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Summary: Allen and Kanda's relation progresses to new levels. Since you already know there's smut, I must tell you: as I was writing this, it just turned out to be fluffy smut, all sweet and shit. So Kanda might seem a little OOC. After all, it is both of their first times, Kanda has to be gentle XD

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"Stop it!" Allen giggled. The man ignored him and continued kissing his neck and tightened his grip on the boy's hip, tickling him. "Kanda, stop it!" he shrieked in laughter.

"No," Kanda growled huskily and turned the boy onto his back and pressed his lips tightly to his lover's. Allen moaned into his mouth and slid his legs up the bedspread next to Kanda's waist. Kanda grabbed it and, shimmying his hand down to Allen's ass, hitched it up around his hip.

After that night, when he had gotten drunk and they had confessed their feelings, they had decided to try to pursue an actual relationship, not just the fuck-buddy type. So far, it had worked out fairly well for both of them, though they could not make it public or they would be skinned alive by Rouvelier.

And though they had both obviously wanted each other that night and every other night, they decided to take things slow, since Kanda didn't want to scare Allen and Allen didn't want to rush into things. Or just give his virginity away to Kanda before their relationship ever really started.

But today was different. Instead of having to go on a mission or train or eat or anything else they usually were doing, they had time for just the two of them, and they weren't above taking advantage of that. So they had sequestered themselves away to Kanda's room and busied themselves with each other.


"Hm?" he replied as he lazily licked and kissed his was around Allen's neck and collarbone.

"Um…well…I wanted to ask you something."

"Yeah?" Kanda was still too busy with the pale flesh under his lips to notice Allen's serious tone until his hair was yanked on. He gave his boyfriend an annoyed look; he didn't like his hair being pulled on. "What?"

"Do…do you like me? I mean, how much do you like me?" Allen asked quietly, looking away like he was embarrassed. Which he probably was.

"…What kind of question is that?"

"Just answer it!"

"Well I don't exactly like you," Kanda said thoughtfully but then corrected himself when he saw Allen's face. "It's much more than that I think. Probably something akin to the feelings Lavi has for Lenalee."

Allen blanched.

"But…Lavi says he loves Lenalee and-" he stopped at Kanda's 'obviously' look. "…You love me?" he whispered.

"Like I said, probably. I've never felt this way about anyone, but then again you're the first person I've ever been with. I don't know what love feels like exactly, but I'm guessing this is it." He kissed Allen's nose in reassurance. Allen had a troubling look on his face, like he had just been slapped. "Allen?"

"You love me," he said louder and a grin split his face. Suddenly he threw his arms around the samurai's neck and pulled him close. "I love Yuu too," he chuckled. Kanda growled; he hated it when people used his first name. The only time he would allow it was when they were caught up in making out or something and Allen let it slip; he secretly enjoyed it then, though he would never admit it.

"You're just noticing it now? Lavi has said we were in love several times to me, didn't he do that to you?"

"No," Allen replied distantly. What was he thinking about now?

"Fucking usagi, bugging only me…" Kanda mumbled, followed by a string of profanities. With all the sexual jokes Lavi had made at him and Allen's relationship, the damn kid was lucky to be alive.

Kanda's musings were cut short when a pair of eager lips claimed his and he was pulled down on top of his Moyashi again. Yes, his.

Allen wrapped his legs around Kanda's waist and pushed his hips up, his groin meeting Kanda's. They both gasped at the new sensation, then Allen started unbuttoning the Japanese's shirt and running his hands over the smooth skin and bandages.

"Allen…" Kanda asked. This was not like Allen, to initiate something like this.

"I love you Yuu. Please. I want to do this," he mumbled in response and claimed Kanda's lips again. Carefully unwrapping the bandages covering his boyfriend's chest, he ran his hands over the spindly black tattoo with the weird Z and a dot in the middle. The tendrils were spread out quite a bit.

"Allen…" Kanda moaned. Apparently this was a sweet spot. Allen bent his head and licked the top of the tattoo and Kanda gasped. "Allen, what are we doing?"

It was the first time ever that Allen had heard Kanda sound nervous. He wanted this, but he wasn't sure if Allen wanted it too. Which meant it was the perfect time.

"Kanda, I want you to undress me."


"Make love to me Kanda. I love you, and I want to be with you in every way and this is the only way left," he explained. "Don't worry, I'm ready. I want it to be you; I want you to be my first."

Kanda bit his lip in hesitation. He could never tell what Allen was thinking or feeling, though he could usually tell if he was being genuine. It was one of the things that intrigued him at first; how unreadable Allen was to him. So, was he being serious or just saying that to make him happy?

"Are you sure?"

"Of course I'm sure. I've pondered this for quite a while. I told myself that either I would wait until I'm 18 or I would wait until you said you loved me. Now that you have, and I know I love you too, I know I'm ready."

Kanda needed no further explanation; he lurched forward, sealing their lips together as he shrugged off his shirt and threw it somewhere. His brain was racing like his heart as he practically ripped the beansprout's shirt off, ignoring the giggle at his hasty action.

It was really going to happen. When he had decided he would get sex from this boy, he had never thought he would wait and have an actual relationship first. Now that they did have that, it made this moment all the more sweeter. He had never been with anybody before, but he knew this would be amazing because they loved each other and knew each other now.

Soon after their shirts were gone, their shoes followed, along with their socks, pants and lastly, if not hesitantly, their boxers. They stared at each other in awe, never imagining the other could be so beautiful. They drank each other in, memorizing every curve, every detail.

The mere sight of Allen lying before him, cheeks flushed, lips swollen and semi-aroused made Kanda feel hot and lustful. He could feel his cock get stiff and heard Allen's gasp as he formed his own arousal.

Allen reached out, stopping his hand for a second, before grasping onto Kanda's stiff shaft. They both gasped at the sensation and one more gasp followed as Allen slowly started moving his hand up and down.

He kept his hand wrapped around the hardened member as he stroked it, loosening his fingers a little so he could massage the reddened organ. Kanda groaned at this, encouraging Allen to move faster. He kept on stroking, but stopped to look up at Kanda. His lover was looking at him through hazy, lust filled eyes that turned slightly questioning.

Allen sat up and pushed the samurai back. He got down onto his stomach, propped up by his elbows and hovered over the erection in front of him, his own pressing uncomfortably into the mattress.

"You don't have to," Kanda said, his voice thick as he guessed what Allen was about to do.

"I want to," Allen replied, though he sounded like he was trying to persuade himself. He hesitated, maybe for effect, before descending onto the cock in front of him.

He started at the base and dragged his tongue up, to the bottom peak of the head before enveloping the tip in his mouth. It tasted a little strange, but judging by Kanda's fast and short breaths, he was doing this right.

He applied light suction to the tip and tasted the saltiness of the pre-cum leaking out. That was a little gross, but he continued, because pleasuring his boyfriend like this brought him happiness too. And arousal of course.

He persisted in sucking and licking the throbbing member until Kanda seemed on the edge of coming. He pulled back and sucked on the tip, urging his partner to come, but it seemed a little more work was needed. So he grasped the base of the cock and let it fall out of his mouth. Before Kanda could complain or look disappointed, Allen's tongue darted out and licked the tip quickly. Kanda's penis jumped in appreciation so he did it again. It seemed the tip was a sensitive spot for Kanda.

"There!" Kanda gasped, clutching Allen's shoulders. Allen was determined to get him to come soon so they could proceed, so he enveloped the head into his mouth again and twirled his tongue around the tip of Kanda's penis, tonguing the slit. More of that strange taste filled his mouth and he knew he only had to do a little more to make his lover come. So he descended on the cock halfway (since it was a little…er…large) and caved in his cheeks sucking the tip again and twirling his tongue madly around the top half of the penis.

With a shout, Kanda came into his mouth. That was definitely a taste he would have to get used to. He tried not to gag and managed to swallow all of Kanda's emissions, though they made his stomach churn a little.

"Thank you," Kanda whisper, sliding his hand through Allen's silver locks.

"Your turn," Allen replied and laid back down onto his back with a half nervous, half excited look.

"Right. Um, I'll be right back," Kanda got up and went into the bathroom, coming out with a little bottle of lotion and a wash cloth. "Since I don't have anything but this, I'll have to go get something later," he said when Allen looked questioningly at the lotion.

He squirted some onto his fingers and rubbed it around so it wasn't in a big pile. He reached down and Allen spread his legs so Kanda could reach. Allen flinched when the cold lotion met the sensitive skin of his anus, but Kanda told him to relax, so he did.

Allen winced as the first finger was inserted. It didn't hurt, but that lotion was cold! But he did wince in discomfort when the second finger was added and Kanda started scissoring them apart to loosen the muscles. He groaned in pain as the third was inserted and felt like crying when Kanda started spreading those too.

But Kanda waited, in a strange bout of patience, for Allen to get used to his fingers, because if those hurt, then his cock definitely would. He wasn't exactly a small guy, despite what people say about Asian's getting the short end of the stick in that department.

"Ready?" he asked when Allen seemed comfortable.

"Yeah, just…be gentle please."

"Of course," Kanda kissed him in reassurance and all of their fears melted away.

Kanda positioned himself so his tip was at Allen's entrance and his slowly pushed in, stopping when Allen cried out. Allen breathed heavily for about a minute before he relaxed, put his arms around Kanda's shoulders and told him to continue. So Kanda did, sinking in a half inch at a time and stopping whenever Allen tensed.

When he was fully seated, he took a moment to breath this in. Just a year ago he had been plotting to have pointless sex with this boy, just for the point of sex. But now he was making love to him because they were in love. He couldn't be more happy, both emotionally and physically.

Allen signaled for him to start moving, so he gently pulled out and then thrust slowly back in. Allen moaned, partly in pleasure and in pain. They rocked gently together, picking up the pace as Allen adjusted until they were slamming the headboard against the stone wall with every movement.

Wrapping his legs around Kanda's waist, he forced his lover to go deeper inside him and he shouted in ecstasy as his prostate was hit over and over again. He started shoving his hips up to meet Kanda's thrust which made it all the more intense and satisfying.

They both finished together, collapsing against each other as their seed mixed and the post- orgasmic bliss filled them. Kanda pulled out and shakily reached over for the wash cloth he had gotten earlier. He wiped them up and then moved them under the covers, holding his Moyashi close, his arms wrapped around him.

"That was amazing," Allen whisper. Though it had only lasted around 10 minutes because it was both of their first times, it had been absolutely perfect. It was slow and gentle, the definition of love-making. In the future they would probably follow their more carnal needs, but right now he would settle for this.

"Yes, it was. I can't wait until next time," Kanda said suggestively, making Allen shove the shoulder his head was against. But even though his words implied more, the gentle scraping of callused fingers down Allen's spine told him they were done for the night.

"I'm going to be sore tomorrow now. I really hope we don't get a mission."

"Me too. I want to be with you all the time now," Kanda whispered and kissed his head.

"Heh heh, thanks."

They lay there cuddled up in silence for a while, just basking in each other's body heat.


"Yeah?" Allen answered groggily.

"…I really do love you." Allen looked up through sleepy eyes.

"You act like I don't believe you."

"Well, I know it's probably strange to hear coming from me. I just want you to understand that I really do love you. You and only you."



Okay, so probably not the best ending but I got about 8 lines before the ending done last night so I'm just finishing it now. It's a little foreshadowing. This story is basically like D. Gray-man, except its set in modern times, but the same stuff is still happening. If you didn't catch it, Allen and Kanda really do love each other, but I'm just being realistic and following the story, so Allen at the end is reluctant because he loves Kanda, but what with the Noah in him and all the shit with the Earl going on, he knows they'll have lots of problems. Sorry for the Noah spoiler, if you haven't gotten that far yet.

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