Fair time

E/O Challenge faint 100 words exact Spoilers none


"Dude, what's that smell"

"Which one? There are so many."

"The one that actually smells good."

Sam takes a breath trying to figure out which smell Dean might be meaning. Livestock, sawdust, dirt, stale beer, and the faint odor of something frying. "Probably that food vendor over there."

"Yum, let's go."

"After we find and destroy that cursed object this Wild, Wild, West Show has been dragging around the country, because I want this over with before they move on again."

"Now can I go find that lovely smell, please?"

"Yeah, sure."

"So, what was it?"

"Fried Butter"


A little touch of western for CiZiwejes and a little local interest as well.

Disclaimer: The supernatural characters are not mine and neither is the fair, show, or food.