Midnight Blue


Aerrows pov

How come life is so unfair?

You fall in love and then she's gone?

Ok so this is my first story and I hope you all like it.

This came from a daydream I had as a kid where aerrow and piper where dancing and it was all lovey-dovey

Long story short of the first bit

Piper has loved aerrow since they where kids but he never seemed to see her as more then a friend will the sky knight ball change it all?

Piper's pov

Piper's personal log

Not much to report, I beat Finn at "survive the longest at eating Junkos food"

Stork thinks mind worms are on terra neon

Junko ate what we think was a bug

Finn annoyed the living daylight out of me

Aerrow looked soo cute today

Well better go the mail is here byee

I put my little now worn out diary on my desk and ran down the hall

"Told you Finn its sky knight and first offer that have to go to the dance" my cute but annoyed looking redhead storm hawk said

"What did I hear about a dance?" I said maybe a bit too interested

"Just some meeting that we have to go to" why did aerrow say it like he was getting told to make-out with Finn?

"What is it like a formal dance?" I said trying to sound as sad as my redheaded love

"Ye I think star and Suzie-lo will be there maybe even them rex-

"Suck up, pumice twits" Finn interrupted

N/A ok this may be cutting into your reading and ik this is crap but am kinda working with what I can think of after no sleep

Pi-you're making me look like a perv ashia!

Ashia-hey does u want aerrow or not?

Pi- fine ill shut up

Aerrow-what about wanting me?


Ashia-hold on you will find out after my writers block

Ashia-*yawn* it's been about what 9 hours and just woke up

Pi-if u didn't stay up all night then-

Ashia-if I didn't say up all night u would still be in my head and my writers block won't go away

Ashia-*runs off to read aXp storeys*

Pi-help plz review and stop her writers block!


2 days later

Finns pov

'Meany saying I can't come…..well am going to see why not' I thought evilly

*steals the mail*


"Boring, boring, boring, boring, boring here we go!"

Dear storm hawks

You're invited to the next sky nights meeting/ball on terra atomca

From the sky knight counsel

p.s aerrow and one over may come

Why would he ask piper and not me and then lie about it


Omg he….likes….piper...

Ok that was pittle full and lame

Plz rate and I hit a huge wrighters block for this bit but it gets better

-peace and love AerrowXPiperLover aka ashia