Naruto vs Braindead 13


Naruto x Vivi


Author's Note


With Halloween so close by I decided to do a series of horror/halloween based stories which I'm sure all of you will like.


Story Start


With each step a creek echoed in his hears. Naruto continued up the worn out steps and up to the door. He placed his hand on the knob, taking a hold of it with a firm grip and began jiggling it. He attempted to twist and open but it was stuck. He jingled it a few more times, exerting force against the thing before the door finally swung up and nearly sent him tumbling over.

He caught himself; his hands firmly placed on his knees and with a soft exhale looked up to greet the proprietor. His mouth dropped slightly upon seeing the woman. Her skin was that of a pale blue skin shade, suggesting if not outright giving away she wasn't human. The midsection of her torso, which thanks to her outfit showed off her midriff was thin while the woman was incredibly busy with hips to match. Her outfit was black, slightly tattered, giving her a bit of a gothic appeal with incredibly long legs that made a great deal of her body. "Why hello there sugah." The woman greeted in a southern drawl. She turned slightly to put away the mirror in her hand to get a glimpse of her behind. She had enough junk in the trunk to break the wheel axels on an 18 wheeler. "I'm Vivi, welcome to my funeral saloon."

"Hello Vivi-san, my name Is Naruto and I…" he began explaining as the woman floated over to him.

"Have a seat sugah." She didn't give him time to finish as she grabbed him by the scruff of her shirt and with ease sent him flying across the room and right into a chair.

Naruto let out a grunt as he took a few seconds to collect himself. That unnatural strength Vivi shown definitely narrowed down her lineage. With her unnatural sex appeal, great strength and southern accent it strongly hinted towards her being a vampire. Oh and the changing into a bat was a pretty big clue too.

"So sweetie, you in a hurry or something?"

"Not really, well besides the indestructible little hunchback that keeps trying to gut me." He groaned.

"You mean Mr. Fritz, oh he's harmless once you get to know him." The woman dismissively remarked. She quickly put on a cobweb style cutting cape on Naruto. Speaking of which, said creature came stumbling in. "Ooh another customer, hang tight sweetie." She cooed as she left Naruto in the chair. Seeing as Naruto was their first, Vivi strongly recommended Fritz try the new coffin her friend Cleo sent her and sent him flying into the coffin.

"Vivi-san I don't need…" he was cut off as she pressed her finger against his lips, her sharp nail threatening to pierce the skin on the bridge of his nose.

"I know just the thing." Vivi rolled the blond over to the mirror. "Seeing as I'm already a little…behind." She remarked with a sway in her movements. "Normally I'm not so forward, but you're kind of cute. Care to join me for a bite?" she suggested. "You look like my type?" Naruto though didn't answer, he was too busy staring at Vivi's none reflection in the mirror. Being aware that someone is a vampire and dealing with them were two different things. Especially if one hadn't dealt with Vampires in the past. "Though I suppose that'll come later, how about a shave, or a manicure?"

Naruto continued dodging Vivi's games. The midnight blue with white skunk striped vampire didn't seem all that malicious. By the time it was over Vivi was rather stumped. No one had ever survived one of her treatments besides another Saint's member. "How much do I owe you?" Naruto asked as he began walking forward, taking his attention off Vivi as he riffled through her wallet.

"I say Lunch should about cover it." She answered with a coy smile. The blond was rather slippery, so it was time to drop the pretenses. Her eyes glowed red as she shot forward, her fangs bearing as she aimed for Naruto's neck. The blond proved faster than she expected as he maneuvered out of the way and tripped her, resulting in her landing in one of her own chairs and trapping her.

Her chairs were designed so they would automatically lock prey in place when a certain amount of force was registered. "Ooh, Mr. Naruto, I didn't think you were that kind of man." She cooed. "What do you plan on doing too little oh me?" she put on an act of innocence, trying to completely disregard her attempt to drain him dry earlier.

"Nice try miss vamp. I wonder how many people met their end in this little shop of yours."

"How else would I maintain my girlish figure?" She argued, flashing the blond a pitiful look. "Do you have any idea how difficult it is for me to maintain a steady food supply? I am on the verge of starving."

Naruto contemplated her words for about a minute. No matter how much of a bad idea this was, he couldn't condemn someone to starve to death. "If I let you have some of my blood, will that leave you content?"

"Why of course sugah." Vivi couldn't believe her luck. Humans could be quite gullible sometimes. She immediately freed herself from a prison by changing into a bat, and changing back to her natural state. In the same amount of time Naruto used a kunai to on his arm where Vivi could feed. Ruled by her hunger, Vivi immediately sunk her teeth where the crimson fluid seeped. The cooper taste of fresh, none pre-modem blood was quite luxurious.

Vivi moaned, the texture and sensation was unlike anything she ever stated. This blood was quite powerful and it rejuvenated her. She could not drain this man dry, not with blood like this. Her thighs began rubbing together as she continued to feed for half a minute. Once that timed passed Naruto pulled his arm away from her. As the blood coursed through her something awakened within Vivi that she thought had long since died decades ago. Desire. If this blond was as half as a great of a lover as his blood then she definitely found herself a keeper.