Kingdom Dance

There are no words to this song; just the flutes, the violins, the symbols, and the fliobols. Well, to be honest, neither Rose nor the Doctor recognize the instruments, but they understand the sound nonetheless. The beat tells them to dance, the tone of it to breathe, the melody to live. It's the soundtrack to their lives - the pounding of the drums like thunder of their footsteps against the pavement, the clapping beat keeping pace with their hearts.

They've landed on an unspecified planet, in a random time. They know nothing other than the sun shining above them, high in the blue sky, the green grass beneath their bare feet, the wind playing through their hair, the smell of the flowers growing in the sunshine, and this tune.

Her laugh is high and sweet, carefree and unrestrained. He hears it now, from a distance, and as they switch partners, he strains to be hers, but to no avail. Each is swept away by a different partner, but they just grin at one another, and at the world in general. He can't help but glance at her every now and then, though, catching glimpses through dark-haired dancers of golden hair plaited with rainbow-hued flowers, of a flowing sky-blue dress, and of an infectious smile.

His smile is bright and wide, finally free of regret and pain. She sees it now, from a distance, and she strains to be closer to that rare, but oh-so brilliant, happiness of his. Yet again, they're swept apart, but it doesn't matter, not really. They're happy, and they're together, and the joy is everywhere, in everyone. They pass one another and fingertips brush, but the song goes on and so do they.

Finally, they catch one another, and become all bright eyes and shy smiles.

And, of course, the music stops.

Set between the Christmas Invasion and Doomsday. Inspired by "The Kingdom Dance" montage from Tangled.