Blank Slate

Bloody Rose Coved The Claw Foot Tub. Soaked In Blood.

Flash of yellow lighting strake the darkened sky. Sharp lighting hit the dart ground. Blasting a near by tree down in flames. Fire lit the sky. Miles away it could be seen.

Up a very high hill stood a dark places. Over 500 years old. Locals call the place was hunted. No ones really knows what lays inside the Black Mafia.

Inside the black house. Inside the master suite stood an open door leading to the bath room. Inside was dark, only light was from candles all over the room. Black tall thin candles stood on the floor. A claw foot tub stood in the middle of the room. The claw foot tub was black too and so was everything else in the house.

Inside the claw foot tub was filled with blood not water. A small hand came out of the water. So was another hand. Griping the side of the tub. Slowing pulling themselves out of the water. A young man coved in blood. Dripping down his face. He was really young. Black hear clanged to his skin. Covering most of his face. Not much could be seen. Only blood shoot eyes. The same shade as blood. He pulled himself out of the blood bath. As he was getting out he was dressed in a black outfit. He stepped out onto the marble floor. Finally having both feet on the floor. He moved to the door. Pushing the door wide open as he walked through.

As the door flow open hitting the against the wall. Yusei stood there in the doorway doing nothing.


At the call of his name yusei looked at the double door leading into another room that was still part of his master suite. Yusei walked over to the door dipping blood on the floor as he went.

"Coming" Yusei said very weakly as he walked to the door.

He must be awake Yusei thought.

He enclosed his hand around the door knob. Ready to open it when he heard the voice again.


Opening the door further seeing into the room. There was no light in the room only from a very thin long candles along the back wall. Lining it with a bright backlight. A king size bed sat in the middle of the room. A thin curtain covered most of the bed. Leaving a space you can see though. At the very back in the very dark space sat a tinny doll. Who looked just like his dad. He sat in the middle of the bed.

"Are you awake?"

Yes Yusei said as he climbed on the bed. Moving closer to his doll dad. He picked him up for a hug.

"Thank you, where have you been? I didn't see you for years."

Sorry Yusei said.

"It's okay as long as you don't do it again"

Yusei sat on the bed hugging his dad in his arms. They've lived there for years together in the Black Mafia. Never leaving the place at all. A world to themselves.