Mind Games

By Arlia'Devi

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~Mind Games~

by Arlia'Devi

Part Six: Time

InuYasha and Kagome sat atop the sacred tree. It was InuYasha's favourite position in the village to relax, and Kagome could see why. Although her balance wasn't as good as InuYasha's and so the hanyou, who was lazily leaning against the thick truck with the woman between his legs, kept an arm around her waist in case she did topple. Atop the sacred tree, Kagome could see half the village – the clearing in which was the Bone Eater's well, Kaede's hut, and people toiling in the rice fields. What was more, on a rather hot day such as today, a cool breeze tickled the leaves and brushed against her bare legs. The hanyou behind her had opened his haori and undershirt, shrugging it to his elbows and Kagome wore a delicate white dress, tied at the back and gathered by black silk strings. It was adorned with watercolour-like patterns of exotic flowers and buds. InuYasha hummed behind her.

"Hm?" Kagome turned to InuYasha, although not looking at him directly, merely acknowledging his hum.

"You don't wanna get down?" he asked. "I thought it'd be too high…"

Kagome laughed. "I've scaled hundreds of cliffs with you, InuYasha, crossed rickety bridges with rivers one thousand metres below and fallen from the tops of waterfalls… I think I can handle the sacred tree."

InuYasha grinned and suddenly his foot hit the branch they were sitting on – and hard, making a sickening snapping sound and that part of the tree quiver. The hairs on the back of Kagome's neck stood on end and she hit the hanyou, who was chuckling in spite of the woman. "Gettin' big headed are we, Kagome?"

"No," she replied whimsically. "Merely stating a fact."

It had been three weeks since Koga's attack, and the wound on Kagome's shoulder was healing nicely. A week ago she'd done without the covering of any sorts, deciding to let the air get at it and heal it naturally. When her mother had seen the claw-shaped brown scabs, she'd teared up and embraced her little girl. Luckily, Mama only knew of Kagome tripping and falling – luckily at that point the claw marks, Kagome supposed, could have past for tree branches raking across her skin.

Koga hadn't been seen since, although InuYasha said he sometimes got whiffs of the mangy wolf's scent – the low promise of a gutted, slaughtering demise for harming another demon's mate was enough reason to stay away. Koga would have seen enough of fights erupting over mates in his pack among the years, and they were only lesser, weaker wolf demons.

When the brown scabs began to fall off, Kagome was pleased to see creamy flesh underneath – no trace of a scar where the claws had tore her. She'd shown InuYasha had he'd been pleased.

Two weeks of being confined to the feudal era had been a struggle – that was of course, until InuYasha began doing regular 'future' visits for things to keep her entertained, and of course, his body nuzzled into her back during the spring nights, which could turn as cold to as hot in a matter of a day.

Kagome had lost her job. To this, InuYasha replied, "Feh, whatever – not like it was important or nothin'". Kaede explained, when this earned InuYasha quite a few 'sits', that it may have been different in 'ye time, but here, males are the main breadwinners – young InuYasha is insulted ye have to work when he has ample funds to look after ye comfortably."

Kagome looked up to InuYasha, who was crossing his arms by the doorway and refusing to look at her. It was obvious there was still some communication needed. "Is this true, InuYasha?"

The man merely 'humped' and sighed. "Yeah whatever, it don't matter – things are different in the future, Kaede," he seethed hotly. "I ain't gotta do nothin' for her."

"I appreciate it, InuYasha," blurted out the woman even before the words had been filtered through her brain. Oops, too late now. "That you're so concerned about me."

"I ain't concerned," growled the hanyou.

"But you're insulted," Kagome pressed on. InuYasha's eyes flashed towards Kaede, as if giving her a cold, deathly glare 'thanks for spilling it' kind of look. InuYasha said nothing in reply.

"I never wanted to insult you, InuYasha," Kagome muttered and Kaede took purchase to slip out of the hut now. As much as she liked spying on the group, she realised the time and place – such delicate matters were for the couple to discuss. Later, she would get back to the spying and chuckling, when the banter was less serious and loving.

InuYasha folded his arms across his chest. "It doesn't matter," he sighed. "I ain't askin' ya to choose between your two worlds."

"Of course you can't ask that of me, InuYasha," replied Kagome. "I've already decided – who cares about a job, a career; my life is here with you." The boy jumped suddenly.

"You've made your decision?" he asked on a shaky breath. "Just like that?"

Kagome rolled her russet eyes. "Of course not – I knew much before, even before I fell in love with you: I stopped caring about my schooling, I was much better with a bow anyhow." InuYasha scoffed an objection, but Kagome continued nonetheless. "True, my family is in the future, but we can visit them – my life is here, in the past. And if you're insulted because I have to work to support myself, then don't worry," a devilish smirk crossed the woman's lips then. "Because now that you've mentioned it, I sure wouldn't mind some pampering… Your treat?"

The hanyou growled and Kagome laughed. "I'm all yours too look after – make sure you do a good job."

"I will," he replied quickly, the harsh tone in his voice matching the sudden smouldering of his liquid topaz eyes. He knocked the wind out of her when suddenly, Kagome was pinned on her back, hands secured on each side of her head and InuYasha was kissing her fiercely.

It was a Sunday afternoon and the sun was dipping quite low. From her position in the tree top, Kagome told her hanyou it was time for her to leave – at least, if anything, to call and explain to her boss of her absence of late. Kagome knew she'd never get her job back – there was no way to prove that she got injured by a tree, or a wolf Prince's claws: no doctor's certificate, no time in hospital. The woman grimaced; maybe she didn't even want her job back, it would be only a matter of time before she quit anyway. There was no way she could juggle the past and the future in the way she had been of late – and that was a good thing. Her life was in the past, she couldn't have it screwed up by obligations to make in the future – not again.

InuYasha released her with a whimper and a sweet, long kiss before Kagome said her soft goodbyes, squeezed his hand again before letting it go and jumping feet first into the well.

InuYasha smiled softly, before walking away.

On Monday evening, Kagome sat down to a well-deserved hot meal, after having a relaxing bath and in her favourite thick, fluffy cotton pyjamas.

What a horrible day… Kagome sighed as she tucked into her mother's great cooking. Mama watched her daughter with sympathy – what a day it had been indeed!

Kagome had risen early from sleep, which was nice if not a little unsettled. She'd gotten dressed, done her hair up nicely and gone down to her office to apologise for her absences.

Kagome's civil apology had turned into a little more – a receptionist telling her disrespectful she had been to Mr. Wallace and his company, finding out she'd caused backlogs in the system which would take weeks to fill through because of her 'unexpected vacation'. Mr. Wallace wasn't impressed to say the least and proceeded to tell her that if she hadn't assumed already, that she was fired. All in all, Kagome left the office in tears, jumping on the bus and riding straight home. Well, straight home after stopping at WacDonalds and ordering an ice-cream with extra chocolate sprinkles.

"It's not your fault, sis," comforted Souta. "Mr. Wallace was lucky to have you."

"I know," sighed Kagome and went for seconds at her dinner. "It's not exactly what they said, it was how they said it – cold and as if I had ruined their lives."

"They are clerical workers and it's fashion," scoffed Mama. "Some tend to get a little over-reactive, besides, dear, when have you started worrying about what people think about you?"

"That's not my Kagome," nodded Gramps and gave his granddaughter an encouraging pat on the shoulder.

"I 'spose you guys are right," sighed Kagome and put her dishes by the sink. "I'm gonna go and have a rest for a while."

Mama nodded and Kagome slunk up the stairs, shoulders hunched and hair drooping over her face. The girl proceeded to collapse on her bed, exhausted and frankly, still a little upset. No one talked to Kagome Higurashi that way, and soon the despair was boiling into anger. Kagome growled and began to pace. How dare the receptionist snap at her like that – she wasn't the one that got absolutely slashed by Koga's claws, not was she stuck between a horrible love triangle between InuYasha and said wolf prince. If the receptionist was, heh, Kagome would have loved to see that.

Eventually, at around ten, Kagome had calmed down enough and was plonked back on her bed flicking through old photo albums of her future friends and herself. Sometimes, InuYasha popped up and she smiled, touching the picture of him in the days they searched for the sacred jewel together. The picture was rather early in their expedition – Shippou was probably somewhere in the background, in fact, Kagome thought she saw his fluffy tail. There was still a deep sense of affection, Kagome realised, within herself towards the hanyou – to be honest, it didn't surprise her when deep in her mind, Kagome realised she'd fallen in love with him as soon as she'd seen him pinned on that tree. His hair, silver and flowing, those ears, and those piercing, sometimes smouldering liquid gold eyes, that when his desire fired, Kagome couldn't help the weakening in her knees.

There was a picture of Sango and Miroku next – one Kagome took when their trek was nearing an end and she wanted to desperately cling onto her friends in the past. Miroku was smiling cheeky and Sango was beside him, hands clasped in her lap and was grinning an awkward smile as she wasn't used to 'posing' for the 'camera'. Kirara was on the demon slayer's shoulder.

"Kagome!" her mother called and poked her head around the doorframe. "We're all going to bed now – make sure you get some sleep."

"Okay Mum, night."

"Goodnight dear."

Over the page was Shippou and Kirara, two of the closest friends, side by side by a fire. The photograph underneath was Kagome and Shippou sleeping in her sleeping bag in a room, probably a manor Miroku had scammed at one point or another. InuYasha had been fiddling with her camera – his claw was coming across the lens. It wasn't a good look for Kagome – her face puffy and drool coming out of her mouth. She turned the page.

Her window slid open.

"Hey," greeted the silver haired hanyou as he entered Kagome's room.

"Hi InuYasha," Kagome said with her a little sadder than she'd anticipated.

InuYasha sniffed the air and seemed dissatisfied. "What's that smell – you been cryin' Kagome?"

"Yeah," muttered the girl sheepishly, wiping her cheek with a fluffy sleeve. InuYasha plonked himself on the other end of Kagome's pink bed – the mattress bounced under his weight. "I went to work today to explain why I hadn't been in for a while and they yelled at me." Kagome sniffled. "The boss was furious and the receptionists gave me death looks because I'd clogged up the work. I know, I know it's stupid but –"

"You want me to go down there and cut 'em up for ya, Kagome?" InuYasha asked, padding across the bed softly as to not rip her pink sheets. "Give 'em a taste of it?" He flexed his claws menacingly. "It's been a while since I used Blades of Blood, you know."

Kagome laughed and InuYasha managed a smile. Softly he pressed his lips to Kagome's cheek. "I ain't worried – I got plenty of dough for ya, Kagome."

Kagome smiled and touched InuYasha's claw softly. "What are you doin' here, anyway?"

"Nothin' to do in the past," he growled softly against her skin, his hot lips still pressing butterfly kisses against her cheek and jaw. "Besides, I wanted to see you…"

"Did you m-miss me?" it was getting harder to breath, InuYasha's kisses were beginning to get harder – almost frantic in action as his lips ran down Kagome's cheek and jawline, dipping down to suckle with an open mouth on Kagome's neck.

Suddenly, the woman was under him, one of his claws on each side of the pink pillow on which her head sat and the hanyou grinning wickedly at her. "Yeah." He pressed his lips against her lips. "I did." One hand hitched up Kagome's pyjama top and the woman hissed when his hot skin pressed against her hip, delving under the waistband of her shorts. The hanyou growled as if it was a question, raising an eyebrow and hooking his claws under the band of Kagome's pyjama shorts. "Hm?"

"H-Here?" Kagome choked. "With my mother in the next room?"

InuYasha grinned and kissed her, nibbling on her bottom lip and shimmying the pyjama pants down Kagome's legs. Suddenly, the little blue shorts were thrown across the room, falling in a heap on the floor.

"How naughty can you really get Kagome?" teased InuYasha, echoing her words in the forest clearing that seemed so many years ago. Suddenly recalling events on that night, at least the positive ones, seemed to reignite something deep inside her – carnal need for her to-be mate, the same desire to have him at that very moment like on that night. InuYasha noticed the shift in her smell, she was suddenly very turned on and this idea was strengthened with suddenly Kagome smashed her lips into his.

The idea that her mother, brother and grandfather were all sleeping under the same roof was quickly thrown out the window. She needed InuYasha, she needed him now – and she was going to have him tonight and no one, not some villager, not some demon would stop her from taking what was rightfully hers.

His clothes were thrown on the floor in haste, both torn at by her hands and his own. Soon following was Kagome's t-shirt and basic bra, between heated clashes of lips, tongue and teeth, moans and sighs and gasps, echoing each other's names in hurried pants.

InuYasha, who was more aware of his aroused state since the removal of his hakama, kissed a trail of hot, needy kisses down Kagome's stomach. When he smelt how much she wanted him knew he needed to take her right then and there or he'd truly die.

Kagome's lacy panties weren't appreciated as they were absolutely obliterated by eager claws. InuYasha kept a little more patience for his own fundoshi; not particularly wanting to go commando until he could purchase another. Suddenly Kagome's hand was down there, touching him as he unravelled the underclothes and dropped the fundoshi to the floor.

"Yes," she moaned softly and her hand buried into her hair. InuYasha didn't even have to ask. "Yes," she repeated, guiding him with hitched hips. "Please."

"You'll be my mate," he growled softly as he came to rest at her entrance. But when he felt her against him, her softness and warmth, InuYasha couldn't help but whimper and cradle his woman's head in his hands.

"I love you… Kagome," he moaned softly as she rolled her hips softly against him. It was such sweet pleasure and so beautiful to see him in such a way – so engulfed in the love she was showing him.

Kagome held InuYasha's trembling body to her, her arms wrapping around his nude sweating back and the other at the base of his skull. "Take me," she whimpered softly. "I love you too, now please…"

When InuYasha slipped into her smooth, wet, warm and tight entrance, his breath caught in his throat. Kagome moved with him, urging her lover deeper until he broke the barrier that marked her as no other man. He broke it gently, only eliciting a small whimper from the woman under him.

For a moment, InuYasha hitched himself on his elbows, intent on appreciating the position he and Kagome were in now that she was technically his mate. They were connected, hip-to-hip, stomach-to stomach, her legs were intertwined around his hitched at his hips. One claw was weaved into her hand, InuYasha's claws fitting into the spaces of Kagome's fingers. Their noses touched, each face being fanned by hot, laboured breaths. When InuYasha, by instinct and urge to bring about more pleasure, began to rock, Kagome moaned and arched her back.

The panting of each other's names soon became hitched, throated groans of unbelievable pleasure accompanied by an even more unquenched desire for more. He rode her softly at first, until tension built like a coil in the pit of his stomach and in response, began to find a rhythm with his woman's own thrusts – a satisfying, intensive beat of a drum, sparks of pleasure eliciting with every strike.

Kagome begged for more and held onto her lover as her body took a mind of its own, suddenly knowing what to do to achieve full pleasure. It was like an ancient dance their minds had always known how to do, although they'd both never had another. Kagome whimpered when suddenly it wasn't enough – her body needed more. "Faster," she panted and couldn't help but realise how alienated and distant her voice was clouded in a building pleasure. "Please… o-oh, faster, god, harder!"

InuYasha snarled and did as his mate asked. He'd been going easy on her being her first time and all, but hell, if she wanted it harder, he'd give it to her fucking harder. And so the hanyou proceeded to pound the hell out of his woman, and when she called his name out in what she told him was absolute fucking ecstasy, he picked up the pace further until Kagome was practically screaming in his arms. Her legs tightened around his waist, the hand that wasn't linked with his raked nail marks across his shoulder and she called out his name as she teetered insanely close to plunging into complete oblivion.

"O-Oh god," whimpered Kagome when her entire body began to shake. Everything seeped into black and she held onto InuYasha's convulsing body if only to prepare her for unexpected feelings.

InuYasha grunted as she suddenly became tight, her reactions urging him closer to his own release. Kagome was crying out as she was coming to her peak, her hands grasping on anything she could – his hair, his back, his shoulders, and her mouth hung open in a soundless scream. Everything fell away then, including InuYasha.

In the end, Kagome only knew she felt such supreme, unrivalled pleasure and knew her hanyou lover had shared the moment with her. He'd cursed and groaned and then finally released, his sweat-soaked body sliding over Kagome's erotically and her centre wet and tight and … "oh god…"

InuYasha slumped beside her, withdrawing and turned his head to the woman beside him. Kagome was staring at the ceiling, a hand pressed to her heaving sweating chest and her legs still splayed open in exhaustion. InuYasha kissed her brow softly; wiping away sweat soaked strands of raven hair and smiled softly.


Kagome scoffed. "Great."

InuYasha rolled and gathered up sheets which had been a little torn and drenched in sweat and other fluids before placing them over their bodies. Kagome curled into the hanyou's heaving chest, still slick and tried to fight the incredible amount of exhaustion she felt. InuYasha's claw smoothed over her hair softly.

"Go to sleep, Kagome…" he growled lowly and Kagome knew it was more of a command than a request. He pressed his lips to her temple. "You're tired, you should sleep."

"No," she protested weakly. "I… I want to stay with you."

A soft purr rumbled from InuYasha's throat and he nuzzled his now mate softly, gathering her trembling, clammy and completely spent body in his hands. "Demon stamina – you'll have to catch up," he teased lightly. "It was fantastic, Kagome. You're tired, get some sleep – I ain't goin' no where, wench."

Kagome smiled lazily and pressed her lips against InuYasha's for one final sloppy, lethargic goodnight kiss before the woman fell into a deep slumber. InuYasha followed soon, yawning against his mate's hair and knowing their stamina would improve in future couplings. She was his mate now, officially – other demons would smell it, Koga would smell it.

Heh, so what if it'd taken four years to get to this point - it couldn't be helped. They'd gone through so fucking much: the sacred jewel, Naraku, the whole revival of Kikyo and then the blockage of the well for three years. InuYasha sighed but staved off drowsiness for a moment longer if only to stare at Kagome for longer: the short, sharp yet calming breaths that were being sucked in through supple parted lips, her thick lashes against flushed cheeks and her body, sweaty and clammy yet warm and soft pressed against his. InuYasha sighed contently and nuzzled his nose into the back of Kagome's neck, feeling her sweaty hair brush against his face.

She was his. A mate.

Finally then, sleep came.


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