Bank Slate

Note: Yuse's father is really small, he's the size of a mini doll that can fit in your hand.

Papi moved around on the covers of the bed. He stopped right at the head broad of the bed. Yusei was still sleeping. Papi went in for a little kiss on Yusei's check.

"Good night, son" he said.

Papi supped on Yusei chest crawling into his lose blouse. He could feel Yuse's body heat against his tiny doll's body. Papi pulled the lose blouse to cover his head. Yusei moved in his sleep Papi looked up at him.

"Yusei" he said concerned.

"No" Yusei said in his sleep.

He's talking in his sleep, again.

"AAAHHHH!" Yusei scream as he sat up right blot in bed. The sudden jump on the bed made Papi fall down out of the blouse. He fell on his lap. Papi looked up at Yusei as he tugged the lose blouse over his legs knocking Papi over. He looked up ay Yusei.

"Are you okay?"

Yusei looked at him. "I think" Yusei said still shacking.

Papi moved over to Yusei's lags and climbed up to tug in his blouse. Yusei looked down at him. "Yes?"

"Sleep, you need to go to sleep!" Papi stated.

"Oaky" Yusei said as he was laying back down. Papi crawled back up into his blouse. Yusei could Papi tiny feet ands hands touch him. Papi feel asleep in seconds. Yusei had a hard time getting to sleep. He felt so alone even with his father with him. But it felt like he was not even there since he was so small and could be lose. Didn't make Yusei feel any better about. His father was the size of a doll!