months since Kagome had reappeared in the feudal era after her agonisingly long three-year wait. She had not have known if InuYasha had moved on to another woman; if he had been killed, if he had run away, or anything. All the while, Kagome sat waiting in the modern era for the day she'd be able to cross over and at least find out. Dating had always been awkward; after leaving the feudal era, she finally agreed to date Hojo. One date and she called it quits; she couldn't bear to strain her heart, not when it chased InuYasha so devotedly.

Since her return, and subsequent reunite with InuYasha, Sango, Miroku and Shippou, things had been smooth. She visited on the weekends, almost every weekend and even some lazy afternoons or days she finished work early. In the modern world she had a job in fashion, worked often a nine-to-five day, but it was nice to come back and see them all: play and hang out, like old times.

The only thing that wasn't like old times, however, was the way InuYasha had been acting: all sensitive and calm, to her at least. It seemed to the rest of the group he was the same egotistical, snappy InuYasha. Sango argued it was because he'd recently settled down and was around the time in his life where he should be looking for a mate.

"A mate?" Kagome choked.

"He likes you; it's evident," replied Sango. "You like him, still?"

"Yes, I do, but… a mate?" stuttered Kagome. A mate – she never thought InuYasha would express desires to have a mate so openly. What was she saying? Of course she wanted to be with InuYasha; but it was practically like bypassing the courting and going straight into marriage.

"He's definitely thinking about it; demons rarely ever build houses, they sleep in dens or caves or the like," Sango picked up on the worried spike in Kagome's voice. "Kagome, you don't understand! It's not like he'll just ask you, he'll try to court you: a dog demon like him has an instinct to impress a woman he finds suitable; it's not like he'll just go in for the kill. Oh, wrong words, sorry..."

Ever since, InuYasha had been considerably kinder; offering to help Kagome carry heavy loads and giving her more soft reed to sleep on than he. Often he would offer her the last rice ball at lunch, pushing it towards her and pretending he was full: which both of them knew was far from the truth. Other things, like now, accompanying her on walks, were behavioural for InuYasha, even though he barely said a word.

"What do you need to get?" he asked casually as a cool breeze played with his long silver hair when they entered the clearing.

"I was thinking of getting some summer food."

Food. InuYasha smirked.

"…And I need to grab some clothes so I can go swimming."

"Why don't you just go swimming in that?" InuYasha pointed to her flowery dress.

"It's new," explained Kagome. "I don't want to ruin it by getting in the water."

"Do you think Miroku and Sango like each other?" he spoke when silence flooded through them. The well was only around twenty metres away.

"Of course they do."

"Well, I don't see Miroku doing anythin' for her. She always has to do it herself," scowled InuYasha, as if he was appalled at Miroku's effort in dating Sango.

"Women like Sango don't like men helping them out much; they don't like to feel weak. I'm sure they have their moments; they're very private."

"Do I make you feel weak Kagome?" asked InuYasha as he hitched a leg over the well. "All the stuff I help you with?"

"Of course not!" she laughed. "I let you help because I can't do it."

"Oh...," he said, and the blue mist signifying their transcending into the future enveloped them. On the other side, Mrs. Higurashi was attending the gardens by the temple. She welcomed the two warmly.

"Oh InuYasha, we haven't seen you around in such a long time!"

"Yeah," he replied, remembering his last quarrel with Kagome's grandfather had sent him reeling with anger. He had stormed out of dinner, into the temple, back into the well and had not been seen since. That was one month ago. "Well, I decided I needed to cool off after the argument with that old coot."

"You two are so strong-headed," laughed Mrs. Higurashi. "Good thing Kagome's here to break it up, otherwise I think you'd still be going at it. Are you staying for long Kagome?"

"I'm just grabbing some stuff, Mum," replied Kagome as she slid open the door to her home. "I'll be back tomorrow morning."

"Alright dear!" sometimes InuYasha wondered how Kagome had such a trusting mother; letting her gallivant all over feudal Japan: perhaps she didn't understand how dangerous it really was.

Kagome jogged up the steps to her room, but InuYasha hung around the living room with Souta, who was fanning himself, although he was also being fanned by a long brick which shot out cool air.

"What's this?" InuYasha pointed to the suspended brick.

"That's an air conditioner. It's so hot; sit here," Souta pointed to the spot beside him. "You get the best air sitting here."

InuYasha sat in the allocated spot, and instantly felt such relieve. It was like he was transported back to the cold snowy mountainous winds of winter in Japan. It was pure ecstasy against his the slick skin of his back. Kagome came back all too quickly however, and InuYasha wasn't particularly ready to leave.

"Is it cool if I take some ice and cans of drink with me Souta?" Kagome asked, searching her mother's always well stocked fridge.

"Yeah sure, just not the last Fanta: that's mine!"

Kagome gathered drinks and snacks into a smaller bag she was carrying before approaching InuYasha again.

"Come on," she said and tugged against his arm. "Let's go. I have a surprise."

"It's much cooler here," replied InuYasha and snatched his arm away. "I'm going to stay here."

"Suit yourself," replied Kagome with a huff. "But you're not going to get any food."

"Fine!" he growled and followed Kagome out. "I don't care; next time it gets too hot I'm breakin' into your house."

"Grandpa has improved his seals; I doubt you'd get in," laughed Kagome as she hitched her leg over the side of the well. Suddenly, InuYasha, who had only just walked through the temple doors, was beside her. The side of his finger ran down Kagome's cheek.

"Well," he hummed and flicked his eyes up to gaze into hers. "I'm sure… if I really wanted to get in, I would."

It was stuff like that which confused her! She dived into the well hiding an insane blush and not really knowing to do about the entire situation. If he liked her, why did he flit around the situation? She loathed having to be the 'man' in the situation; if she confronted him now he'd ardently deny it, even though Miroku, Sango and Shippou all knew he'd be lying. She'd have to wait until they were alone. Maybe then he'd make the first move…

Shippou had joined Miroku in the shady spot underneath the tree and the monk was talking to him in a daze-like manner, as if he'd only awakened moment's ago. Kagome took the blue pair of bikinis and moved into the foliage to change, telling both InuYasha and the amorous monk that if she felt any sort of wandering eye, they wouldn't be getting the treats she'd gotten them.

InuYasha, who obviously couldn't help himself, had sniffed through her schoolbag even before she'd returned. Kagome frowned and snatched it from his searching claws before calling over Sango and Shippou.

"Oh boy Kagome," cried Shippou as he sat down on the picnic rug. "What did you get us?"

"They're specialities in my time," Kagome rummaged through the backpack and revealed a box of ice creams. "They're nice on hot days like this." She grabbed an orange flavoured ice cream and began to eat it, and then suddenly half of the ice creams were gone and InuYasha was fighting with Shippou over which one should have the last of the strawberry flavour.

"These are great, Kagome," commented Miroku who was devouring his pleasantly by the side of the tree. InuYasha had since stolen the last strawberry iceblock and had jumped far up into the tree. Shippou had taken pursuit, but it was evident that he'd never catch InuYasha, who was softly lapping at the frozen beverage while lounging in the tree.

When all of the ice creams had been eaten, Kagome stripped off her sun dress and waded towards the cooling river. She was glad the tree was a far way from the village; people in such an era found showing such an amount of skin appalling. But now, she was just among friends: Sango joined her, but was not as revealing in her attire: her skirt and shirt hitched up and tied back.

Shippou, upon seeing the women playing in the river, bounded over to join.

"Where do you think you're going?" snarled InuYasha.

"To play in the water with Kagome," replied Shippou, and then gave InuYasha a sultry look. "Why? Do you want to come to?"

'Curse the brat!' snarled InuYasha. "No," he spat. Then he sunk back into the tree trunk. "Fine, just go. But don't come cryin' to me when some water demon has you by the legs."

Shippou thought about this for a moment, but then shrugged. "I'm sure the water demon would much rather Kagome than it would me."

"Why you!" InuYasha lunged for Shippou but the tyke evaded his grasp and ran down the tree trunk to play with Kagome and Sango in the river.

"InuYasha!" called Kagome from below. He craned his neck down; damn! She was wearing nothing! Two flimsy pieces of triangles… and some short-ass pants. Who the hell did she think she was walking around in that, when any villager could come and see? Sometimes he didn't understand modesty in modern era conventions.

"What?" he spat, adverting his gaze.

"Come and play with us! It'll cool you off!"

"I'm cool enough," he lied. "I don't want to swim!"

Kagome shrugged and InuYasha watched as she turned to Sango and did a little dance. Geez, the years had complimented her. Kagome was beautiful; she had filed out form once a gangly teenager to an obviously curvaceous woman. He should have been praising the bikini: it showed him aspects of the woman he'd never seen before.

She'd come back to the feudal era three months ago, when InuYasha had convinced himself out of love with her. But then she'd come back; he smelt her scent and dismissed it as nostalgia: something he wanted but could never have. And then she was back, drinking tea in Kaede's hut and he fell for her again, harder and faster than before. As soon as those shimmering chocolate eyes laid on him, and her perky mouth turned up into a smile, InuYasha had ruined three years hard work trying to forget her.

Sometimes he convinced himself that she liked him too; well, she had kissed him, once. That was over three years ago. Feelings changed, but she hadn't. His demon instincts told him he needed to impress her to win her over: with his strength and courtesy and overall respect he had for her. But his human side told him he needed to do a lot more. She was not a fellow demon, and so could not court her in such a way. However, nor would he dismiss his demonic heritage and court her how a human would court another human. No, he would do it his way.

"InuYasha," Miroku's voice floated up to him. "Are you thinking about Kagome?"

"No!" he replied.

"Quickly off the mark," noted the monk with smugness. "Why don't you go and play with her."

"I don't playgames." He crossed his arms across his chest. "Whatever, why aren't you with Sango, anyway?"

"Games are fun to play," replied Miroku. "They're even more fun in the end as well… Sango and I, you really want to know?"

"Humour me, monk." InuYasha spat at the monk's love life.

"Last night we stayed in Kaede's hut. I had her up against the wall…"

"Oh!" he cried. "Please, spare me the details!"

"I swear," laughed Miroku, who was obviously enjoying irking his demon friend. "We would have either woken Kaede or destroyed her hut! And poor Kagome was sleeping right next to us…"

"That's it monk!" InuYasha fell down from the tree. "Don't you have any decency whatsoever?"

"Oh InuYasha, I'm joking!" he held his sides as he chuckled. "Nothing of that sort happened!" The look on the demon's face only gave fodder to more chuckles from Miroku, some of which he couldn't stop bursting through the hand clasped over his mouth. Eventually he just laughed in a heap at the bottom of the Sacred Tree, leaving the girls and Shippou wondering what could have been so funny.

InuYasha stalked off toward the village.

"Miroku!" called Kagome as InuYasha gathered the rest of his Hanoi and put it on. "What did you say to him?"

"I'm goin' back into the village," muttered InuYasha as he passed Shippou and the girls. He jumped the rest of the way and disappeared into the foliage.

"Oh," Miroku said as he stumbled over to the marshes. "I played a cruel joke on him, that's all. He got angry so he got up and left."

"You shouldn't play jokes on InuYasha," advised Shippou. "He takes everything to heart."

Miroku shrugged and rolled up the ends of his robe to bathe his feet in the cool water. Kirara came to greet him, purring softly and nudging the palm of his hand in an effort for him to pat her.

"Maybe I should go and talk to him," hummed Kagome nervously. "It looked like you pissed him off pretty badly…"

Miroku shrugged and began to scratch Kirara's stomach.

Kagome pursued InuYasha into the village after she'd dressed decently, and was told by some of the village children that they heard him working up on the hill on his house.

InuYasha had been working on his house for all the time she'd been back in the feudal era and it seemed a few months before that. A demon building a house was a rare sight, as Sango said; demons were usually nomadic creatures or preferred to live in the elements. Kouga was an example: living in the wolf den, Totosai, living in the skeleton of another demon, Kagome supposed was a home of such. Kagome had never seen InuYasha's home, and only knew that it was being built high up in the hills. The children directed her which path they'd seen InuYasha take, for some of them snuck up and watched him work, and then went back to playing.

"InuYasha?" called Kagome as she rounded a sharp corner blinded by a large flowery bush. The bush bloomed in the most divine crimson flowers, with velvety petals and decadent scent. The sound of wood being bashed with a mallet halted Kagome's appreciation. "InuYasha, are you up here?"

"Oh Kagome!" InuYasha sounded astounded. "H-How did you find me?"

"The village children told me you'd probably be up here; they come up and watch you sometimes."

"I know," he snarled and appeared from behind the…

This wasn't a hut! This was a miniature mansion! Or surely it would have to be some sort of resort!

"I always kick the brats out, gettin' into my business."

"Oh, InuYasha!" swooned Kagome as she stepped to examine the house. "This place is beautiful!"

The home was grand, even with only half of it built. It was built facing out a grand view of the surrounding area: across the treetops of the forest, into the village below and the villages down the road. In fact, Kagome swore she could see to the volcano Totosai lived in. In front of the house was a grand garden of sorts, filled with those red blooming plants and cherry trees in leaf. Besides the garden was a small pond, glittering blue and reflecting the red flowers which draped beside it. The house had a small patio inlet and a door, situated between to predominated rooms, of the front was entirely made of translucent rice paper to allow the morning sun.

The house was only half done; in many places walls were missing and the floor looked like a deadly checkerboard where the blacks were gaping pot holes, but it was a grand design.

"Huh…" muttered InuYasha. "You shouldn't have followed me, Kagome. This is private."

"It looked like Miroku really pissed you off…"

"Yeah," spat InuYasha and picked up a board of a rich chocolate-coloured wood. "He should know where he stands."

"I can't believe it's gotten hotter!" cried Kagome as she fished out her thermometer.

"Maybe you should have stayed down by the river then," replied InuYasha and went back to working on his house.

Kagome spied the small pool. "Can I sit in your pond for a while, InuYasha?"

"My pond?" he craned his neck around. Kagome pointed to the pond draped in the red flowers. "Oh… sure, whatever."

Kagome pulled her dress up over her head and InuYasha couldn't help but flush; as if she was stripping naked, and then the image formed in his head. Kagome fondled with the red flowers he grew while she bathed, sighing as the water enveloped her shoulders.

"It's nice and private up here," sighed Kagome and InuYasha offered a tight smile as he rounded to work on the patio. "You look hot." It was evident she would have to be the bigger 'man'; they were completely alone and he wouldn't even say a word to her. "Did you want to join me, InuYasha."

He tensed when she said his name. She said his name beautifully. He would have liked to have heard it… no. "Join you?" he gritted and forced the mental image of Kagome in some rather compromising positions out of his head. He lifted the large piece of wood over his head.

He'll try to impress you…

"Come on, InuYasha," she smiled slyly and then added, "no one is around… no one will see."

That seemed to convince him a little more as he dropped the piece of wood with a thud, the degree of the thud evident to how heavy the piece of wood was. Did she like him? Evidently, it seemed that she did. She was trying to convince him to join her in the water where she was barely clothed.

He pulled off the top of his Hanoi and discarded it in the bushes beside. Kagome smiled sweetly and watched as he pulled off his pants, leaving only a pair of white undergarments he'd donned when once, he'd received a substantial abrasion to the upper thigh and Kaede had to attend. There was little to be modest about as Kaede treated InuYasha, and she chuckled at how uncomfortable he was, with, as he put it "all his junk out in the open for any villager to come in and look at". No, not again.

"Better?" asked Kagome when InuYasha slipped into the cool pond. "Don't you wish you played with us in the river now?"

"I don't play games," replied InuYasha.

"Oh I think you do," replied Kagome and flicked her eyes up. "You like to play games with me; don't think I don't notice them."

"Oh," a red flush crept across his face and neck. "Well, they're different."

"Grown up games," agreed Kagome.

"Exactly. Not for brats like Shippou to play." Suddenly, an idea sparked into his mind. They were completely alone, barely dressed and in a close proximity to each other. "… Do you want to play a game now?"

"Well," sighed Kagome and pushed back her hair. "What sort of game, and I thought you didn't play games.'

"A grown ups game: three lies. If I choose the lie which is the truth, then I win and get a prize of my decree. If I lose, then I don't get any prize."

"What's the prize?" queried Kagome.

"You'll see."

"Alright," Kagome thought of her two lies and a truth. They would have to be rather hard; she didn't want to have to give him his illusive prize without working for it. She knew what the prize would be though; probably a peek down her top or a removal of it completely. "I've got them. Lie one… I passed my geometry class with flying colours."

InuYasha nodded; he didn't know what geometry was, but he was sure that when he heard the truth-lie, he'd know it.

"Lie two, I have been asked to model for the Chanel fall collection."

"And lie three… I once convinced your brother not to kill you."

"The third," he replied quickly. "Without a doubt. That was too easy, Kagome."

Drat! It had been; she had never been any good at games. "Alright," Kagome cringed. "What's your prize?"

He smirked. "Can I have a kiss?"

Kagome was almost shocked in the decency in which he asked. It hadn't been 'take off ya top' or anything caddish or rude of the sort. In fact, Kagome was astounded, it had been rather charming and the question still left her with an answer to give him.

"Um… sure?"

He smiled and leant across the small pond. Kagome mirrored his movements to meet him in the middle. Quickly his lips overlapped hers, lingered for a moment and then he reclined, smiling smugly.

Her lips tingled, and her eyes darted back up to him for a second. InuYasha was watching her, rather impressed with winning and his tantalising prize. Kagome was forced to compose herself, fidgeting with a red flower that draped into the pool while her lips tingled and her heart raced. When she looked back up to InuYasha, he had disappeared. Suddenly, a pair of soft hot lips pressed against her cheek.

"I'm sick of playing games with you, Kagome," he muttered and pressed his lips against the side of her mouth. Soon enough, he thought, he would get a response if she liked him or not; he couldn't stand any more of this lollygagging – if he was going to court her, he would. He wasn't gonna wait around just to find out she didn't like him.

But her reaction was most pleasing; Kagome's body swivelled and she pressed her lips firmly against his. They worked against each other, nipping and suckling, InuYasha grazed his tongue against the bottom of her lip and Kagome gave him entrance.

He began to feverishly kiss her, a hand steading her head and fingers delving into her raven locks. In response, Kagome's hands sought out InuYasha's body, running over his shoulders and neck, earning a low growl in response.

Their tongues rubbed against each other, exploring and tasting excitedly, InuYasha devouring everything she offered him. He pressed her against the rocky side of the pond steadying him with a hand, and inadvertently cornering her. Kagome, in response, grasped handfuls of InuYasha's hair and pulled herself to him, teasing him softly with her tongue and nipping at his bottom lip.

When his lips broke off hers to trail down her throat, Kagome muttered. "I'm sick of playing games as well…"

"I'm so fucking sick of playing games," he snarled and caught her lips again. "You've been driving me wild these past few months."

All the games they'd played: playing hard to get, the sneaky eye fluttering and the over exposure of skin. Everything they'd been doing was just to try to get the other to notice; perhaps InuYasha had been blind to her obvious messages. He'd been so centred on wooing her the demonic way: exerting and proving to her that he was a capable lover, that he'd forgotten and neglected the human way, confirming attraction physically; she couldn't smell the hormones that spiked the air when he was around her. How was she supposed to return his attractions? Modern women, Kagome had said once, often took wooing into their own hands, and often asked the men to marry them instead of the other way around.

When he sucked the crook of her neck softly, Kagome moaned into his ear and sunk further into the pool. Her legs were shaking and her heart was beating furiously; and InuYasha trailed kissed back up the side of her neck before catching her earlobe in his hot mouth. Turning her head, their mouths met again and Kagome forced her way into his mouth, meeting his tongue expectantly before they began to dance. It was no competition to the brief kiss she'd shared with Hojo, InuYasha was a fantastic kisser.

His hands began to sit around her hips, rubbing softly at the skin of her lower back and stomach. Teeth caught InuYasha's lips and bit down harder, earning a deep rumble of appreciation from deep within his throat. He was a dog demon, rationalised Kagome, it was instinct to like a bit of teeth.

"We should stop," gasped Kagome when it was evident that the only reason he stopped kissing down her chest was because the water began. InuYasha growled in response and, with one last kiss on the lips, lengthy, long and fully savoured, sunk to nuzzle Kagome's shoulder. He sighed.

For a while, they merely sat in the pool, for so long that Kagome's fingers became wrinkled and the temperature had dropped quite considerably. She was about to say something when InuYasha spoke up.

"I can protect you, Kagome," muttered InuYasha.

"I know you can," she replied softly and ran a finger down his cheek.

"I promise to be good to you." He looked up to her, topaz eyes glittering in the setting sun. "Can you see only me for a while?"

"Are you asking me to be your girlfriend, InuYasha?"

"I 'spose," he grunted in reply. "So, what's your answer?"

Kagome shrugged. "I 'spose," she echoed.

"No coddling me in front of the others," he muttered and kissed a short trail to Kagome's shoulder. "I draw the line. And no talking rubbish to me, like I'm a baby. I've seen you do that when you and Sango look at guys from other villages."

Kagome blushed; sometimes they went a bit far, but they were younger, single and they thought they were alone. It was strictly women's business that InuYasha had been peeping on.

"Let's just keep it between us for the moment," Kagome suggested. InuYasha nodded.

They gathered their clothes and walked down the short path to the village. Kagome flicked out her compact before entering, checking to see if there were any parts horribly bruised from his feverish kisses. Thankfully, there wasn't.

Sango, Miroku and Shippou were all waiting around the fire in Kaede's house, and it seemed eagerly at that.

"Geez, Kagome, you were ages!" Shippou complained.

"Sorry. InuYasha showed me around his house," Kagome smiled.

"InuYashaa…" whined the fox tyke as the man sat down next to him, eager for a feed. "I've asked you a hundred times to show me around up there, but you never will. What's so special about Kagome? Why does she get to go and you don't."

"It's evident," replied Miroku, who regarded InuYasha with an amused smile. "My dear Shippou, but I'm afraid it's something you won't understand until you're much older."

Sango shot Kagome a quizzical look, to which Kagome replied visually that she'd tell her all the dirty details later. Besides, Sango told Kagome all the dirty details about Miroku, so why shouldn't she share?

Kagome's wet bikini made her dress translucent in all the wrong places, breast, naval and buttocks, and she got a very appreciative glance from a villager who was passing through Kaede's hut. The villager, however, then received a very ferocious growl erupting from InuYasha's throat. Kagome rolled her eyes and went to change in a spare room. It was evident that she would need all the advice from Sango she could get; she was courting a demon now.

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