It had been a while since Sora had an episode of her Psycho Whose Line, and the reason was because she was trying to figure out who was going to replace Sasha. Milla would have been a good choice, and so would Raz. She leaned back in her chair, looking up funny clips of Whose Line on Youtube, laughing at the Richard Simmons lack-of-props skit where everyone was laughing at his over-enthusiasm. When it ended, she sighed and got an im from Lili, who said that she and Mikhail had replacements for Agent Nein and Vernon. She smiled, hoping that they would be better additions to the show.


"It's time for Whose Line Is It Anyway! Today's cast is... Books out of order and just don't care! Crystal Flowers Snagrash!" Crystal waved and whooped really loudly.

"Has ten million points on My Coke Rewards and he's not sharing, Clem Foote!" Clem looked at Crystal and they started a cheer.

"Whose line!"

"Whose line?"

"We're going to find out whose line it is!"

"Okay okay! Crystal, Clem, that's enough!"

"Sorry, Sora!" Clem shouted, sitting back down.

"There goes my ear, Lili Zanotto!" Sora rubbed her right ear. Lili brought her legs up underneath her and waved.

"And he's beat all the Pokemon games within seven hours, Raz!" Raz lowered his goggles and started a small fire in the middle of the stage. When it didn't go out, a bunch of stagehands put it out with the fire extinguishers, leaving a small scorch mark and foam all over the stage. "I'm your host and I'm not getting my safety deposit check back now. So let's have some fun!" Sora went to her desk and pulled out some cards. "Basically, if you haven't seen this show or read the first chapter, I give them points on how well they did in the little skits if I remember, and if I don't, it's too bad. The first skit game thing today is going to be Dating Show. Basically, Crystal's going to be asking questions to the other three and in the end she has to choose one that she's going to date. But they all have different personalities and she has to figure out who they are. Here you guys are, so good luck and begin."

"So, Bachelor Number One," Crystal started. "If you were going to get me a ring, what would the gem be?" Lili's alter ego for the game was Brock from the Pokemon anime series.

"Well, first of all, I'd get you one that matches your eyes." she said, sighing and throwing her head to the side as if she had fallen for her. Suddenly, she sat up straight and looked into a member of the crowd. "Is that... is that Nurse Joy? In a bikini?" She ran down to the audience and sat on a lap of a lady. She looked over to the next lady and said "Oh man, I've died and gone to heaven! Officer Jenny's here too!" Sora was giggling at how much Lili was giving it away.

"Um... Bachelor Number Two, if I was a Pokemon, which one would I be?" Sora started giggling louder because it seams that Crystal figured it out already.

"Well, you'd be a Skitty definitely," Clem said, as he was one of the ghost busters. He made a beeping noise in his cheek and he pulled out an invisible piece of ghost hunting equipment. "Oh, man we've got a live one here!" he yelled, standing up and sweeping his hand back and forth. He stopped beeping and his face fell. "Damn, he's gone." He sat back down.

"Bachelor Number Three," she turned her questions to Raz, "where would our first date be?" Raz was her stalker.

"I'd take you to that nice little river you like to go to and we'd have a nice little picnic and maybe go for a swim." He snorted as if he was a nerd with a breathing problem.

"Gerald? Is that you? My dead ex boyfriend?"

"Uh, yeah!" Raz decided to play along with it. "It's me honey! I've come back for you!" Clem's 'device' was going off again.

"You're the ghost?" Clem asked, shoving he ghost hunting piece under Raz's nose.

"Uh..." Raz shifted back on his stool. "Yeah?"

"Oh no! We've got to send him back to the ghost zone!" He jumped up and grabbed one audience member near the 'Officer Jenny' and 'Nurse Joy'. "Quick! Get in position! Start firing the lasers!" He grabbed another one and then pulled Lili up off of the two audience members and pulled her back up to the stage. "Don't cross the lines!" He began firing his laser and making a noise that sounded a lot like a motorcycle engine. The other three began mimicking him and Raz fell to the floor, crying out in fake pain. Finally, they stopped as Sora buzzed them out.

"Okay, since they killed 'Gerald', I think it's time to guess who everyone is. Can you guess, Crystal?" They sat down and the audience members went back to their seats.

"Um, Lili is a guy just finding out women?" Sora cracked up so hard she fell out of her chair. "No!" she gasped from the floor. "Guess again."

"I don't know."

"She was Brock from Pokemon." Crystal nodded and shrugged as she made the connections. "What about Clem?"

"He's either Danny Phenton's father or a ghost buster?"

"That's right, Crystal!" Clem jumped up and down, waving at the two audience members back in their seats. Lili waved at the two she went to.

"And Raz was an ex?"

"Nope. He was a stalker." Sora shuffled her cards. "Thousand points to Lili and Clem for using the audience, ten thousand for the Ghost Busters in the audience, and twenty thousand for Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny." They all waved. "Also ten solid points for Raz because he made that snort. Now our next game is going to be Scenes From A Hat." The cast went to their spots. "The first one is... bad class presidential one liners." Lili stepped up first.

"More times for studying!" Clem ran up and whispered something in her ear. "What? That's bad? Well, whatdya mean?" They walked back so Raz could have a chance to do his bit.

"Select male personnel in gym class can go into the female's changing room to make sure they don't get hurt while changing." Lili walked onto stage and slapped Raz in the face. "Ow! Lili!" Crystal grabbed his shoulder and forced him around and slapped him too.

"Looks like you're not going to be a class president, Raz." Sora giggled. "I think that's enough of that. Let's move onto a game called Hats. Basically you make terrible dating videos with these using their... eh... personalities and see how many you can get. Crystal and Lili, you two get this one," she handed them a box "and Raz and Clem get this other one." She kicked the box, thinking that Raz didn't get punished enough for that comment he made in the last game. "And you can start whenever."

Lili came out with a big Rapunzel wig. Clem, who had found a little Robin Hood type hat, ran out and knelt on the lower step. Lili gave him a weird look as Clem said, "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your long hair." They went back. Raz grabbed the Robin Hood hat and went out to his scorch mark.

"We can have a lot of fun with my merry men." Sora laughed at how innocently Raz had said it. "What?" he asked, looking at Sora. She kept laughing, waving her hand at him to shew him back to his box. "What?" he demanded, but Lili used her powers to send him back so Crystal can do hers.

"I'd love to go to that party, but I'm a minor." Sora buzzed them out.

"Okay. Our next game is going to be the Dating Game."

"But we already did that." Raz stated.

"We did?"

"Yeah at the beginning of the show. Clem ended up killing Raz in the end." Lili put in.

"Oh yeah...well, I'm clean out of ideas. I'll let you guys know when I'm ready for the next episode. Please review if you have any ideas for any of the skits so I can use them and credit you. And I can even use you in the episode if you want." Sora and the others waved. "Good bye and good night!"