First No. 6 fanfic... Surprisingly, not really based off my Sion and my rp. More just... random.

Italics are thoughts.

It had been four years, just like last time. Four years since the wall separating the Western District and No. 6 crumbled. Sion was passing through the remnants of the wall, on his way to the District.
Sion still went back twice a week to read to his old neighbor children. Though they were older, they still enjoyed it.
"Mr. Sion!" called out Karan, the little girl who wasn't so little anymore.
Sion turned and smiled at her and her brother, as well as another child who would come to hear him read.
"Karan, there you guys are."
"What are we reading today?"Sion smiled.
"Hamlet." he said.
The children smiled as he made his way to their new usual spot, a sunny spot near the crumbles left from the wall.


Sion waved to the children as they left. He sighed and started for home, but stopped as he spotted the door to the underground house that held so many memories.
'it's been a while since I've been there...' he thought.
Sion would go there once a week, waiting for the boy who would never come. He sighed again and started towards the door, wondering why he was even going to check, but there was a feeling in his gut telling him to go. He pushed open the door and peered down into the darkness.
"Better hurry... Mom will be upset if I'm late..." he said to himself as he started down the stairs.
As his eyes adjusted, he noticed a dim light coming from inside one of the rooms. Sion froze and stared at it.
'it... Can't be...'
He ran to the door and threw it open.

Sure enough, the boy with hair that was as blue as the dark parts of the ocean, with eyes that shimmered like silver, was searching the bookshelves of his old home.

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