Hi everyone! I was bored and trying to think of a one-shot idea when my sister started talking about how much she loves Google. So I just went with that. You might hate it, you might love it. Either way REVEIW. SERIOUSLY. Okay I'm done now.

Harry typed in Wizardry and clicked the search button.

Ron, who had been standing behind Harry, nearly pushed Harry out of his chair trying to see what had appeared on the screen. "What does it say?" He practically yelled at Harry.

Harry clicked on the Wikipedia link. When it loaded, Ron nearly jumped on Harry, trying to read the screen.

"Ron" Harry said. "Get off of me."

Ron leaned away from him muttering. "Fine, fine."

They read what was on the screen, laughing at random sections. When they had finally finished the lengthy article, they burst out laughing uncontrollably.

Harry clicked the back button when he recovered.

"Type in cat" Ron said, still laughing from the wizardry article.

Harry did, and soon they were laughing again.

You might have noticed that it is very short. Now...REVEIW.